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Denim Shorts for the Sims 4.

A little something for simsanityx, who asked for it yesterday ! I didn’t respond to everyone I think, but I read your ideas don’t worry, and don’t hesitate if there is a clothing item you need for your sims, you can ask. As explained in my FAQ, I don’t promise anything, but if I find the project interesting for my sims, I may do it !

So nothing too complicated this time, I used the same colors on my previous jeans. Available for teen to elder men, with 15 color options.

Download - Mediafire

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !


Cause I was talking with lillileinein about how much Ayatos happy ending reminded me of the magic conch scene from spongebob squarepants


Q: So, Gin…it’s been a while since we’ve done of these chats.

A: Yeah. it’s been *censored*in’ awesome. 

Q: Right. Well, you know I’m just doing my job, which is making sure you do yours.

A: … *looks away*

Q: You’re pretty quiet. Normally you’d be shouting obscenities at me. 

A: ‘Cause I’m tryin’ to *censored*in’ focus. 

Q: Ah, that’s right. You’re doing a shoot today. 

A: Yeah, but that’s not what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.*looks across the room to Kara*  She’s *censored*in’ amazin’, isn’t she…

Q: From what I know, yes.  So, what’s going on with you two? Have you “tapped” that, as you’ve suggested you would in our previous talks?

A: It ain’t *censored*in’ like that.

Q: Ah, so you decided to just be friends. 

A: What the *censored*! Did I *censored*in’ say that *censored*?

Q: Um, no, you didn’t…I just…

A: *interjects* Kara’s different…special. That’s all you need to know. I ain’t gonna do stuff like that with her ‘til it’s the right moment. Know what I mean?


A: What?

Q: I’m just a bit (actually, a lot) surprised, Gin…you seem like you’re in-love or something(?)

A: ... I gotta do the shoot now. We *censored*in’ done?

Q: Eh? Oh…I suppose so. 

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hiya !! i was wondering if you've ever made a follow forever / could list some of your favorite blogs for me ? i want to follow more simblrs like you !!!! :o

I actually don’t follow a lot of blogs. I look at the blogs of all the simblr’s who follow me of course, and I check them when possible, but with my agoraphobia having my dash be too chaotic with a lot of people updating really make me panicky, but here’s a list of some of my favorites~

berrypixelbobs, berrysweetboutique, geostigmata-sims, biffysims, simhow, prismaplanetsims, datapeach, xenoriarose, bonehelda, dirk-dreamer, lilithpleasant, euphoriasims, pixelswirl, lina-cherie, pixelated-sim, zeusar, polychromesims, lesyasun, furbyq, sadepaivas, simminginsilence, olivemuenda, ddeathflower, absaurussims, atomicvigilante, eir-sims, simquisitor, sundriedsims, eltaninz, budgie2budgie, thorarosebird, thepathofnevermore, sanneke94, uranium-z, huning, yandereplumsim, nooboo, necile, droolworthysims, twofee, shastakiss, pooklet, whattheskell, zombies-who-speak-simlish, resurrection-failed, selenaq13, kiinuu, alienpod, starlla, poppet-sims, lilith-sims, keoni-chan

There’s probably more, I just did a quick look through the people I follow. Also some of these haven’t updated in a while ^^;

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Do you think that you will ever upload the pose in post/126971541652/compromise please? If not it's cool, but the pose is adorable :3


  • a_noelyely_workcuddles_1 ( M )
  • a_noelyely_workcuddles_2 ( F )

These are NOT pose list compatible.

WARNING. This is mega super custom made for Yanvin, so like, you’re gonna need to know how to use an OMSP or have a mod to move them around, and even still, I cannot at all guarantee it’ll work on your sims as pictured. It’s honestly the main reason why I don’t really share their poses. :/



Sintiklia - Hair s22 Lioness

50 colors(1colored and with colored tips)
Fixed roots 29.08.15
Long volume side hair for your sims.
New mesh
Compatible with hats
Smooth(with breast) assignment
Own shadow map, texture.
All screenshots made in game process.
Available for making personal recolors but without including mesh!
For loading transparency please turn off Laptop mode in game!

Personally I need to say thanks to Andrew’s Studio  for making Pose Player, I am really happy to use all CAS poses ingame! Also thanks to flowerchamber for beautiful poses! 

For converting to Sims 3 - ask me texture 1024*1024


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Hang on did I just read that there's Oliver/Nysa rape stuff?!? Bc if it gets rapey I'm not watching the show anymore. What's going on???

nope oliver did not rape nyssa, but it’s about the corrective rape culture of the whole wedding thing

there was this awful scene where ra’s basically told nyssa (who katrina law has confirmed has no interest in men) that she was going to have to not only marry oliver, but have  his children

unfortunately, that is not a view only had by tv villains.

and the problem is the fandom tends to brush off the fact that, as far as nyssa is concerned at this point, she is married to oliver. she’s ready to shoot diggle for him when they show up in the foundry, and i guarantee you it has less to do with her actually giving a shit about oliver’s safety and more about her obligation, as per the culture she grew up in, to protect her husband

what happened after 3x22 aired was disgusting. i stopped tracking the arrow spoilers tag (a tag that used to bring me joy) for months, because people had actually started shipping nyssa and oliver, despite the fact that NYSSA AL GHUL WAS READY TO KILL HERSELF AT THAT WEDDING CEREMONY DO YOU UNDERSTAND NYSSA WOULD RATHER DIE THAN MARRY OLIVER OR HAVE HIS CHILDREN THE FACT THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY SHIP THIS IS SO DISGUSTING AND PROVES HOW LITTLE THEY ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT FEMALE CHARACTERS, MUCH LESS LGBTQ+ WOC

and the problem is that the show writers are not addressing it. it was brought up in a well-timed joke by felicity, but i’m fairly certain nanda parbat doesn’t necessarily have divorce in their culture (but they might idk). it is possible malcolm’s ascension to the throne nullifies their wedding, because nyssa was married to al-sahim and since al-sahim no longer exists, the wedding contract doesn’t either but THAT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH TRAUMA NYSSA MUST’VE WENT THROUGH ABOUT THIS


so anyway, no, i doubt oliver is going to rape nyssa anytime soon but there is still a problem about corrective rape culture here

1 Her download post will be up tomorrow!

2 He’ll be up for download when he’s a young adult :) I’ll probably put Lotus and Kristian up at the same time.

3 See #1 ^

4 It’s by silly-daydream, here!

5 It’s a conversion by mio-sims, here!

6 I could attempt to eventually, but it probably won’t happen for a while. The next set of sims I plan to post have been up on the gallery for ages so I’m not sure which files are theirs!

7 Yup, absolutely! Currently I’ve got four vanilla maxis-matchy sims in my drafts, I’m compiling their CC lists still. Next up will be the vanilla maxis-matchy male sims, and then alpha girls :)

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Hi! I love your creations, seriously flaw free. Ive been wanting to get into creating cc, I've read a lot of tutorials but they all seem to be kind of jumbled and I can't seem to find any really good video tutorials. Furthermore, I want to create completely new meshes, so my question is, was there a tutorial that you learned to mesh from?.. or multiple?

I haven’t learned from any tutorial :) jewelsnsims teached me everything and is still doing! He’s the best!

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Hey I love your 1000 Followers gift I especially love your recolors of the theboldandthebeautifulsims F2M Lola Dress but I noticed that you changed Blake's skin from grey wolf to pink and I wanted to ask where can I get his new awesome pink skin and if the details on his face is separate where can I get them?

He’s actually only pink when he transforms into a werewolf at night! He goes back to grey in the morning when he returns to normal. I’ve been wanting a pink werewolf default for a while, I don’t know why I wanted them to be pink, haha. So I made one! I recolored one of Lilith’s wolf skins and added yellow alien spots. 

I haven’t shared it though because I didn’t think others would want it? But I uploaded it for you HERE.

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☺ Kaela

1. She was born mute.

2. She uses drawing/painting as a way to express her emotions.

3. Having been overprotected by her family most of her life has made her incredibly naive.

4. She has 3 siblings; an older brother and a younger brother and sister.

5. Her natural hair is very curly.

6. She has never been in a relationship, or even had her first kiss.

7. Her best friend is probably her older brother, who she currently lives with.

8. Her favorite animals are turtles and lizards.

9. Her favorite color is green.

10. She chews gum constantly.