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Yvi Shepard is exhausted. The stars of deep space have knelt before her and kissed the toes of her boots - army issue; is anything her own anymore? - but all she wants is the kind embrace of sleep, a reprieve. She wants to be done.
Theia Ryder is new, whole, and full of the promise of adventure - of dawning horizons and fresh starts for all who need them. Hope yet still blooms beneath the ark of her ribcage.


I know it’s one to another test pics etcetc, but it’s that I’m still working out things and it takes lots and LOTS of time due to going in and out of the game testing several times. butbutbut, I’m just too excited to not show anything xD Besides, it’s handy to know these details in case you see it and you’re like, WHAT THE ~~~. . when you have it in your own game, ha! (as my cc still has some surprises here and there hehe)

As you can see, despite the solid colors looking nice in CAS, patterns look like a nightmare. In game your patterns will be completely fine though. No probs on that! Yea, just a side not about this…

It’s because the uv’s quite tiny. I’m not kidding. The top is extremely long compared to the actual upperbody length, 


My attempt to fix it only became worse! Õ_Õ Well.. it looks terrible in cooler tones. With super light or vivid it seems to be less noticable. I like cooler tones tho so.. HMM..

That bump tho.. XD It’s the pregnancy set at progres 90/100 . Damn! It looks food and seems to work fine, so that’s at least working along fine.

Do you guys prefer to have these baked/shadow textures on the meshes or are you fine with the textures I’ve always been using so far which is just .. nothing? ;P

Oh sweet baby Jeebus HOW DID SHE GET HERE

DON’T YOU SASS ME, SIR.  :|  No flirting with that.

Oh.  Look at her.  All preeny for Artyom.  It could be shipped.  Artyom does well with the ummmmmm… mousier females (unless they’re Grumpy).

….. you are a troll though.  D:

Pregnancy Update: 35 weeks!|03.22.2017.

Hi there! What’s up? :)

It seems yes, I get to do a regular update! And every update I start saying this, haha.
In any case, I’m 35 weeks… this baby will be here pretty soon, literally in a month… MONTH. In a month I’ll hold this little bean on my hands, omg!
Well, let’s go to update:

How far along - 35 weeks + 1 day!
Stretch marks - Nope.
Sleep - Eh, the same… No any changes.
Food craving - Nothing.
Belly button in or out - In.
Symptoms - Backache omg.
What I’m looking forward to - To see our baby :)
Baby in veggie/fruit terms -  Honeydew melon!
Happy or moody most of the time - Happy :D
Gender - A baby boy.

Every day I’m more and more excited that my baby will be here soon. Moreover, this is my first son! My past ultrasound scan was… if I’m not mistaken, on March 9th.

Except of this, we’re doing fine. Nothing much happened.
Also, here the weather is very good at the moment. Therefore, children play outside most of the time, I hope to get some pictures of them soon!
Me and twins was reading a book today, they really love to listen when I or Jean read for them.
But when I got to the middle of the book,, Louise fell asleep, so it was more convenient to took her to bed (Louise likes to sleep much, to be honest. So it was not surprising hehe!).
And Alice and I stayed to read this book.

It was all for today!
Have a wonderful day/night,