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Well, I am usually the most horrible person with CAS but holy crap Prince Phillip actually turned out pretty well considering the fact that I suck at creating sims:

I had him go visit the Princess (and Kuzco) household and Ella ran out the doors straight to him.  

Simmer down, now. Your prince is coming soon. He has a long journey to go, coming from the land of Createasim.

Ella: I must have him <_<


4000 Followers Special // The Pathfinder Hair

…And to celebrate said milestone, I give you content I swore I would never delve into (the game’s grown on me a little, but it’s still a little meh when it comes to replayability). Well, shit. So with that said, here’s the “Pathfinder” hair in loving maxis-match, named after – well I mean it’s pretty obvious, y’know :P

It’s BGC, has all LODs, hat compatibility and all the EA-base colors you can imagine (that’s 18 colors if you can’t imagine them all :P).

Oh, and for the record, my version of Ryder is the first sim pic on the top :P

This is just part 1, still got two more gifts to add to this, so keep an eye out (the next one is a Mass Effect character. I wonder who👀)

Download‘s down here↯

[Sim File Share]

| The Pathfinder |


Favorite Hairstyles Part I (Female)

A little list for some of my favorites hairs!! Thanks for the beautiful CC ♥

Hairstyles by @chocolatemuffintop and @enriques4   

(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡  (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ Thanks!!


I’ve never really been able to find a hair that looks like this that didn’t look too much like it was photo-skinned or non-alpha in style. So I decided to make a maxis-match looking version that didn’t stray to far away from the game’s art style. If you’ve had that same issue with finding hairs like this in maxis match, fret no more :P

The hair is BGC, all LODs, has hat compatibility and is available in all EA-base colors :D

Hope you enjoy it ;)

[And yes, it’s named after the M-15 Vindicator, shhhh. X3)

Download‘s down here↯

[Sim File Share]

| The Vindicator [Male Hair] | [!] Updated Texture Fix (21/02/17)

Lmao sorry for the spam but I’m gonna be unveiling a bunch of edits I never posted

Here is a very old edit of lil Sash


I’ve been putting off releasing more CC, so I thought, what better time to release CC than now? So here you go, a BGC, hat compatible, all ea-base colors all custom LOD hair for you guys to enjoy :o

So…enjoy it :P

Also ended up going with the anon’s hair name suggestion because I’m terrible at naming CC. Although surprisingly, I did have a name lined up for this mesh but decided I’d use it later instead :P

Download‘s down here↯

[Sim File Share]

| The Spencer |

[Sims Workshop]

| Xld_Sims: The Spencer |

Penny for your thoughts I know what you want

I can read your mind even from behind


Cute Boy <3

It’s been amazing playing with toddlers on the sims 4, sure enough many inactive players are coming back just to finally see it happen. May the Pets come!


Toddler Brows: [x] WildlyMiniatureSandwich

Natural Blush: [x]  COSMIC PLUMBOB

Skin: [x]  Zohnny Jest

Nightcrawler - Gigi

♥w♥ Perfect!

24 colors
Works with hats
Comes with custom thumbnail
Transparency issues- Very Little


Nightcrawler - Trixie

This is so cute! ♥

22 colors
Works with hats
Comes with custom thumbnail
Transparency issues- None