sims remake


Sociable Celery//A recolour

the bad ombres are baack

  • don’t ask anout the name idk either
  • i’ve been pumping out content like mAd
  • it’s weird
  • requires this mesh by @ivo-sims :^)
  • 16 swatches
  • custom thumbnail (i think?)
  • tag me if you use this !!



‘Well, I’ve also seen couple of dance movies like ‘Step Up’, for example, although it’s a bad example ‘cause there’s Simming Tatum, and when you see Simming Tatum you don’t see any other thing so I don’t really remember the dancing part of it, but I remember Simming Tatum looking great..? Also there’s ‘Magic Mike’… oops, it’s not much of example too ‘cause you know, Simming Tatum, again… Oh, I forgot about ‘Dirty Dancing’, but I’m not sure if I like to do some dirty dancing… And by the way, don’t you think they should film a remake with Simming Tatum?’ She wasn’t sure, but it seemed like she was babbling.

Tay sighed. Again.