sims mistakes

i really like this, like the rap battle between Ayano and Osana
the video belongs to MOM0KI
(shes the voice actors of Oka Ruto, Saki Miyu, Kokona Haruka, and the one and only Midori Gurin from the games Yandere Simulator)


if you’re a witch in the nighttime, then you need a job during the daytime right? i made an Urban Outfitters (complete with signs and small custom clutter) partly because i wanted a reason to have one, and because guatemala needs somewhere to keep tabs on apricot without looking creepy. comes with employees/cult members!

Dear Voltage

Aye man I’m sick of voltage having only these clueless women who just believe anything and just are all around hella naïve like make the MC a mean girl make the MC an intelligent girl make the MC a hoe dang MAKE THE MC SOMEBODY WHO CAN PUT 2 AND 2 TOGETHER AND ACTUALLY GET 4 AND NOT 3 OR SOME SHIT DAMN GIVE ME A MC THAT CAN ACTUALLY LIE ! They’re doing better cause I like the MC from Liar! Uncover the Truth but I truly wish they could make the MC’s more reliable on certain things.


Friday, September 23. Windenburg station. 10:45 am

It was a beautiful sunny day when Julia arrived in Windenburg. 

Although it has only been two years since she was here for the last time as a college student, it felt like a lifetime ago.  

As soon as she graduated Julia had moved to San Myshuno – the city had a lot of opportunities for a young journalist like Jules. After spending the most of her life in a small town in the desert, she fell in love with the big city immidiately. And it wasn’t just the city she fell in love with. She met her first true love there.

Soon enough she settled pretty good in San Myshuno and she never thought of leaving. Not until one day she caught her boyfriend (who was also her boss) in bed with her best friend. 

That’s when it all fell apart. 

Julia could barely remeber how she made it to her place. She spent all night sitting on the bathroom floor crying her eyes out. And with the first glimpse of sunshine in the morning she packed her bag and left the city. She felt like she couldn’t stand it there anymore. Everything reminded her about the betreyal of those two. 

And Windenburg seemed to be just the right place to clear her thoughts and get shit together.