sims is taking 2 long


Unthinkingly, Augustus slipped his hand into his pocket, running his thumb over the smooth surface of his phone.

Patrick had insisted that what he wanted to talk about had nothing to do with Isaac, but Augustus couldn’t shake the feeling that it must have been. After all, hadn’t they been perfectly content before he’d received that text?

His heart felt heavy. He had liked talking to Isaac, but everywhere he stepped he seemed to be running into negative feelings about their renewed attempt at friendship. Augustus even suspected his parents would be disapproving. They had not been at all happy with how they felt their son had been treated. It was something they had made known on numerous occasions.

Should he be feeling this way too? Disapproving? Rejecting? He had at first, but…. Was he forgiving too easily? Was an apology enough? It wasn’t as if he was entrusting Isaac with his life. They were just talking and it felt good to talk to him. Or at least…it had. 

Augustus flumped onto a nearby bench. The sense that he was treading across thin ice came back in full force. Even his relationship with Patrick, which he had always considered to be a reliable source of happiness, was apparently also treading on thin ice.

“It’s nothing bad, really.”

Nothing bad, huh? Well, it didn’t sound like anything good either.

After a lot of fanciful swearing (and threatening throw my computer out of the nearest window) I loaded my game and slowly started re-adding the lost neighbourhood deco.

Bloody little fields and embankments take way too long to place