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~~~100 Followers Gift~~~

Yay, I reached 100 followers! Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me! Let me tell you some embarassing words (*´∀`*). These eyes may seem to be odd in some ways but I had my reasons for creating them. As you can see, the eyes reflect the planets of our beloved solar system. The reason I used them is simple: We are all on the same planet and in the same universe. We are one big family and every living being is a wonderful being, who should be loved and respected.

So, cut a long story short - This gift is a sign for respect. Enjoy every single day, stop the hate and spread some love ♥.

The eyes can be found in the facepaint category. Available for all genders and all ages, plus vampires and aliens.

Download: SimFileShare (no -open in a new tab if the link doesn’t work-

I tested the file in the game, but if there are any problems feel free to send me a message!


Abbey, Angie and Michaela Rose

This is what I do when I should probably work on the story. I give makeovers to spares’ kids who are almost elders in the actual legacy save. These three are daughters of Tania and Lars, which makes them Sebastian’s cousins. However, I don’t think he even knows them. Did I mention my Sims rarely have friends outside of the household? :D

Anyways, you can now download them and maybe give them more love than I gave them.


  • Don’t claim as your own.
  • Don’t touch their features.
  • As for anything else - clothes, hair, make up etc. - feel free to change whatever you want and of course you can use your own defaults.
  • Please tag me or mention me or something, I’d like to see what they’re up to in your game!


Hair | Eyes | Skin

I’m not too sure about their make up (as always) and they most likely don’t have any clothes CC on. However if you really really wanna know what make up they’re wearing, ask me and I’ll try to find it. :)


The .zip file contains all three of them + pictures so it should be easy to choose which ones you want in game :)

  • Found in the skin details
  • Thumbnails for each nose
  • For all ages and genders
  • Includes 8 different nosemasks
  • 6 are styled from the TS3 blueberry pie and polyster bride noses
  • 2 are completely new
  • Some of these nosemasks look better on different nose preset. Particularly the last two nosemasks. Those look better on noses like on the top row.
  • & no they aren’t duplicates in the preview, blueberry pie has a darker shade for darker skintones
  • Layer these on alpha skins and suddenly…maxis match! haha such magic.. 
  • More nosemask sets coming soon <3

Download Nosemasks

Credit: Lilith and Mouseyblue for their TS2 skins which the Polyester Bride and Blueberry Pie were based on.


2000+ Followers Gift

Wow!! Can not believe I have reached 2000 (plus) Followers!!
To let you all know how much I appreciate it, I have made a gift…

Sims 4

New Meshes - Senza Bathroom
• senza bathtub - 7739 polys (3 colors & 10 slots)
• simas flow sink - 8550 polys (2 colors & 10 slots)
• wall mounted commode - 2718 polys (2 colors)
• raindance shower head - 8742 polys (3 colors)
• double roll toilet paper - 236 polys (2 colors)
• single roll toilet paper - 128 polys (2 colors)
• modern sconce - 966 polys
(colors are in black and white)

Plus 2 New Meshes by daer0n
**thank you my sweet friend!!**
• hanging bath towel - 3532 polys (8 colors)
• slim wall mirror - 126 polys (3 colors)

**sorry for the high poly on some items.**
Still trying to figure out how to decimate without breaking the mesh in pieces.


separated files


merged file


recoloring resources


Here we go! First batch of thirty some hairs I’ve recolored. Here are three of @simplifiedsimi‘s hairs in @pastry-box‘s saccharine palette. These recolors are done in a style inspired by @catplnt, @riice and @sevensims recolors, because I love how they use this palette and I’d love to have all my hairs in those shades <3

Mesh is required! Downloads are in order of how they appear in the preview.

Fraulein Hair Recolor | Mesh

Double Trouble Braids Recolor | Mesh

Basic Bitch Hair Recolor | Mesh


Hello everyone! Firstly I want to say thank you so, so much for all the follows, many hugs to all those who love and support me, as well. I decided to go and attempt some cc for you guys, since you’re the best, and this is how it turned out. I hope you guys like them! Love ya😘😘

-Jo (P.S. I take requests!)

DOWNLOAD (SimFileShare)

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Collection includes: 
- PUNK AS FUCK VEST accesory
Both located under bracelets


The mesh I used for the vest belongs to Salem2342. It’s a retexture of her denim vest acc but I couldn’t find the download link anywhere anymore so I included the mesh. I hope it’s okay. Plz don’t sue me.

Just like I promised, the gift is here! Also I know it mostly looks shitty but I had fun doing it so yeah. ENJOY!

credits: salem2342, @coloresurbanos, random google search images 

▼▼▼ See all the swatches below ▼▼▼

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(Almost) 2500 Followers Gift!

Sims 4

Vampire Curtains in @pickypikachu @simsrocuted beautiful color palette (sorry I got that mixed up…thank you pickypikachu for letting me know)

•  colors in 2 variations
• 27 solids
• 27 (maxis) patterns
• Requires Vampire Stuff Pack
•  I made some recoloring resources. They are included.

Thank you so much for the follows! ♥
I hope you will enjoy!



This hair is actually a maxis match’d retexture of Fenril88′s Christina hair. Uploaded as requested <3

-Base Game Compatible

-A few EA colors, but mostly all Rustynail’s Ombres, plus some custom ombres.

-Hat Compatible

-Maxis Match

-Mesh found here 

Download Retexture (Mesh included, because the original mesh can’t be found. If Fenril88 comes back and reuploads it or requests me to take this down. I will <3 )

Credit: Fenril88 and Rustynail


I worked on this all day.
And it was the worst experience ever.
Nothing was going right with this mesh.
Bone assignments didn’t stick.
Morphs exploded (so there isn’t any)
And recoloring was a bitch because of the painted on back piece.
I’m glad it’s over.

This is for AF.
Found in Everyday Outfits.



EAxis, @bunsblr for peeptoe heels

Happy Simming

ADDITIONAL! Just reblogging for different time zones and to let everyone know the wonderful @digitalangels​ added morphs. Please download them HERE and delete my original mesh.


3000 Followers Special // Armor Set Alpha [Release]

WARNING - The LOD0 Outfits exceed 10k polys. May not be recommended for lower-tier/low-performance computers/laptops

So I’ve recently capped 3,000 followers and to commemorate it, I’ve decided to let these armor sets loose as a thank you, and to make a break in the sea of toddler CC :P Unfortunately, I’ve got no female armor to show for yet but I’ll be releasing these in random, intermittent sets, mostly based on the most recent armors I’ve converted that are readily available (so you may see some a little later on, whenever I can get to it really).

Anywho, for “Armor Set Alpha”, you get the default male N7 armor for Shepard in its standard black/gray and red/white color scheme and two of Alenko’s Alliance armors. The armors are all morph/slider compatible and are available in the outfits section, showing up as one entire armor set.

To resolve the shoe/feet issue, you’ll also need to download my “invisible” feet CC to use in tandem with the armors so feet/shoes don’t show up. It’s located in the shoe section and acts like any other shoe. You could also use any other “invisible feet” alternative CC, but I have mine here readily downloadable, so if you don’t already have one, take my ones with you on your way to the download :P (If you’re familiar with my thumbnail theme/appearance, then I’ll tell you now that it’s the same but yellow. Otherwise, just look for a yellow thumbnail with “xldsims” and “invisible foot”).

Enjoy ~~

Download‘s down here↯  

[Sims Workshop]

| Not currently available |

[Sim File Share]

| N7 Armor Set A - Standard Male (John Shepard) |

| Alliance Armor Set - Male (Kaidan Alenko) |

| Invisi-Foot (’Wearable’ Invisible Feet) |


MESH 32 Kay Wrap Dress

This is a mash-up of the Vee Back Jumper and @deedee-sims conversion of Senate’s Kaylynn Dress, plus edits for the slit and different sleeves and solid back.  It’s actually inspired from a dress I saw online, which forced me to convert the VBJ for the bust.

It comes in the 16 colors shown.
This is for Adult Female.
Categorized as both Everyday and Formal wear.
Lilith Pumps for shoes.
It comes with a fat morph, but I forgot to test.


Credits: EAxis, Senate, DeeDee-Sims

Additionally: There can be clipping with the legs through the skirt…I’m not really the best at bone assignments. So it can be a little wonky with certain poses.

Happy simming!


2000+ Followers Gift - Part 1

Ok, ok. I won’t make this too long because I suck at being sentimental and stuff, but thank you so so much for 2000 followers. Even though I don’t deserve it, it means the world to me that people actually like this blog and its inconsistent content. <3


DOWNLOAD (Simfileshare)


Sleek Puff Pony - @femmeonamissionsims

Braid Updo - @shespeakssimlish

Charlie - @wildlyminiaturesandwich

Estelle - @grimcookies

Thank you to all of the creators!


today I bring to you guys , a special gift for 1000+ followers I hit !

 I am very happy and just wanted to thank all of you who share my content and help me grow here, I greatly appreciate it! 

Create items for the sims has been a very rewarding experience, and see that people really like my content is PRICELESS…

so here it is…


  • new mesh
  • custom thumbnail
  • 12 colors + 4 patterns
  • HQ Compatible


  • new mesh
  • compatible with sliders
  • compatible with HQ mod
  • 4 colors 
  • custom thumbnail

wcif friendly!

I’ll put the link of the folder and you can choose which item you want to download



Click the pictures to see the full quality

A new SweetFX setting for those who want something less subtle. It’s bright and sharp, with a subtle gradient. Feel free to ask for alterations, I’m doing requests currently.

Features Include:

  • SMAA Anti Aliasing
  • Bloom
  • HDR
  • LumaSharpen
  • Cineon DPX
  • Vibrance (just a touch.)
  • Curves
  • Vignette (for the gradient)
  • Dither
  • Border (also for the gradient and to make the UI look better)

To Install:

  • Copy all files in FX folder in your main game “.exe” folder.
  • I prefer to right click my sims 4 desktop shortcut and go to open file location to get there quickly.
  • As long as your graphics card isn’t ancient you can run any of the HQ sweetFX’s, but only really good moniters and graphics cards will look good with the high or ultra. Otherwise, use medium or low sharpening.


  • To turn off & on toggle the f12 key.
  • Take screenshots with the f10 key, then they are placed as .bmps in the main game “.exe” folder where the sweetFX is installed.
  • Turn off edge smoothing in game. Anti-aliasing is done by the SweetFX. 
  • Untick post processing effects to make the game even faster, the SweetFX does all the post processing itself.
  • Does not conflict with any other lighting mod.
  • Does not work with windowed mode. It will crash. Only use this with fullscreen. (I’m looking for a solution to this)


  • Only one version available to not confuse and updated to 64 bit sims 4.

All credit goes to for the sweetFX tools.



100 followers gift!! (food truck restaurant lot)

OMG! I can’t believe I now have 100 followers! Thank you guys SO MUCH! I have a special gift for you today. It’s not much, but I really wanted to make a little something for this occasion!

It’s a whole park looking lot that is a fully functioning restaurant. So you will need Dine Out for this to work properly. If you don’t have it, I guess you could still use it as a park with a food truck looking decoration.

There is no CC so I had to be a little creative with the truck details.

 I hope you enjoy it!

DOWNLOAD (no ad-fly)


We are almost at 1800 followers.
This is gift from me to you, beautiful people.
Thank you so much for your support!
I cannot believe that you have stuck with me for all these years.
So here is my thanks in the form of a dress.

MESH 31 AF Rockabilly

A combination of DeeDee’s newly released Jacket Bustier and Keoni’s Anubis Serene Breeze with Bunhead’s slingback heels.

This is for Adult Female only.
It is categorized as Everyday.
It has a fat morph
Milkshape kept crashing for the preg morph.
It comes in the seven colors pictured above.


Credits: EAxis, @deedee-sims, @bunsblr, @keoni-chan, Anubis

For creators, here is the PSD at @sims-influence request.

Happy Simming!


Thank you for following us! ♥ Here are the gifts! We did some in a hurry because real life is very race, but made with love and hope you like it. We also want to thank the original creators of the meshes for your wonderful work! The merit and the claims are all of them! 

Some 3t2 conversions and recolors: (sorry no preview :( delete what you don’t want in CAS or bodyshop)

- Simsimi Natural Fit Long Pants with Semller Acne Lark or Adidas Superstar: original mesh pants by Simsimi, original mesh shoes by Semller (note: adidas converted by Eirsims). 3 colors each. Texture by Simsimi and Semller.

- Simsimi W Boxy Crop Shirt: original mesh by Simsimi. 3 colors icluded. Texture by Simsimi.

- Pixicat Skater Skirt with Gladiator sandals or Semller Acne Lark: original mesh skirt and sandals by Pixicat and shoes by Semller. 2 colors included. Textures by Pixicat and Semller. Texture socks by Simsimi.

- Loubelle Sims Crew Neck Sweater: original mesh  by Loubelle Sims. 5 colors included. Textures by Loubelle Sims and Always Sims.

- 3 recolors of Delta Crop Top 3t2 by SpaceHatter. Texture by Always Sims.

It’s all separated in folder.

I think It’s all and we not forget mention nothing.