Celebrating Love Day was a minor matter anyway. 

“Let’s go inside and see if we can spy on the scientists!”

But there wasn’t a scientist in sight this day. Only the ill-tempered librarian was stamping through the room, while muttering “Those damn scientists, they never put the books back on the shelf!”

Erwin found a free computer desk which wasn’t occupied by another reader. He wanted to try finding access to the list of valid library cards. “If there are matches with the names on the list from the lab, we know for sure that these are the scientists we are looking for.”

Isidor should keep but he was so distracted by a blonde guy who leered at him with abandon.

He nearly missed the scientist who had suddenly appeared.
“Hey mister!” Isidor asked bluntly. “Do you work at the ██████ Lab?”
“Who, me?” The scientist laughed nervously. “Oh no, I’m a normal scientist guy working in… uh… Windenburg.”