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Hi my cute, today I bring to you another very cute lot here of the channel “Mountain Chalet”, I did with much love and affection for each one, I hope you like it. Do not forget to sign up and do not forget to leave that Like. Snap kisses! 



 Widowshild Townhome

A Forgotten Hollows house renovation. Without tearing down the outer walls the home has gotten an overhaul on both the inside and outside, including a garden addition.

  • Type: Residential
  • Value: 58,011 (Furnished)
  • Lot size: 30x20
  • 1 bathroom. 1 bedroom.
  • No custom content.

This lot can be downloaded in The Gallery under Origin ID TheSalatus or #alcyonesims

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740 Buttonwood Street

Hey guys I haven't uploaded a house for a while, even though I have built a lot of them. I thought I would upload a nice little house I built while I was in Denver with my boyfriends. 

Lemon Realty has found you another forever home. This small but cozy home is is a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom home perfect for a small family or even a single sim. The house has a large living/dinning area with an open floor plan. The backyard has a nice deck and concert yard for low maintenance. The asking price for this newly renovated home is  $54415

CC LIST Included in Download 

Packs Used: City Living|Parenthood|Backyard Stuff|Vintage Glamour|Get TO Work|Romantic Garden|Movie Hangout|Perfect Patio|Spa Day|Fitness Stuff|Get Together|Outdoor Retreat| Dine Out



Meisiu’s Base Game Starter Home Challenge

I was tagged by @mysteriousdane​ to do this (thank you, boo <3) and it was actually fun, reminded me of playing ts2 for some reason, lol. I think I did pretty ok, considering, yk, that I can’t build to save my life. But omg what’s life without clutter (and cc).

100% base game without any cc. Think you can do it?


  • Must be under 20k.
  • Include basic necessities (A bed, stove, fridge, toilet, shower etc.)
  • Base game only & no cc

Once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some people. You may put your houses for download if you want. Tag your posts #BGSHC and on the gallery as well (:

You can download this starter house (but why would you tho) on the gallery, origin ID: Sim-Bubble or #simbubble , or you could also get the tray files here (be sure to place them in your tray folder). CC free and base game compatible. 

For this challenge I tag @randomcoffeesimmer @peonypyxels @nadinemaee @unicorninthemosh because I apparently wanna see you all suffer, lol. 


Lemon Realty has found an amazing historic home for your entire family. This beautiful Victorian home was built in 1879, and has 4 bedroom and 4 bath. The unique thing about this home is that the bottom level of the home is a home of its own. This was used for the grandparents of the last family living there, and has 1 bedroom and  1 bathroom with its own kitchen, and living area and has a connection to the backyard as well. This could also be used as an income sweet or remolded into anything you would like. This house is the forever home for your family. The house is selling for $152,526.

This is an old build of mine that I finished up to upload for you. I thought I should get some of my builds I half started done and up for you guys before I do any of my new ones, seems only right. I left 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom unfurnished so that you can do what you want with them. This has all stuff, expansions, and game packs except fitness stuff so be aware of that! I hope you enjoy! :] CC LIST INCLUDED



🌺 Granny’s Cottage 🌺

A cute little cottage for your gardener granny who visits 3 times a week with homecooked meals. No CC used except for this sofa & some ivy.

- 20 x 15
- 1 bed, 1 bath
- 45,909
- super old fashioned but super cute
- looks like a fairies house

🌺 Download 🌺

simfileshare // gallery under the ID: emicorn

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San Myshuno Shopping (Pictures Parte 2)

Hello, guys. All right?

Lily came back and brought a super batch so you guys know about SAN MYSHUNO SHOPPING, a place for your Sims to enjoy their friends and family. Come and check out this amazing batch togetther with me, I made with all love and affection for you my loves.

This Shopping contains: 1 - Clothing Boutique 1 - Shoe Store         1- Beauty Salon 1 - Musical Store 1 - Gym 1 - Food Square              1 - MC Donald´s 1 - Starbuks 1 - House Gaming 1 - Cinema.



Lemon Realty has found you a beautiful two story brink home for you. This historic home was built in 1834 and has recently been updated in 2014. This beautiful family home offers spacious living spaces for the entire family. This 3 bedroom 2 bath home is located in a beautiful historical neighborhood with grand schools and beautiful neighborhood parks. This beautiful home is has lush gardens and plenty of room in the backyard for children to play and family BBQs. The asking price for this gorgeous home is $105,160.

This is a house request by @ 99simproblem. This 3 bedroom 2 bath home has a bit of cc in it, not a ton but some which the list of cc is included within the download along with the tray files and these photos for you to remember what it looks like if you go on a download spree. I own EVERY Stuff, Expansion, and Game pack except the new Fitness stuff pack, thus I most likely used items from those packs so it is suggested to have them all , however if you dont have them, the game will replace the items with base game things :)

Hope you enjoy!!!!