I found a picture of this adorable bungalow and re-created it for my new game. It’s a super cheap starter for one of my Sims.

I’m slightly bothered that there should be three windows on the right side, but the extra tile just ruins the overall proportions. 


<<Son>>, she hissed as she sat down on the couch besides him. <<You are a total mess>>.

Arjun sighed, dropping his play station controller to the ground. <<Well, yeah, my wife and daughter left me so, yeah, you know>>, he mumbled.

Aarti shrugged. <<Oh, come on. You say it as if it was a bad thing>>.

Arjun lifted an eyebrow, giving his mother a sideways look. <<It is a bad thing, mom. They are my family>>, he pointed out.

Aarti giggled, waving her hand in the air. <<I am your family, son. You didn’t even like that child of yours>>, she insisted.