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Okay, so as you can see, i’m using Adblock currently, and most of us cc hoarders use it for making the downloading process a bit more comfortable.

The problem with TSR though, is that they won’t allow you to download their stuff without ads (unless you pay for the VIP, and let’s be honest here, no-one wants to actually pay for that lmao)

I did some googling today to find a way to use Adblock with TSR, since i have the crappiest computer ever and the pages with items i want to download take forever to load because of all the ads. There were some ways of avoiding the ads, but not too many and not too good ones. So, i decided to find a way myself. And i did it :)

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anonymous asked:

would you mind posting your new computers specs? or the name of it and the graphics card? i want my game to look like that lol

Oh! I never bought a PC before so I read a lot of the posts at Leefish and also checked with @celebkiriedhel - we love Kiri!
This post at Leefish has my new computer’s specs. I’m embarrassed by how ignorant I am in it but what I learned was very useful and necessary, maybe it’ll help others too :B Good luck, anon-simmer-friend!

I should admit I don’t know what most of this really means but here are some recommendations if you’re buying a new computer and installing our fredashay game:

TS2 with Windows 10
- Radeon ATI card (NVidia cards are not recommended)
  the better it is ^ the more amazing the graphics will be
- 16GB RAM or more
  you’ll need to set up your game to use more than 2G to avoid lag
- New computers all seem to have “native six-core processing”
  Check that the base number is 2 or greater (mine is 3.5MHz)
- Install from discs, avoid the UC if possible
- Remove Securom and find a no-cd crack for your latest sp or m&g
- Edit the GraphicRules.sgr for your screen size
- Edit the GraphicRules.sgr for your video card (detailed how-to here)
- Get @simnopke’s shadow fix

future--girlfriend  asked:

Do you have a recommendation list for content? I was totally dependent on your taste back when I was into TS2, and now I'm just entering the whole new world of 3 without any clue of where to look for good stuff anymore.

aw thank you! :D and yeah i can do that. i’ve been meaning to start maintaining a resource/recommendation list so i am glad to know that is something that would be interesting to folks other than just me

it’ll take me a little bit to organize the bottomless pit of bookmarks i’ve amassed so in the interim here are some existing resource lists, some by folks i follow and some found via google. by no means a complete list cuz i’m lazy and keep getting distracted by decoden tutorials on youtube. if anyone has a resource list they wanna share, feel free to reply with a link!

and then some general download finds/update sites: (the MAIN sims 3 finds blog that knows all and sees all much like sauron)


Wubbalubbadubdub! I made a color palette inspired by the awesome show “Rick&Morty” and thought I’ll share it with you. Some colors are from @cartoon-colors and some I took from the stills myself. Names are of course inspired by the show. There are 30 swatches total. Feel free to use it however you want, and tag me if you do so I can see your lovely creations. I’m working on some recolors with this palette so stay tuned. Maybe I’ll add actions later. Enjoooy!

made a pastel palette (pastelette?) for myself in photoshop for fabric and plastic-type textures (clothes, bedding, floor tiles, stuff like that) and figured i would share!

i know a bunch of people have already made palettes like this in the past so advanced apologies if i’m just regurgitating shades that other people have already posted.


F E S T O O N colour palette

click for HQ, or you can copy the codes below 

the ‘maw’ palette is featured below the cut and are colours that I can’t see myself using that much but still felt the need for (I love having loads of colour options)


#6872b7 / #c2b3db / #b98a98 / #b98a98


#cc0000 / #ffd800 / #e0ec03 / #6f9501 / #29a5a0


#b2d9f2 / #f30084 / #094fa6 / #f3a200

#faacc1 / #fd6500 / #26c0b8 / #328900

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