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I'm late to the party (as always fml) but chartreuse, crimson, fushia, green & burgundy!! 💖

Better late than never my sweet, thank you for these! :) 

CHARTREUSE - You’re my homie.

CRIMSON - We should collaborate on something.

FUCHSIA - Your blog content is gold. 

GREEN - I think you’re cute.

BURGUNDY - I get excited when I see posts from you.

Where do I even start sandy?! I LOVE YOU, you’re also my homie, one of my first followers and friends on here, and I’ll forever be grateful! Also, Crimson, Green & Burgundy right back at you bb! AND I can’t believe you want to collaborate with me, what should we do? Because the answer is obviously YES! ❤️

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monthly reminder: I love you momo 💖 Everyday you encourage and support me (and a dozen others) to no end, you are one of the sweetest and kindest simblr's out there. You exude endless positivity and I am glad that I'm able to call you a friend xo

Oh my gosh Sandy…I am actually tearing up while reading this (probably also has to do with my..strawberry) You have such a sweet heart! 😙 Your kindness towards me makes me all wiggly and warm inside. You inspire me, and I’m sure others as well, to keep going. You have been sent from the heavens above to share your talent and love. I should be the one glad to have YOU as my friend. I love you so much, dear! 💞 :3


First of all, congratulations on the adoption! I think it is so wonderful for you to give those children a loving home. I’m sorry that your mother hasn’t been as welcoming as would be desired. I’ve recently experienced something along similar lines with Phlox and Studmuffin. So I will share that story with you, hopefully to show that even if the child is not adopted, there can be that awkwardness. Then I’ll share my two cents (or probably half a cent worth in quality) advice for how to help ease your mother into a positive relationship with the children.

shuffle tag! ♡

i was tagged by @simatrix​ and @disappearing-sims​ !! thank u sweeties!!!! :^)

(shuffle ur music for 10 songs then tag 10 ppl! & be prepared for my awful music tastes!!!!!)

  1. i found - amber run
  2. situations - escape the fate
  3. chandelier - sia
  4. serial killer - lana del rey
  5. our lady of the underground - anais mitchell
  6. wolf and i - oh land
  7. dirk gently soundtrack - cristobal tapia de veer
  8. gun’s & roses - paradise lunch
  9. this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race - fall out boy
  10. tessellate - alt-j

NOW i tag @pixelddump @sim-pi @httpretty @glitchingbot @literallywhothe @tharmalegacy @maimouth @simszella @randomcoffeesimmer @deadgirlpixels & any1 else who wants to!!!! :^) if you’ve already done it, pls ignore this!!!!!

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Hi! How do you plan your character pages? :)

Hi there! I am not sure if I got your question right, but I usually start by adapting the color scheme of the theme to fit each character. Then I fill out the basics (name, birthday, age, personality type and enneagram, zodiac sign placement..), decide what kind of “profile” and “accent” picture I am going to use, fill their personal playlist. 

And then the actual work starts.. writing down their personality descriptions beyond what you would find in the description of their MBTI type or zodiac sign. So it all comes down to knowing your characters personally :) However, the things you will write will probably be just the tip of the iceberg. So, hypothetically speaking, I know my characters 100%, but only about 10-20% of it will be reflected on their character page. That other 80-90% is meant to guide me when I am writing about their lives and how they behave in a given situation. Usually that 80-90% does not exist in a written format, but rather in my mind.

However, if I do write something down to aid me in the future, it is something like this (in this case, it’s a list of archetypes for each character: source)

(green = most prominent virtue; red = most prominent vice)

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hi soph, would u ever consider making a bio page for all you beautiful simmies? idk if u've ever answered this or im being a bother it just sometimes gets hard to keep track of whose who.. anyways love you n ur sims <3

i tried to make character pages for my gameplay sims but it turns out i’m not quite smart enough to to that just yet hahah,…. i’ll probably try again later because it lowkey is confusing. i have to many sims

so i definitely will,   sometime soon..

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22 and 1

thank you lovely!! ♡ ♡

1. What’s your favorite sims death?

I haven’t done any of the emotion deaths, so maybe those would be my favorite if I tried it?? dying from hysteria sounds pretty hilarious ha ha why is my humor so dry

22. Who’s your favorite CC creator?

Ahhh there’s too many, okay, I’ll try to list some: @lilsimsie, @sondescent, @bonehlda, @weepingsimmer, @enriques4, @crazycupcakefr, @citrontart and probably so many more!

where the questions are coming from // ask me more?

So the human @knowmadic-sims asked me to do this for some reasonnn :))

Name: Reign who tf names they kid that but ok mama

Nicknames: suny, reina, ray, region, rain etc etc..

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 5'3 or something like that

Orientation: Bisexual 

Ethnicity: Oreo American or as others call it African American but i’m a spoonful of caucasian too sooo

Favorite fruit: BANANAAAA

Favorite season: Summer hehe

Favorite book series: I haven’t read a book series in a minuteee

Favorite flower: Roses

Favorite scent: Vanilla ;)

Favorite color: white, grey, black ummm every other color in the rainbow 

Favorite animal: dogs, penguins, whales, lions and dolphins :P 

Average sleep hours: 5-6 hours 

Cat or dog person?: Bothhh

Favorite fictional characters: Black Mirror peeps, Stranger things children’s, Once Upon A Time peeps, Bobs Burgers characters, every character from Clueless..The list goes onnn

Number of blankets you sleep with: Only one

Dream trip: Paris, California, Greece, Italy, Germany, England..Everywhere else but New York this place wackkkk no i’m joking come on downn

Blog created: Too lazy to check oops

Number of followers: Probably like one person 😂😂

I shall tag @knowmadic-sims @sim-vibezz @simsonella and everyone else if you guys haven’t done it already ok ok peace out ✌🏽