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5000 Followers Special // The Huntress Hair V2.0

As a final 5K Follower Gift, here’s Cora [Harper]’s hair in maxis match, the second and final version I’ve made. It’s more accurate to her actual hairstyle in-game, so this definitely going to be the one I use on her sim. T

It’s BGC, has all LODs, comes in all ea-base colors and is more or less hat compatible (you may experience some clipping…s4s was not being friendly :( )

If there are any major problems, hmu ;)

[DISCLAIMER: This version doesn’t currently include Cora’s Ombre]

Download‘s down here↯

[Sim File Share]

| The Huntress II/V2.0 [Cora Harper’s Hairstyle] |


I’m a big fan of Philip Pullman’s series His Dark Materials and I always really liked the illustrations at the beginning of the chapters. I thought they would make great wall art for my Sims! 

And even if you don’t know of the books, they still make some rad wall art! They are also base game compatible!

His Dark Materials Chapter Art 

12 black and white illustrations

base game compatible

custom swatches and thumbnails

DOWNLOAD - Sim File Share

Concerto dress!!

Hi! This is my first ever cc! at least my first successful. I just edited the cityliving dress to make it more wearable. I really hated how it looked. It was so sharp and pointy. Hopefully, you love these new dresses, as much as I do! Enjoy!

- Base game compatible

- Don’t include mesh

- Please contact me if you have any issues

- You are very welcome to recolor!


Sweet Shirt

This is just a simple edit of the basegame paintershirt to make it more wearable. The colors are the same as in the basegame. I’ve only removed the sleeves and shortened it. All lods should be fixed

- Base game compatible

- 4 swatches

- Don’t include mesh

- Please contact me if you have any issues

- You are very welcome to recolor!




How to make stuff base game compatible with S4S

  1. You must own the EP/SP/GP you want to make BGC stuff from.
  2. First open S4S, and choose “Create 3D Mesh” and then click the giant “CAS” button. 
  3. Find your item, select all the colors, then click “Next”
  4. A box will pop up asking you to save the package, name it and click save. 
  5. When S4S loads, click save again just to be safe. 

Viola, it is done!



These heifas are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! 


Baby Blue & Baby Pink Set

2 floors: Plush Carpet & Wood Plank — 3 swatches each

2 wallpaper sets: Baby Blue & Baby Pink — 10 patterns/swatches each

2 Floor Rugs: Mickey & Minnie themed — 2 swatches each

11 Wall Art Print Sets — only 6 shown above but they are all super cute

I was saving all this for when EA finally gave us toddlers, but, eh, it doesn’t look like we are ever getting them, so enjoy them now for your sim babies/kids and your kid-at heart sims. Everything BGC and tested in game.  No problems found but let me know if you come across any.  Preview pictures in each packages folder.  

Mesh credit to EA. Image credit to google &


Happy Simming!


I made my version of this facepaint based on the one from TS2. For to those who want to recreate Tank Grunt on TS4 or use it on any other sim.

  • BGC;
  • For Teen/Adult/Elder;
  • Disabled for random;
  • The name of the file is “Military Facepaint” because not everyone have played TS2 or knows who Tank Grunt is;
  • If you have any problems or questions contact me (DM or ask);
  • Feel free to tag me #gemplumbob or @ me if using my cc coz i’d love to see it!
  • Reblog or/and like if downloading
  • Please don’t re-upload this file, or claim it as your own!

| download |

I will be taking down my BGC conversions.

I.E. the hairs, clothes etc. not things that were edited though. Just the straight ports.

That being said, I’m perfectly okay with someone else uploading them themselves for others, but I will be removing them from mediafire. I will even promote your upload of you message me. While I recognize the want for them, I realize I don’t want to be responsible for illegal content anymore.

Also I will no longer be doing BGC (unless it’s an edited mesh or something), but with how easy it is to do, I’m sure someone will always provide it.

So, I will be removing the downloads tomorrow August 30th at 8 PM EST, so get ‘em while you can. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Downloads being removed: GTW Hairs (all ages and genders), OR Hairs and shoes (all ages and genders), University Life Clothes and Hairs, and 70’s 80’s 90’s Clothes.

To view all downloads being removed, visit this link, thank you!



I decided to stream a bit of BGC at 4AM. The new girls were added to the house and pulled up on Joanne the Scammer. It was a mess!

Want to submit sims to my BGC series? Upload sims to the gallery with the hashtag #xmiramirabgc