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I’ll go to bed early.
—  A Ravenclaw who will most certainly not go to bed early 

Zom-Begone School Uniforms: Child Version

Nothing says awkward quite like a school uniform. Every child sim is just beginning to find themselves and expand their personality when BAM! Now they have to stifle their creativity by wearing the same old thing every day. But it is a right of passage as all their older siblings were forced to wear them as well. Maybe the uniforms will grow on them….

Shirt Version 1 Get Together Required

Shirt Version 2 Base Game Compatible

Skirt Version 1 Dine Out Required

Skirt Version 2 Base Game Compatible

Palette: Pixel Palette 2.0

Download via [SFS]

+++Uniformity (Child)

+++Zom-Begone Deripped Uniforms (Teen-Elder)



(EN) It’s time to back to school! Are you excited? No? Okay, almost nobody is excited for that. But maybe your Sims will be when they enter in the San Myshuno High School. With a refurbished main building where they can spend their time in many ways, and classic style classrooms, learning has never been so easy.

(ES) ¡Es hora de volver al cole! ¿Estás emocionado? ¿No? Vale, casi nadie está emocionado por eso. Pero puede que los Sims lo estean cuando entren entren en el Instituto de San Myshuno. Con un edificio principal remodelado donde pueden pasar el tiempo de muchas formas, y aulas de estilo clásico, aprender nunca había sido tan fácil.



  • In the modern building / En el edificio más nuevo:
  • Hall / Vestíbulo
  • 2 bathrooms (ground floor and 2nd floor) / 2 baños (planta baja y 2º piso)
  • Cafeteria / Cafetería
  • Library / Biblioteca
  • Janitor office / Conserjería
  • Leisure area / Zona de ocio
  • 3 offices / 3 despachos
  • Meeting area / Zona de reuniones
  • Assembly hall / Salón de actos
  • Gym / Gimnasio
  • In the old building / En el edificio antiguo:
  • Generic classroom / Aula genérica
  • Computer classroom / Aula de informática
  • Lab / Laboratorio
  • Music classroom / Aula de música
  • Cooking classroom / Aula de cocina
  • Art classroom / Aula de plástica
  • Greenhouse / Invernadero
  • Outside / En el exterior:
  • Terrase / Terraza
  • Basketball court / Campo de baloncesto


  • Lot type / Tipo de solar: Libray / Biblioteca
  • Size / Tamaño: 40x30
  • Traits / Rasgos: Great Acoustics / Buena acústica – Fast Internet / Internet de alta velocidad – Science Lair / Guarida científica
  • Floors / Pisos: 3
  • Total value / Valor total: §611 736
  • Location / Ubicación: 
  • Check the “Include custom content” box in the Gallery before place the lot! / ¡Marca la casilla “Incluir contenido personalizado” en la Galería antes de colocar el solar!
  • Use “bb.moveobjects on” cheat before place the lot! / ¡Utiliza el truco “bb.moveobjects on” antes de colocar el solar!

📢 TOU / Términos De Uso (TDU)


Happy Simming!! 💕


I was busy working on a school project all weekend and I had no time to draw–but now I am in class so I did this really quick, sorry for my absence!!

Even when he’s outside of his “body” Lance can still sense what goes on outside his cube, and Keith knows this too so he takes every opportunity to embarrass him lol


School Uniform V2

Juuban School Uniform
- Winter and Summer Top
- Skirt with back bow and skirt without back bow
- Ami’s Pull Top
- Minako’s Top
- Usagi’s Broochs –> Here

Infinity Academy Uniform
- Haruka’s Costume ( credit : iCedxLemonAde )
- Mishiru’s Top

Makoto’s School Uniform
- 1 Top

T.A Academy Uniform
- 1 Top
- 1Skirt
- socks

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  • Me on the first day of summer: let's see... I have a book project that I want to complete by mid-july, I live less than half an hour from Kings Island, I have a pool, and I can see my friends at any time for 14 weeks! Time to go outside and have some fun!
  • Anime: exists
  • Video games: exists
  • Manga: exists
  • Fanfiction: exists
  • Me: nevermind then
Dear Voltage

Aye man I’m sick of voltage having only these clueless women who just believe anything and just are all around hella naïve like make the MC a mean girl make the MC an intelligent girl make the MC a hoe dang MAKE THE MC SOMEBODY WHO CAN PUT 2 AND 2 TOGETHER AND ACTUALLY GET 4 AND NOT 3 OR SOME SHIT DAMN GIVE ME A MC THAT CAN ACTUALLY LIE ! They’re doing better cause I like the MC from Liar! Uncover the Truth but I truly wish they could make the MC’s more reliable on certain things.