Help Wanted/Missing Gravestones

Looking for anyone who can tell me why my game decided to “delete” gravestones in just one of my Hoods (the Pleasantview playthru hood). I fear this is a major sign of hood corruption, so naturally I’m worried. :/ 

I can see the graves in Hood mode, but when I load the lots…


This phenomenon is only happening with one of my hoods, the others are fine. I have backups of this hood I can use but I’d rather find a fix first if possible. Knowing the cause would be a great help too.


Monty Household Round 3 - Veronaville

Beatrice and Benedick’s birthday came around and they grew up petty well and into some pretty teenagers! 

The random roller rolled their aspirations and 

Beatrice is Knowledge/Romance and Benedick is Pleasure/family if I remember right c’: