sims coloring


I actually feel pretty for once…

I’m still that awkward noodle though since I’m still getting used to changing my style up like this. Can’t remember the last time I actually looked classy. I actually have no plans and apparently everybody going to that Bloodbash thing later? I’m gonna have to miss it since I have no decent costume or date, lol.

Guess I’ll go to the movies or something…

-Massie 💋


Simply Nola💛✨

old pictures never posted… Just me and my big head running across ya dash. I’m just wearing one of my favorite colors for my SM @fallfornique But I need head and booty surgery😆😭

Even Lance doesn’t completely understand his own existence lol

Taking a break from the angst to bring you the fluff!! I love this silly AU


Peach Puff Color Pack

A new color made for the Berry Pastel Rainbowcy, or just if you needed some peach in your life. The pack includes a new eyecolor, a photoshop action, and my skintones (since I couldn’t get the new color to work as it’s own package I added it to my skintone package. Just replace the old one if you already have them installed). As you can see, I’ve sorted the color to just show up at the end of packs since I don’t know where I would put it in the sequence as is. 

I included the action so that you can recolor hairs as you please. I will be doing a bunch of hairs tomorrow if you have any suggestions of what hairs you’d like in this color. ♥



Glossy Eyes 65

I made V3 of my glossy eyes before I updated my recolor palette to what it is now. And I decided that it was about time that updated them to have all 65 colors. These are brand new package files, so they would most likely still work with the other non-default glossy eyes if you want to keep those in your game. Included are:

  • 65 Non-default Eyes
  • Face Paint Contacts
  • Skin Detail Heterochromia (requires mesh)
  • Face Paint Half Eyes (for customizable two-toned eyes)

Notes: The texture for the heterochromia eyes does overlap with the texture for bracelets, so if your sim is wearing a bracelet it may interfere with the heterochromia texture. Only the non-defaults have the ability to remove eye shine. If you have my defaults installed then I don’t believe the shine will be a problem. All eyes included are disabled for random, work for all ages, humans and vampires, and all have custom thumbnails.

The heterochromia textures should be better sized in this version. Also keep in mind that the two toned eyes are different this time. Now they are just the right half of the eye, and you can use the regular eye colors to determine the left half.