sims 3 look


Katy thought the best way to celebrate making it to 40 weeks was to spend the night at The Pier with Max and Beau~

It’s off to the hospital for her after this


Back in Uni..

Flannel Buddies

The girls spent the day at the Brooklyn Heights Ice Rink with their younger siblings and cannot wait to warm up by the fire with their hot cocoa and hot coffees.

Lindy LIPSON || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair

Malia CARMICHAEL || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair

Bela MORENO || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair



So once again my creative juices went wild and now I have another dark skinned male sim…Someone take my game away from me.


Hayyyy I made the bby a Twitter so like if you have an account feel free to follow him if you wantttt <3333


a little campus tour ft. scout on her banana yellow scooter