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200 Subbies Gift

I received 200 subscribers on my Youtube channel today so I decided to create posters in honor of it. Thank you guys so much for your support over these six months that I have been doing videos. I love you guys!

Join KM GANG: Here

The Lovely Ladies Posters: Here

Mesh for them: Here 

The Lovely Kiddos Posters: Here 

Mesh for them: Here



  • Don’t re-upload on pay sites
  • Give credit when credit is due

comet’s apartment part 1 (apartment created by @jools-simming, decorated by moi) + my new editing style inspired by @sims3melancholic (thank you @gabreux for the reshade/psd!)


Lunvr’s Art Collection Vol.1

Hi!!! So I made some more paintings of some beautiful black women, I mean idk, I liked them so I put them in my game and decided to share them with my lovelies. Credits to the creator of the blank canvas, as well as to badassgenius (IG) for these great pieces. Download is under the cut! Tag me if you use em blah blah…whatever. Here ya go.

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I’m no artist, but since I’m currently unemployed (my choice!) I thought it would be fun to actually give drawing a go. I was following a random tutorial (with pencil and paper) and I realised the face I was drawing resembled Nervous Subject. Once I’d finished, I thought I’d head into Illustrator to see if I could digitise my drawing, following another tutorial. This is my WIP! All of these skills are so new to me but it’s been a fun couple of hours.


New Picture/Painting Set for your Sims Home.

Food Fashion Paintings - Artwork by Gretchen Roehrs. I love the idea very much to use a lot of different Food to create this Art Pictures. They are awesome and very unique I think. So I decited to make them for my Sims too.

- 24 Paintings

- Base Game comp.

- Mesh by MXIMS - get here

I hope you like them!



Lunvr’s Art Collection Vol. 2

Hi party peoples, I guess you could call this a followers gift since I made it to 700 this week, um it’s just some pop art from whoisandrejones, support him he makes great clothing as well as pieces like this, and well it’s really bright and cute, and I felt like I needed more like this in my game, so here ya go. Download unda the cut.

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