sims 3 wood

As for Marissa, she actually fulfilled her wish of finding a roommate. However, not everything is going as great as she expected…

Marissa: I’m DONE! Another music label has turned me down today, thirty-eighth one already! They say I’m basic! I’m nowhere near basic, and I’m hurt because I have feelings too! Why is life so hard? Why can’t I just become a singer and record my own music? Why should I depend on these jerks who don’t see depth in me? Please tell me, am I really such an awful person?

???: Oh geez Marissa, I knew becoming your roommate would be a terrible idea. Stop whining and get your shit together!

Claude Livingston’s Maybe Babies #8: Marissa Wood (@blurrypxls)

Yeah, I remember that I owed some maybes from my completed BC! Claude and Marissa had a son, Ruben Livingston, and a daughter, Caitlin Wood.

TOU: Don’t claim them as your own or reupload, don’t change their face features. You can change anything else in their looks (hairstyle, makeup, clothes, your own defaults etc.) and use them for whatever you want (legacies, stories, challenges). Feel free to change their traits too. Tag me if you use them :)

Download: Ruben / Caitlin