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An eclipse calls out a warning. Something is about to happen. Thunder and lightning rip through the sky. It roars. Is it calling out your name? Does it beckon you to it’s clutches? Do you feel his presence near you, reaching out to you? You catch your breath. He’s in your world now.

Genre: Drama/Romance/Erotica/Fantasy.
Rating: Mature 18+

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Damn, it’s really easy to make these types of edits if you have Windows 10

you basically just use filters in the Photos program

For Anti, all I have to do is select the “Neo” filter and that gives it a sickly green glow.

For Dark, it’s a little harder because I have use photoshop to shift the color layers, but other than that, i just use the “Burlesque” filter to make it slightly darker and less saturated.


For RaeX weekend. I hope you like it!


Raven knew she wasn’t much of a prize. She was the dark creepygirl in the corner whom everyone stayed away from. She wasn’t Starfire, brimming with life, and so sweet standing near her was likely to give you a tooth ache. Starfire was beautiful;  a precious gem under a glass case taunting one with its brilliance. Raven thought she was nothing more than a plain Jane. So why the heck was she being kidnapped right now?

“Are you comfortable little bird?” Red-X asked.

Raven rolled her eyes. Here she was in the back of Red-X motorcycle fastened to his waist as she rode backwards behind him. How she wanted to kill him. She could think all the very unpleasant dimensions to send him. One with no air, lava dimensions, places where young stupid thieves where a delicacy. Yet her darn mouth and chakra had a familiar sticky adhesive x.

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My Bish

My bish, yeah she bad, she will never fuck with bullshit
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My bish, yeah she bad, she will never fuck with bullshit
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She will never fuck with bullshit

I found this on SimSecret (yea, I know, I know) and I really need to comment on this. This is something that has pissed me off about the Sims Community as long as I can remember. 

People scream, “I want this, and that, and that other thing over there for The Sims (insert version here).” Then when it’s offered up and there is a price tag attached panties get twisted into a bunch resulting in a painful wedgie.

First and foremost EA is a business and businesses don’t stay in business giving things away. Now, having said that, EA gives away a crap ton of free content. Let’s talk about those swimming pools and the Star Wars costumes. Dragon Age players just got a really awesome piece of free CC that they could have charged for and everyone would have bought it without a single complaint because it’s just that damn awesome. Outside of Rockstar and their GTA Online updates with new content, I can’t think of another gaming company that gives away so much free content.

I’ve never really heard anyone bitch about expansion packs before, but whatever. Guess some people just want a base game with no added game play…or else they want it for free. That’s probably it. They want it for free because of greedy self-entitlement where people want everything handed to them for nothing. The attitude of “I spent X amount of money on a base game and should get everything else for free”. Yea, okay, keep dreaming. No gaming company would be able to stay in business if they did that. Do you think that the money used to pay employee wages grows on a money tree? The money to pay bills like electricity and water? Think that money shows up magically or the bills pay themselves? The is a lot of other overhead that comes with running a gaming company. This money comes from the money that we all put out to buy a game. At least they aren’t pulling what Blizzard did with Diablo III and make you buy your base game all over again to get your new content. That would be real annoying real fast with as many EPs we get.

Now, on the note of Game Packs and Stuff Packs…Seriously? Everyone bitched about a new “overpriced” set coming out in the store every month at about $20 USD. Now people are going to bitch about Game Packs (which give us stuff and new game play features - basically mini Expansion Packs) along with the Stuff Packs that give us stuff. And we are no longer being asked to buy stuff from the store every month to get the extra content.

No matter what EA does, they can’t see to win. No one is ever happy.


Setting things straight.

Alright… so I’ve been asked about my opinion re: Hairgate/Racegate/whatever.

As a black person…I really don’t find non-black sims wearing natural hairstyles offensive. I just don’t. I’m not going to call someone out for having a white sim in locs or an Asian sim with cornrows because I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

HOWEVER, I do understand WHY my fellow black simmers are offended and I support them 100%. (While I’m also okay with non-white people having ‘natural’ styles in real life (even though I believe it looks bad on them 90% of the time), I am not okay with them being glorified for having a really “cool” and “edgy” style while black people are constantly mocked and discriminated against because we are wearing our hair in its natural state. That’s just wrong.)

HOWEVER, (and this is the biggest one), I despise how people have reacted when getting called out on this and have resorted to talking about how there’s “no race in sims” (BULLSHIT) and saying “it’s just a game”. Yes, it IS a game, but real life people are playing it. Real life people with their own perspectives and viewpoints. You can’t expect people to suddenly abandon their viewpoints because they open an .exe file.

People are also using some disgusting anti-black language and are really showing their asses to the point where I think that the initial ‘racist’ accusations from others (if there were any) weren’t. that. far. off. the. mark. If you get angry enough over someone asking why your blonde and fair-skinned sim has locs to start accusing all black people of ‘playing the race card’/’being professional victims’/whatever and using slurs, then MAYBE YOU NEED TO RECONSIDER YOUR ‘I’M NOT A RACIST’ STANCE. 

Lastly, I’m all for the #itsmorethanjusthairsimblr tag because…I love to see black sims. Hell, I love to see non-white sims in general, so this is all up my alley. :)

Well, at least I WAS for the tag before it was inundated by trolls and asswipes. People are always trying to ruin a good thing.


damn you tumblr

for not letting me post the video on your website

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I was about to write, this will be short and sweet, but mostly likey it won’t.

I’m not the kind of person who puts TOO much of herself out there. One, because I don’t trust people and two, because people are liable to use your own weaknesses against you. 2016 brought me quite a few laughs, but it brought a crap ton of bad experiences for me. Family turned into just another word, friendships ended and I was diagnosed with health conditions that many women struggle with.

However, through all of that, I could still log on here and count on people in this community to help me forget those things. Even for a short time. While some are no longer here, I can thank the ones that are. The ones who have never failed to not only show love whenever I felt that my posts weren’t good enough, when I thought my stories were crappy, who didn’t care about status or who I was friends with, but who also supported me, Vivian, the person behind the Simblr:

@bitzsoisims, @blasiansimmiesblog, @bluehoppersimming, @blythelyre, @breannathesimblr, @charmed-sisters, @demetercai, @dizziesims  @doka-chan, @freckled-pixels, @gaiahypothesims, @goatkibble, @grumpysimmies, @hyperkaos, @itsrainingplumbobs, @joyfuljalisasims@livelovesimallways@lilyshadowwriter, @lilyssims, @lyrea, @mochasims@mspoodle1, @mypixelchronicles, @nisukiye, @nova-neptune, @pixelevia@pixel-imagination, @remysims, @silverowlblog, @simmedmywayuptothetop, @simplysickandtired, @simmerjazen, @simmingwiththetide@sleek-simmerr, @subpoint, @sunset-melody, @sympxls, @thickness1988, @toys-of-dukeness, @wonkiie, @yayasimblr, @yuriingha

Chances are, I probably forgot to tag someone, but if the above applies to you, then you’re in my heart as well. I appreciate all of the people who bother following my blog, let alone dropping likes/hitting the reblog button. I can’t thank you enough. I hope 2017 is AWESOME for each of you and I hope this new year brings more fun, more excitement and more positivity in this community. There are so many bigger things in life besides bullshit 💕 💕


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