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[FC] Only Mine Pose Pack

These poses are from the story “Only Mine” part 3 and part 4, by itsmegeuliz and me. Pose list compatible. Non-list compatible is included in the zip file. Female poses from poses number 6 and 7 are the same. 17 poses altogether. However, not all the poses in part 3 and 4 are included, because, err….some of them are still not perfect.. -,-’ They looks quite similar with each other..just a slight different in expression and such… xD and uh..sorry about the crappy editing..

Anyway, hope you guys like it! If anything, let me know <3

Note: If you are using height slider or any slider that makes your sims go taller, the result will be a little different from the original poses

TOU: Here



*tag me “fyachii” if you want when you use them and I will reblog your post with absolute pleasure. TY! >‿‿◕

Credits to all CC creators for these wonderful cc.


Sims Colors Challenge: Cream (with Kunnus)

I love minimalistic pics and got the idea to get fun with backdrop as Sims Colors Challenge. Every week (or maybe more often), i’ll try to make looks with Tayler paired with any sim. If u want to join me or just to take part one-time in this challenge, shoot ur couple dressed in any color scheme the same way and put the tag simscolors.