sims webcomic


A genderqueer couple! one of them is a lumberjay (like a lumberjane but nb) and is very tiny and round and buff and strong and loves trekking and the outdoors and wearing flannel which they tie into a knot in front for extra gayness. They live in a cabin in the woods which they have built with their own two hands with their extended chosen family and various shelter rescue dogs.

Their partner is from an aristocratic family but have fallen out with them bc that family is majorly conservative/ bigoted and politically corrupt. They’re fat and have a tiny goatee and wear one of those tiny frilly top hat fascinators from etsy bc they’re a huge goth and always wear black lipstick and eyeliner and carry a lace parasol and have a pet snake. Bright sunlight offends them (on dates they usually keep to the shadowy parts of the woods, or wander through graveyards where the lumberjay admires all the mosses on the headstones). 

Anyway the lumberjay is a vampire and the goth is a werewolf,