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ASNJFBNJD I just got a boatload of new followers, holy crap you guys thanks so much and I really hope I don’t disappoint you;; lol

Welcome to my dorky blog! Have a comic!

When Lance sneezes he releases a small electric shock lololol do not get near him

Talking to my friends about my love life....
  • Me: has no love life in real life
  • Friend: so how's your love life?
  • Me: great I had sex with a billionaire last night.
  • Friend: .......
  • Friend: oh that's-
  • Me: and than I had sex with a God.
  • Friend: O_O
  • Me: and than I had sex with a fox man.
  • Friend: *backs up slowly*
  • Me: wait want to hear the time I had sex with a demon?
  • Friend: *runs like hell*

Because I’m not (and never will be) over episode 12, and I have nowhere else to put these… I’m posting them here for my HQ/YOI fans! Here’s my Sims 4 Viktor and Yuri! ENJOY!!


I know their skating costumes aren’t perfect, but I got them as close as I could. I’m not as skilled with 3D rendering software as I’d like to be :P But the costumes and Viktor’s warm-up you see above were created by me!

anonymous asked:

okay, so long ask. i've considered making my own sims blog (fandom tbd) but i just ?? suck at it ?? no one looks at my posts or really cares and i was wondering if u had any tips for a sims blog like this one? sorry to bother you!

I got inspired by @simkorra, which I was obsessed with at the time. At first I made Miraculous sims just for my own enjoyment but when I posted screenshots on my main blog, people wanted more, so I made this blog. Notes where slow at first, since I didnt know how to take quality screenshots or how to present them as a story, but I keep working at it until it became second nature. 

Tbh It takes a strong storytelling ability to run a simblr, since scrolling through endless pics of virtual people doing mundane everyday things would be completely boring without an over-reaching plot. I suggest you flesh out your characters more, put them in less-than-everyday situations and see how they react, and then recruit people from your fandom come come check it out! As soon as your followers learn to love your characters, they become followers for life, and they will want to interact with/reblog your posts.

I dont know if this is helpful at all, but I hope so!

When your friend texts you and asks you what you’re doing, and you say “chilling with bae”.

What they think you mean.

What you actually mean.