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I think you'll look cute in seifuku :3

‘‘ she said something about a school play.

i thought otherwise. ‘’


HOLY HECK THESE TOOK FOREVER!!! But aaaa im done and im super proud cause theyre probably the most accurate sims ive ever made tbh :’0 
Full body and some close ups cause the quality got hecked up cause my computer sucks??? so

Bonus nerd dames

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Taro is your sister annoying?

‘‘ i wouldn’t say ‘annoying’ … she’s my little sister, after all. ‘‘

An eclipse calls out a warning. Something is about to happen. Thunder and lightning rip through the sky. It roars. Is it calling out your name? Does it beckon you to it’s clutches? Do you feel his presence near you, reaching out to you? You catch your breath. He’s in your world now.

Genre: Drama/Romance/Erotica/Fantasy.
Rating: Mature 18+

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Chapter Two
Chapter Three
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Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven


XV. Reconstruction

I was surprised when we were ushered into Nolan’s dad’s office shortly after arriving at the police station. He greeted me with a sympathetic smile, his eyes lingering on my neck for a second too long, before inviting us to sit.
“Sabrina, I’m sorry we’re meeting due to such …unfortunate circumstances, but it’s nice to see you again.”
His rueful smile stayed intact as his gaze shifted to Nolan. “Son.”
“Pop.” Nolan nodded stiffly. I could see that their relationship hadn’t improved in the time I’d been gone. “I thought there was a rule against your involvement in this case?” He said as he took a seat on the opposite side of the couch. I tried not to focus on how much the distance bugged me. “Conflicts of interest and all that.”
Mr. Winslow leaned back in his seat and wove his fingers together against his abdomen. “Technically, yes. But the chief thought both of you would be more comfortable giving your statements to someone you know and trust.”
Nolan scoffed beside me and I had to fight the urge to smack his knee like I would’ve years ago.
“Tell the chief we appreciate how thoughtful he’s being.” I murmured, infusing my voice with as much honey as I could muster. “So what exactly do you need from us? I’ve never done this kind of thing before.”
“I mostly need your statement, Sabrina. We take violence against women very seriously, and would like to see justice served.”
I swallowed the bile rising in my throat and fiddled nervously with the hem of my dress. “Where do I even begin?”
“Well, from what I’ve gathered, you were previously in a relationship with the assailant?”
“I-I was.” I stuttered. I could feel Nolan’s eyes burning into the side of my face, so I leaned forward to allow my hair to act as a curtain. I wouldn’t be able to handle his scrutiny while diving headfirst into memories I’d tried so damn hard to forget. “For nearly a year. We were attending Butler University together and…um….well, we lived together.”
“I see,” Mr. Winslow sighed, typing away at his laptop. “Had you recently  contacted him in any way that would make him believe that he was welcome to visit you in Newcrest?”
“Not at all. I hadn’t spoken to him in months, and definitely had no plans to again. My parents actually, um, cited a restraining order against him…because…” I trailed off, my mouth unwilling to form the words. Logic wanted me to rip the band-aid off, but emotion begged me to hide beneath Mr. Winslow’s desk.
“Because this wasn’t the first time he’s hurt you.” He stated, rather than asked.
My stomach convulsed uncomfortably as I heard Nolan’s breath escape his throat in a gust. I was suddenly too hot and too cold, a storm brewing beneath my skin.
Unable to form words, I simply nodded.
Mr. Winslow returned to typing for a few painfully silent moments. I couldn’t even hear Nolan breathing beside me. “We’ll return to that point in a moment. But first off, I need a breakdown of the exact events that transpired last night.”
I sucked in a lungful of air before recounting the previous night to him to the best of my ability. Nolan was eerily quiet the entire time, his lack of words cacophony to my already ringing ears.
When I finished, I felt drained and out of breath. Nolan maintained his silence, and his father gazed at me thoughtfully with blue eyes that were strikingly similar to his son’s.
“Are you planning to press charges?” he asked in his abyssal timbre.
That stumped me. I’d been so caught up in Nolan that I hadn’t considered how I wanted to handle Sam, or if I wanted to handle him at all. “I…haven’t thought that far ahead, to be honest.”
He leaned onto his elbows on his desk, his expression business-like, as usual. “As both an officer, and a friend, I strongly advise you to do so.”
I suppose the confusion registered clearly on my face, because he continued. “We were given video footage from Mr. Laskaris’ loft in San Myshuno shortly after taking him into custody.”
My breath left my body. What? Who would have access to Sam’s security footage? Who would want to tank him that badly? And more importantly, what all had they seen on those tapes? How fucking pitiful was I to everyone in this building now?
“On that footage, we found several instances of his abuse, as I’m sure you already know.” His clinical demeanor slipped for an instant, a fire burning behind the quartz-like blue of his irises. ”I have a clip right here. If you can confirm that was you on the footage, and would be willing to testify about the nature of your relationship, we could easily have him locked up for a solid decade. You wouldn’t have to worry about him any longer.” He turned his laptop to face us, a media program already open, with a video waiting to be played. I instantly recognized Sam’s kitchen and the time-stamp in the bottom corner sent my pulse thundering behind my eardrums.
In my peripheral vision, I saw Nolan’s bruised knuckles turn white as his hand gripped his knee for dear life. For the first time since we’d sat down, I turned to face him. His expression was stony and cold, and my heart leaped even further into my throat. “I can’t ask you to leave. But I’d rather you didn’t see this.”
He still didn’t speak, simply glanced between me and the video file behind me, gnawing on his lower lip.
With a sigh, I turned back to Mr. Winslow and nodded. There was no going back now.

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