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First Day of Spring

it’s gonna rain :/ but before it starts, I’m out with my mom. We had lunch (brunch? I don’t know lmao) and we’ve been out for about 3 hours “shopping” everything I like she hates and everything she loves I loathe. This has been a very uneventful day. I just want to get home to my bed.

Money grubbing assholes!

That’s how I feel about my daughter’s college right now.

**All Commencement Ceremonies are ticketed events; all guests attending must have a ticket, including children and infants.**  

That is the text on the website about her upcoming graduation. Seriously who in their right minds charge for an infant??? Hell even airlines don’t charge if they aren’t taking up a seat. It’s bad enough they only give a limited number of tickets, but to seriously make someone use one of those for an infant is just low.

Okay rant over.                


Graduation Day

Kaia never did see Morgan after the Event, not that she would have apologised… she deserved it. 

Anyway graduation day finally came and Kaia and Teddy were ready to move on to the next phase of their lives… what was next? careers? marriage, children? Who knew what the future would hold. Teddy had an interview lined up in San Myshuno to begin his political career, while Kaia was due to start her new job in a week. Aleah and Xavier stayed in Windenberg. Aleah got a job in PR and Xavier as a tech Guru. 


[PC] [USA] [Magazine] [1998]

  • Mixx Zine, February 1998
  • via Anime Nostalgia Bomb
  • It’s not an eroge, honest! Though as the screenshots show they did use the sexy high school aspect to their advantage. Actually, it doesn’t even appear to be a dating game! Instead, what we have here is a life-sim where you play as a teacher who is tasked with guiding a group of cute high school girls in their last year of high school and, if all goes well, allow them to graduate! 
  • Even though Mixx really pushed the game’s Japanese popularity as a selling point–this was, after all, an ad from their own self-published anime zine–the game wasn’t successful in America. Later, Mixx would abandon their game localization to focus more on manga and anime; later, they were rebranded as the now familiar, TokyoPop.

2015 and Beyond

This is essentially my list of New Year’s Resolutions to start tomorrow.  I’m bound and determined to knock my 2015 out of the park and to leave a year that was an endless journey in the past.  I hope you all rock 2015.


  • Avery and Noah: Avery and Noah are to become my first real family to play around in the new year, involving a thorough testing of all the features within all the EPs and to help me with my pose creation skills.
  • University Redux: Complete my University Redux and release the lots to you all.
  • Oakwood: Complete my remake of Oakwood to eventually begin my story with Thomas and Erika.
  • Margarita and Brantley: Complete their story within University.
  • Thomas and Erika: Begin their story as outlined on pinterest and in Evernote.


  • Running and Yoga: Running goals including running a 5K straight while participating in a color run and finally bringing about a weekly routine of running three to four times a week along with an accompanying yoga routine on cross-train days.    Work on being able to do a pull-up.  Work on my headstand.
  • Photography: Start and finish a picture-a-day challenge for the entirety of the year.
  • Writing: Work and finish at least two years of The Almost Chosen One while finally getting into a writing routine and finding my muse (as she has run off again).  Work on and plan out more of Across Space and Time.
  • Health: Remain healthy and try a vegetarian diet.  Switch to almond milk.  Eat healthy in college.  Find happiness.
  • In The Kitchen: Start and herb garden and work on my baking skills.  Learn to grill.  Try tea.
  • Language Skills: Continue in Spanish and begin learning Italian.

And now we’re back at Windham University! It’s sophomore year for Audrey and Xavier, and it’s time to introduce two new playables - Evelyn and Clara. :)