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I got a request if I could share the pond leaves, and of course!
4 rc/pond deco
As for uploading the whole lot.
Hm, you know, if everyone was cool with including cc in buildings, I would share everything I build, but I’m far from a NoCC simmer and linking and finding all the stuff is just a bit -not fun- to me (I don’t mind simple wcifs tho!). It has nothing to do with me not wanting to give credit to all the awesome cc makers, it’s just me, wanting to spend my time on other things. :)
(Also, thanks for all the tips in my pond leaves wcif and birthday wishes! <3)

the dutch trash bins   |   I updated my ‘dutch trash bins’ recolours of the wheeled bin from ts4. they are, still, in the colours of the municipal trash service in the part of the Netherlands I grew up in, there it is required to have a trashbin for waste (black), paper (blue) and garden/vegetables (green).

it’s now an override but it does include the 3 original colours the game came with. I added more house number options, but I didn’t want to go all overboard this is kinda already too much. they are including custom thumbnails so you can see the difference between the numbers easily =)

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Created for: The Sims 4

This is a Set with 8 Creations - Click here to show all

Waters Sun Room Set. 8 Contemporary Wood Garden Seats and Tables that includes fabric covers Plus 2 Lamps made of wood and fabric by DOT of The Sims Resource.

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Olive Juice Set by DOT

  • Olive Juice Bar Stool Set. 8 Modern Metal Bar Stools with and without pillow seating
  • Olive Juice Wire Patio Set. 8 Modern Metal Dining Chairs in 6 colors, with and without fabric seating, plus Bench Seat, 2 Dining Tables, 2 End Tables, 3 Pole Lights. 
  • Olive Juice Glass Bar Set. Contemporary Glassware for the home. 24 Meshes of Glasses for a Bar, with Gold or Silver Rim. Set includes Green Olives stuffed on picks, and contains zero Juice. 

Download: -> Olive Juice Bar Stool Set | Olive Juice Wire Patio Set | Olive Juice Glass Bar Set


The Gnome’s Hideaway

Another little starter house for those sims who love outdoor activities and everything small! I hit my second hundred of followers (like, wow?? I don’t know why all of you are following me, but thank you very much (╥_╥) ) while I was on hiatus, so I decided to share this as a follower gift ♡

Again, thank you very much, all 200 (+8, hi!) of you. It may not look much, but it is to me, who’ve been lurking around the simmer community for a while, just as a silent reader and supporter for those who always create wonderful cc. Love you all  ♡

  • § 9,923
  • CC free
  • Used packs: City Living, Get Together, Get to Work (for like, just a trash can), Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Vampires, Romantic Garden, Backyard and Movie Hangout
  • 30x20
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Origin ID: bravrbird

trashe cann   |   oké so I decided to early share my conversion of the trashe cann from ts4 to ts3, it’s decoration only though and not functional as a real trashcan, this because I needed it that way for my world Bellmore. though it is bigger than the standard ts3 trashcan, so you can always put it over it. fully castable and with 4 different trashbag options for you to choose from =)

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