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list 5 facts about your most favourite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

I asked you if it was ok to do someone other than a sim, and you said yes, so have my lil bitchy mage child Abbie!

  1. Her real name is Aenwyn. Do. Not. Use. It. You will die. Unless you’re her bf. Then you’re probably just gonna end up being called a random human name in return.
  2. She’s bisexual, and she used to be rly into experimenting but now she’s settled down and is mostly ok with fighting about who gets most pillows in bed. She also got married and corpses showed up and it was very interesting.
  3. Abbie’s the proud mum of three two wolves called Blade and Arrow, she rescued them when they were still tiny pups. She’s had a wolf before, but he died :/ His name was Bear cause she liked the idea of him being anything and not necessarily a wolf (cause she hates being an elf too) and she totally blames herself for his death. Yes, I really put an ironically huge amount of wolves into her story.
  4. She’s cheese buddies with Alistair. As in: he tried to steal some of her cheese but she thought it was cute so they started bonding over cheese and ate lots together and her bf got very jelly.
  5. Invented the eye roll. I swear.

I wrote all these without really respecting Dragon Age canon at all but I never do so. Just to inform those who know about the games xD And lemme tell you this was so much more fun than doing a sim ;___; now I wanna play. But it’s late.

Thank you for asking/letting me do this ♥

11 Questions #1

I was tagged by @108sims

Thanks babe 😙

1. What is your favorite version of the sims?

My favorite is the Sims 3 - I love the graphics in the Sims 4, but as of now there’s much more to do in the Sims 3 in my opinion.

2. How long have you been playing sims?

I’ve been playing the sims for 2 years now :)

3. What’s your least favorite life stage to play?

UNPOPULAR OPINION but my least favorite life stage was actually toddlers (in the Sims 3) because they were so annoying lmao

4. What’s your favorite part of the sims?

I love living vicariously through my sims and doing random crap that I wouldn’t dare do or can’t do in real life :)

5. What’s your favorite career?

In Sims 3 I like the movie star career and in Sims 4 I like the Athletic career

6. Do you enjoy building?

Kind of? I like it at first but I’m very bad at building so I get annoyed and give up eventually.

7. How long have you been a part of the sims community?

2 months now :) I LOVE YOU GUYS

8. Have you ever completed a legacy?

Not yet! I hope to change that with the Reynolds :)

9. Do you play challenges? If so wh uh is your favorite?

The only challenge I’ve ever played is the Random Legacy Challenge, and after that I think I might try the Disney Princess Challenge or the Opposite Princesses Challenge.

10. Favorite decorating/building style?

I love modern houses - really sleek, shiny, and clean cut stuff. I want that type of house in real life too (like a modern beach house I’m drooling just thinking about it)

11. What’s your favorite piece of custom content?

I HAVE TOO MUCH CC OOPS but I really like this crop top by somesimsgirl :)


replied to your



iplaysims4: salem2342: Hey guys! I was wrong…

I think it is a beautiful necklace and I didn’t know that the word “gypsy” held so much emotion behind it. Why not look at the necklace as a dedication? Is gypsy a slur or a race? I ran across a story on Google where Romani and gypsy were two different races…idk

So why wouldn’t you google it further and find sources on google and sources that are easily accessible on here by actual Rromani people and find out? Why does it take another grown ass person to teach you something we both know you could have taught yourself?

To be honest I really don’t think you or anyone who responds in this way really give a fuck about the racist implications of the word g*psy, and that’s for several reasons: You say you googled but somehow couldn’t find a source to debunk whatever inaccurate reference you pulled that claims g*psy is a different race than Rromani which I find and can probably prove is hard to believe, you all REFUSE to CENSOR. YOUR. SLURS. And quite frankly it didn’t stop any of whom this applies to to hurry up and download a piece of content that contributed to controversy due to the racist name it was given to start with.

And that’s why I’m telling not just you, but everyone this applies to, that I no longer care to be amicable about addressing these problems. Because you are literally contributing to a system that allows these slurs to be normalized and further harm marginalized people systemically. And I am not only disgusted but sorely disappointed.

First off g*psy is a slur whether you’re educated about it not. It is not a word you can throw around with quotes around it. Censor the slur. If a bunch of white people went running around saying “nigger,” without censoring it there would be hell to pay because it is understood that nigger is not a slur that should be coming out of nonblacks mouths. So pay other POC the same courtesy when addressing controversial words that aren’t yours to reclaim.

Secondly, I searched three results for the word.

Every result, even the one of me just typing the slur itself, immediately suggests the negative and racist connotations associated with the word. For every source that suggests that the word is okay to use there are more and more sources to disprove that very misconception. I find it painfully hard to believe that of all the searching you found, you only found enough to suggest that it meant a different race. If g*psy and Rromani are seperate races than Nigger and Black are separate races too.

Thirdly, g*psy is a slur FOR a race. The Romani people, who were subjected to racial violence and genocide and still very much deal with racial violence in modern day times. Even at any point that you were uncertain, abstaining from using the slur or dismissing the validity of people saying that, yes, this word is not appropriate, outweighs any ignorance you may have had on the topic before.

And finally I’m going to say this. Shame on you. Shame on you for carelessly throwing around a slur. Shame on you for doing a poor job at researching something as important as acknowledging oppressive language for a race that isn’t yours for the sake of complacently downloading custom content for a video game. Shame on everyone who let @salem2342 comfortably call the people who took the time to inform her of her content having a fucking racist label “haters,” shame on everyone who is going to let racist, homophobic, transphobic creators get away with shit JUST LIKE THIS in the future as they have done in the past,and shame on everyone who expects people like me who go out of their own way to educate themselves to spoon feed them knowledge in a kind, caring way when they don’t fucking deserve it.

We can talk about white people all fucking day long but when it’s time to look at intersectional issues and when it’s time to be accountable for the ignorance our own privileges allows the room clears out and there’s silence. And I have had e-fucking-nough of it. Nobody is getting a Benefit Of The Doubt Pass anymore. If a girl from the fucking hood can utilize her slow internet connection to educate herself the rest of you can do the same thing. I’m not doing this shit no more dog.


“The Problem With the Word G*psy”

“The Persistence of Discrimination Against Roma”


“It’s time to end ‘the last acceptable racism’ – against G*psies and Travellers”

“Being a “Gypsy”: The Worst Social Stigma in Romania”

I talked to my gp about getting my boobs removed and I’m waiting for a response now! It was so uncomfortable talking about my gender with a complete stranger when I’ve only told my mum/brother/dad about it in passing but I’m glad I did it. I also want to thank the person who suggested the devon gender identity clinic because this might actually be my reality thanks to you! 💕

you know in create-a-sim when you’ve spent like 30-40 minutes trying to make a sim and fixing all outfits, and then you’re like “oh i’ll add someone from my gallery for her to live with” and you accidentally hit “replace” instead of “merge” and then they’re gone forever??

am i the only one who does this EVERY SINGLE TIME

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So what exactly is a heartbreaker route? Is it when you cheat on someone or make them think you love them only to show you never did or what?

Heartbreak routes will vary in their executions, as some can be platonic while others can be romantic, but the ultimate goal is to break the person down mentally.

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will the next demo have more dating options?

Our next demo will be a lot more intensive than our last one! This includes more characters and fun new features! Our last demo was made roughly within 10 days, right from the formation of the crew, so expect some changes now that we have our game more fleshed out than before.

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore.♥

Hi, thanks for asking! I don’t really have a favorite sim so I’ll do Alma. I know it said I should do five but I couldn’t stop.

1. She’s 25 and a single mother to a little girl, Rosie
2. Her father died when she was young and is not on good terms with her mother.
3. She is very into the occult and owns a tiny shop that sells homemade salves, herbs and crystals. Also maybe a haunted object or two.
4. Alma’s grandparents are very supportive of her and often help out with Rosie. They are also sitting on a massive fortune. Coincidentally.
5. She has a black cat called Salem after the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Also bc witches.
6. She enjoys classical music.
7. She’s half Danish. (After her mother.)
8. She loves cold weather, snow and rain, and lives in a cabin in the mountains.
9. Her father’s death caused massive issues in her teen years which led to drinking and drug consumption, which then led to an unwanted pregnancy. She had the baby and cleaned herself up of any addictions.
10. She loves horror movies/books and she’s addicted to Coke. (the drink.)