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Peach Puff Color Pack

A new color made for the Berry Pastel Rainbowcy, or just if you needed some peach in your life. The pack includes a new eyecolor, a photoshop action, and my skintones (since I couldn’t get the new color to work as it’s own package I added it to my skintone package. Just replace the old one if you already have them installed). As you can see, I’ve sorted the color to just show up at the end of packs since I don’t know where I would put it in the sequence as is. 

I included the action so that you can recolor hairs as you please. I will be doing a bunch of hairs tomorrow if you have any suggestions of what hairs you’d like in this color. ♥



here it is, my action i use for literally everything! it’s super simple but i LOVE it~ brings out colours real nice without overly changing too much!

photoshop is required since this is a photoshop action!

feel free to change/adapt anything about my action to turn into into your own! (oh and the ‘expose’ folder is just what i typically use on really dark screens) 



Writing Prompt Quotes

This is for everyone else to use. Tag me in your works, I would love to read them!

1. “When did I ever imply that I wanted you?”

2. “Let’s take a trip.”

3. “This place is for children.”

4. “Go home.”

5. “Stay away.”

6. “There’s nothing you could say to me that would ever make me stop.” 

7. “You’re scared.”

8. “I may be wrong, but…”

9. “I don’t bite.”

10. “Okay, darling.”

11. “Get me out of here.”

12. “You’ve been gone for so long.”

13. “Don’t fall asleep.”

14. “I adore you.”

15. “Do you love me?”

16. “You pop that gum one more time…”

17. “You’re such a fucking gemini.” (or any other horoscope sign you’d like)

18. “There’s a difference between being happy and being distracted.”

19. “You look just like… Nevermind.”

20. “I was angry and I took it out on you, which is totally unfair.”

21. “That was in the past.”

22. “Can you believe we did that?”

23. “I don’t like when you do that.”

24. “Get the hell out.”

25. “I never said that.”

26. “I don’t think we can do this anymore.”

27. “I told you not to say anything!”

28. “What’s wrong?”

29. “It meant nothing.”

30. “I miss this.”

31. “If I spend $4,250 on alcohol, it better kill me.”

32. “I want answers.”

33. “I don’t have anything to say.”

34. “If I gave you a chance, would you take it?”

35. “Look, look, look!”

36. “My sims get more action than I do.”

37. “You have to do it.”

38. “What are you laughing at?”

39. “Coraline is terrifying!”

40. “I heard you! Damn.”

41. “Do you think we were made for each other?”

42. “Can I text you?”

43. “Should I be worried?”

44. “Stop right there.”

45. “You’ve listened to it six times in a row.”

46. “Take a chance.”

47. “Disney or die!”

48. “Maybe you should move your hand.” 

49. “I only speak in iconic vine quotes.” 

50. “Forever and ever.”

51. “Your color is beautiful.”

52. “Your aura is irresistible.”

53. “Why are you staring at me like that?”

54. “You did that? While five months pregnant?”

55. “You’re only allowed to use the ‘F’ word three times a day.”

56. “We’re closer than we used to be.”

57. “I missed this.” 

58. “We have the house all to ourselves… I’ll get the board games!”

59. “I’m broke, but…”

60. “You’re so beautiful in the sun.”

Tutorial: How to mass edit screenshots with a PS Action

I got an ask recently asking how I edit my screenshots, and though sadly the action I use is no longer available to download, I thought I could still show you guys an easy way to edit large amounts of screenshots using a Photoshop Action.

Firstly make sure all the screenshots you want to edit are in a separate folder. I recommend doing a batch of about 20-30 at a time, otherwise Photoshop tends to lag out and crash.

Open Photoshop and go into File:Automate:Batch

Select the action you want to use and the folder containing the photos you wish to edit

Make sure the two boxes shown are ticked and then just select ‘Ok’.

Photoshop should then begin cycling through the photos and applying the action you’ve selected. Since the action I use is no longer available for download I can’t link you to it, but here are some actions that I recommend.

Of course it’s all up to personal preference with how you like your screenshots to look, these are just some of my faves to use.

I was going to take a little break to clear my head. My friends however are not allowing me to lol

Have some Evelyn, while I work on building a tattoo artist type lot for Ana.

Xiaomian’s screaming woke Yun up and he went to see what all that noise was about. He figured it out pretty fast and did the only think he could think of - wake mom and dad. Isobel slowly woke up and dragged her tired body into the girl’s room only to see nothing, nothing at all. She had barely gotten any sleep. She didn’t want to deal with that nonsense.. so she hid in the closet, besides.. Inno was on his way over anyway. Let him deal with it.