This one is fairly basic; in City Living, there’s a very nice frilled trumpet dress Sari. As much as I like the shape, I wanted a simpler design. So, I got rid of the pattern and smoothed the whole thing out, with the exception of the sash, just to give it a little more depth. It comes in ten colors, which are fairly low-key and not unrealistically bright like many in-game dresses. There’s still some sparkly bits here and there, but I left them in since I actually kind of like them. This item requires City Living! Enjoy!



Holiday Glam Lookbook + Sim Download:

Hair: @ebonixsims ❤️
Necklace: toksik ❤️
Earrings: @jomsimscreations ❤️
Jacket: @lumy-sims ❤️
Top: @bellaisadellima ❤️
Bottoms: @missparaply ❤️

Pose: @bexosims ❤️


**Phew! this took sooooooooooo long to finish, but I hope you guys enjoy her! Also please check out the video above! and like & subscribe! <3 xx. I showed how I created this sim, but this time I tried to keep everything in without cutting most parts out. So you’ll be able to see the full process. #babexsim if you download her, I would love to see you guys using her! Muah!xo


Pre-Christmas Gift II // Hair: Unkempt in December

Because it tends to get unreliable for me to post CC as it gets closer to christmas (because of…well y’know…”christmas”), I’m gonna continue pushing finished CC as “Pre-Christmas Gifts” :P

For the second pre-christmas gift (the first one was the ME Military Fatigues ;)) is another male hair. Available in all EA-base colors, it likewise has all LODs and hat compatibility + BGC and the usual stuff.

Like with most hairs I’ve released, there’s never really much else I can say other than enjoy it ;)

Download‘s down here↯  

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| Xld_Sims: Unkempt In December |

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| Unkempt in December |