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I'm so pressed about Glenn's death, how do you justify lazy fakeout writing and then making his death a FOOTNOTE, I'm so upset, I can't deal, this is gonna bother me this entire week

i just cannot fucking believe. cause not only was this extremely vile and extra for no particular reason at all but this really setup the whole negan vs rick and daryl vs dwight nonsense. they showed us everything we needed to know about this arc/season. a white boy pissing test is about to rain down on all of us all in the name of glenn. the amount disrespect. the foolish. glenn and Steven deserved better. also, we the audience deserved way more than that for a character we spent 7 years with. my fucking FUCK

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hey when u play ur sims do u build houses for them urself or do u download off the gallery or? cuz im looking for nice houses and u have a rly good taste in things in general so i wanted to ask if u know any good housebuilders?

i’m reeaaallly bad at building so most of the houses i get are off the gallery 

@linkoran @alienpollination bunmilk and ruthless_kk on the gallery are my favourite people to get houses from :^) 

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8. Who are your favorite blogs?

Hm. Lots.

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Margo Robbins, Lady Of The Night

Let’s see how this turns out, my new lot gave me this gameplay idea: a Sim practically living at the Magnolia Hotel (”home” is where her parents live), flirting and asking Sims for “loans”. She needs to raise her charisma skill but she’s practicing her moves with her first victim, Bjorn Bjergsen.

I might have to switch lot type between bar and restaurant though, depending on the time of the day. In restaurant mode the bar is pretty dead.


Noiz Not-Really-Dating Sim!

I used Noiz as my test subject, to see what I could do with Ren'Py and JEdit. Turned out pretty well, as far as transitions and effects go. Anyway, this works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. I have it up for download via Dropbox, here. Zip file size: 69.66 MB. Also, here’s the poll I’m talking about in the beginning.

Have fun. It’s really short, and you don’t have to install shit. Just extract and play. [EDIT - I’ll have the walkthrough up on my blog under this tag.]

If you want to ask...

A: Do you get attached to your sims?

B: Do you have a legacy or plan to do it?

C: Do you use cheats?

D: Your most favorite cc creators?

E: Least favorite expansion/Most favorite expansion?

F: Does your game crash often? What bugs your game had?

G: Do you make male sims more than female sims, or vise versa?

H: How many sims games do you own?

I: What is your sim-inspiration, any styles you like to create?

J: Do you listen to music when you play? If so, what songs?

K: Do you kill sims on purpose?

L: When did you last play?

M: Have you made CC before? Or at least try to?

N: Do you use regular names or make up your sims’ names?

O: If only the sims ….

P: What world do you play the most?

Q: How long it takes you to build or create sims?

R: Any rants about the game?   

S: Have you tried making a celebrity sim?

T: Do you play with townies? Who is your favorite?

U: Have you ever make a sim-self?

V: Do you Build or Live Play?

W: Worst mistake that has ever happened in your game?

X: What kind of simblr are you?

Y: How do you play challenges? Which one have you played?

Z: How many GB/MB of CC do you have? Is your mods folder organized?

if you want to reply this, please tag #simsyalpacas so I get to know you better :)

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The houses playing the Sims


Create the Sims followed by never playing again



We’d put them on free will mode just to see where they’d go and what they’d do. It’d always be entertaining and really confusing. “ It is 2 in the morning, why are you naturally waking up and taking a shower??” “We’re camping and you’ve disappeared into the forest????????” “Where the hell did you get a box of pizza?????” “Why are you going for a jog at midnight????” 


Originally posted by thefhtagnprincess

Creates the most fabulous Sims. Tries to make the most simoleons possible to build luxuriously decorated homes. May or may not use cheats.
Also may or may not remove the pool ladder.

Voltage Questions to Ask!
  • 1. Favorite Guy(s)?
  • 2. Least Favorite Guy(s)?
  • 3. Which side character do you Hate the most?
  • 4. Do you want your friends to play the games you like?
  • 5. Which side character you like the most?
  • 6. Ever have a dream of your guy(s)?
  • 7. Ever daydream about your guy(s)?
  • 8. If you can make up a short story about your first kiss with bias, how would it go?
  • 9. Do you feel awkward of telling your friends about Voltage.Inc?
  • 10. Do You Feel Awkward of telling your family about Voltage.Inc?
  • 11. How long has it been since you played Voltage Romance Games?
  • 12. Do you make a weird sound or just giggle when you play?
  • 13. Do you freak out or fan-gurl from the inside when seeing something new from Voltage.Inc?
  • 14. Do you get annoyed of your Voltage Guy sometimes?
  • 15. What don't you like about your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 16. Do you like the Voltage SMUTS that makes you blush wildly?
  • 17. Do you get jealous of your Voltage Guy(s) being with others?
  • 18. How often do you play Voltage Romance Games?
  • 19. How do you know about Voltage.Inc?
  • 20. Who was your first Voltage Guy?
  • 21. Who was your second Voltage Guy?
  • 22. Where do you want to have your first date with your Voltage Guy?
  • 23. Why do you like your Voltage Guy?
  • 24. Do your friends think your weird to play these games?
  • 25. Do you have a real boyfriend in life?
  • 26. Does your boyfriend know about your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 27. Does your boyfriend hate that you play with these Voltage Men?
  • 28. Have you ever ship Voltage Men together?
  • 29. Which ships do you hate the most in the fandom?
  • 30. OTPS?
  • 31. Do you draw?
  • 32. Do you write?
  • 34. What's your relationship to your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 35. Which Voltage Guy(s) do you want to play in the future?
  • 36. If you're introducing your Voltage Guy(s) to your friends/family, how would they react?
  • 37. Do you know everything about your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 38. Do you RP your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 39. Do you love 3D better than 2D?
  • 40. Do you love 2D better than 3D?
  • 41. Do you talk too much about your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 42. Ever got sad over a sad Voltage story that someone made?
  • 43. What was the funny moments with your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 44. What was the saddest moments with your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 45. Another than Voltage.Inc, what other Otome Men do you like?
  • 46. Do you compare your Voltage Guy to Another?
  • 47. Do you get happy endings more or Super Happy Endings?
  • 48. Do you pick the funnies choices or the right choices when you make a choice?
  • 49. Do you wish your Voltage Guy(s) were real?
  • 50. What's your love for your Voltage Guy(s)?