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APH Teenage Girl Trio

“I seriously think that Himaruya should write a sketch with Liechtenstein, Taiwan, and Seychelles hanging together. Seriously, they’d like, be so much fun to write with their personalities clashing.

Like Liechtenstein being the mature level headed mom friend that usually keeps the calm.  She’s definitely the logical one of the group, like a total skeptic to paranormal stuff.

Taiwan is the girliest and fashionable one in the group. She’d be like, the leader. Her friends would hold her back if she lost her temper and is very vivid and vocal about her opinions.

Seychelles is the sporty girl that can be lazy when not motivated and can eat anything. She’d also be a hopeless romantic that would fall in easily.

There are so many fun shenanigans that you can put them in and have fun misadventures. I’m sad that no one cares about them unless if there are ships involved. I mean a platonic friendship isn’t good enough either?”


Ophelia: Well, there they go. On their date.

Ripp: So, should I run this kid off, or what? Like the overprotective father I’m supposed to be?

Ophelia: (laughs) No, Ripp.

Ripp: (grins) Just kidding. But you know, you do get a lot of weird messages about shit like that. Especially when you’re a Grunt.

Ophelia: A sex talk wouldn’t hurt.

Ripp: Oh, I’m way ahead of you. (laughs) But yeah, maybe a little more detail. And maybe from you too, huh?

Ophelia: Yes. (smile) Of course.

Ripp: Yep, the ol’ birds and the bees. Hey, maybe we could get John to tell her all about those bees, hmm. Buzz buzz.

(both laugh)

Johnny: Hey, I heard that.


So this might just happen…


my julien,

our second vacation… well, first as a couple, is going much better than the first. no one’s been punched yet. knock on wood.
it’s been a month since we first kissed. it was actually our third kiss, but that’s not important, right? since then I’ve fallen in love with you more each day over the last 30 days. I wasn’t sure that was even possible. I was in love with you, julien, the first time we met. when I kissed you that day in the locker room, I thought, ‘oh my god, I never want to kiss anyone else but him.’ scary stuff when you’re only seventeen. so I pushed you away. bleached my hair. edgy, right? I watched you love somebody else. I found someone else, but he didn’t compare. you know he didn’t. you told me he was wrong for me, I didn’t believe you. but you’re always right, because you know everything about me, and I know everything about you. you are my best friend.