sims follower gift

I did a thing!

So, I hit 1000 followers almost two weeks ago now.  I was going make some custom content to say thank you, and since it is pride month I wanted it to be pride related.

So, I made pride banners!  

~ There are three swatches

~ Get Together is needed, sorry. 

~ If you use these in your game can you please tag me :)

Download here

In honor of reaching 100 followers yesterday on this new blog, I’m going to be opening up my sim requests as a bit of a followers gift :)

Here’s the dealio

  1. We need to be mutuals (you follow me, I follow you), if that is the case please send me…
  2. Which game platform (ts3 or ts4)
  3. Gender
  4. Age
  5. Berry, Banilla or Vanilla
  6. Occult/Supernatural
  7. Color(s) or Palette
  8. CC &/or Sliders
  9. EPs and SPs you own
  10. Private or Public DL
  11. Anything Else

I have another trip planned later this week to go see my girlfriend… so it might not be for another week or more until you get your sim, keep that in mind. I also need to make a BC contestant today because I’ve been procrastinating on that XD

I will be taking 3 requests :)

1. @mikminicule

2. @tinysimmies

3. @sinfulwunders

hey guys 👋🏻 please can you let me know which you’d prefer for my 100 follower gift? sim requests or for me to become more open with my identity - including a big post about me and reblogging a lot of question posts? let me know - as i honestly can’t decide if 100 followers is still too small to reveal personal info but i know some want to know about me, but at the same time i love making sims…



I always wanted this cap for the sims 3 so I decided to make one.

  • Male & Female
  • Teen-Elder
  • awt hat slider compatible
  • should have a thumbnail if not its located in the socks category

Huge shout out and thank you to @simplyimaginarypeople for helping me!

tag me if you want.

If you have any question on how to install ask me.




  • Found in the skin details
  • Thumbnails for each nose
  • For all ages and genders
  • Includes 8 different nosemasks
  • 6 are styled from the TS3 blueberry pie and polyster bride noses
  • 2 are completely new
  • Some of these nosemasks look better on different nose preset. Particularly the last two nosemasks. Those look better on noses like on the top row.
  • & no they aren’t duplicates in the preview, blueberry pie has a darker shade for darker skintones
  • Layer these on alpha skins and suddenly…maxis match! haha such magic.. 
  • More nosemask sets coming soon <3

Download Nosemasks

Credit: Lilith and Mouseyblue for their TS2 skins which the Polyester Bride and Blueberry Pie were based on.


~~All I want to say is thank you, from the bottom of my heart~~

For the first followers gift, I chose our precious plumbob as theme. So yeah, this tattoo set is all around the plumbob!

  • 15 swatches
  • all genders
  • human, alien, vampire
  • custom skin compatible (thank you again @remussims)

Download: SimFileShare (no ads)

Poses by @by2ol

Big thanks to all cc-creators!



please don’t:

  • re-upload
  • claim as your own

These tattoos took a while to draw, so please respect my t.o.u.

Feel free to recolor, convert, use it as a base or whatever, but it would be kind if you’d credit me. If you need the original picture, feel free to ask, I don’t bite



If anything’s not working right with the file, feel free to send me a message.


6`000 Follower-Gift Part 1 ( Tumblr dont let me post all Screenshots in one post )

Gosh, guys! It`s breathtaking! I have no idea what I can say…THANK YOU all so much for following me, like my stuff, reblog my creations and for all your lovely comments! Love you all!

Special thanks to @sssvitlans for reblogging my Creations/recolors. Without you we all would miss a lot of great Creations and creators! Thanks Lana! <3

Here is my “Thank you Gift” for you, Guys.

The Urban City Living-Set.

I post it in 2 Parts, because I have so many Pics that tumblr dont let me post all in one.

What you get:

All Meshes I used for my recolors are inclued!

A big thank you to @leo-sims @chillissims and thenumberswoman on TSR for give the permission to inclued the Meshes!

-Sofa, Loveseat and Armchair ( Mesh by leosims ) - 6 colors

-Pillows ( Mesh by chillisims ) - 30 Swatches

-Big Urban Pictures ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 10 Swatches

-3 Tile Urban Pictures ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 10 Swatches

-Urban Canvas ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 12 Swatches

-Urban Rugs ( Mesh by thenumberswoman ) - 14 Swatches

-Urban Walls - 4 Patterns in different colors

-Urban Carpet - 3 Patterns in 3 colors each

-Urban concrete Floor - 6 colors

I hope you like my Urban City-Set!

PS: Sorry for the crappy pictures/Screenshots! I working on this set for weeks in my short free time I had. After its finaly done, I wanna share it with you today. So I didn`t have the time to make nice pics.

I would love to see when you use my stuff in your pictures, houses, rooms etc. So please tag me/give credit to me ( not a must ). Thanks!



I worked on this all day.
And it was the worst experience ever.
Nothing was going right with this mesh.
Bone assignments didn’t stick.
Morphs exploded (so there isn’t any)
And recoloring was a bitch because of the painted on back piece.
I’m glad it’s over.

This is for AF.
Found in Everyday Outfits.



EAxis, @bunsblr for peeptoe heels

Happy Simming

ADDITIONAL! Just reblogging for different time zones and to let everyone know the wonderful @digitalangels​ added morphs. Please download them HERE and delete my original mesh.




ok but how fitting is it that the first piece of cc i upload is literally a trash can and mailbox. @marley-v asked if i could make these two into decor items & i have! they’ll show up under wall decor and don’t cost anything to buy. i tried making them base game compatible but s4s wouldn’t let me so?? if anyone knows how to make stuff bgc without exporting a mesh onto a bg item pls let me know so i can update this >:-)

they only come in the ea colors so feel free 2 recolor (you can include the mesh all i did was click a few buttons to make it show up in a different category) & make sure to message me abt any issues <3



                              3,400 Followers Gift Pt. 2

2 Strap Halter Top & Skirt

mesh: new mesh 100 % by me

  • 2 Recolorable Channel
  • Please tag me if you use it. I’d love to see and reblog


  • Please don’t claim as your own
  • Don’t re upload
  • Don’t upload to pay site

Enjoy!! 💋💋

Grab it

special thanks to my bby @alluringsimss for testing and preview shot.!!! 


Soooo… Thanks for 1,000 followers!!! It’s pretty crazy what I already accomplished on here. As a little gift, I just put together everything I gathered for my latest rival edits and a little more! It’s nothing special really but I hope you like it anyway :)!


As always, if you are experiencing bugs, issues, etc. leave me a message so I’ll fix it asap!


This hair is actually a maxis match’d retexture of Fenril88′s Christina hair. Uploaded as requested <3

-Base Game Compatible

-A few EA colors, but mostly all Rustynail’s Ombres, plus some custom ombres.

-Hat Compatible

-Maxis Match

-Mesh found here 

Download Retexture (Mesh included, because the original mesh can’t be found. If Fenril88 comes back and reuploads it or requests me to take this down. I will <3 )

Credit: Fenril88 and Rustynail


We are almost at 1800 followers.
This is gift from me to you, beautiful people.
Thank you so much for your support!
I cannot believe that you have stuck with me for all these years.
So here is my thanks in the form of a dress.

MESH 31 AF Rockabilly

A combination of DeeDee’s newly released Jacket Bustier and Keoni’s Anubis Serene Breeze with Bunhead’s slingback heels.

This is for Adult Female only.
It is categorized as Everyday.
It has a fat morph
Milkshape kept crashing for the preg morph.
It comes in the seven colors pictured above.


Credits: EAxis, @deedee-sims, @bunsblr, @keoni-chan, Anubis

For creators, here is the PSD at @sims-influence request.

Happy Simming!


Click the pictures to see the full quality

A new SweetFX setting for those who want something less subtle. It’s bright and sharp, with a subtle gradient. Feel free to ask for alterations, I’m doing requests currently.

Features Include:

  • SMAA Anti Aliasing
  • Bloom
  • HDR
  • LumaSharpen
  • Cineon DPX
  • Vibrance (just a touch.)
  • Curves
  • Vignette (for the gradient)
  • Dither
  • Border (also for the gradient and to make the UI look better)

To Install:

  • Copy all files in FX folder in your main game “.exe” folder.
  • I prefer to right click my sims 4 desktop shortcut and go to open file location to get there quickly.
  • As long as your graphics card isn’t ancient you can run any of the HQ sweetFX’s, but only really good moniters and graphics cards will look good with the high or ultra. Otherwise, use medium or low sharpening.


  • To turn off & on toggle the f12 key.
  • Take screenshots with the f10 key, then they are placed as .bmps in the main game “.exe” folder where the sweetFX is installed.
  • Turn off edge smoothing in game. Anti-aliasing is done by the SweetFX. 
  • Untick post processing effects to make the game even faster, the SweetFX does all the post processing itself.
  • Does not conflict with any other lighting mod.
  • Does not work with windowed mode. It will crash. Only use this with fullscreen. (I’m looking for a solution to this)


  • Only one version available to not confuse and updated to 64 bit sims 4.

All credit goes to for the sweetFX tools.




Downtown Motel, simply is a motel in Downtown.
It actually is categorized as a residential
(for storytelling purposes).
If you want to use it as an actual motel,
use the changelotzoning cheat.

It has an office.
And a little room upstairs for the manager.

I have Ultimate Collection.
And used quite a bit of IKEA stuff.
Does have minimal CC.


Thank you creators!  Floor-plan under cut.

Keep reading


Just a simple edit of @deedee-sims‘s conversion of Max’s Bag from Life is Strange.  I removed the “decorations” on the bag. Initially, I thought I could just alpha edit them out, but no, so I made a “new” mesh.  It should not conflict with DeeDee’s conversion.

It comes in 8 colors.
It is for Adult Females.

I also added a deco version of the bag.
It can be found in Decorative -> Sculptures.
And is $0.



@deedee-sims and Life is Strange