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Hiya lovelies!! Sorry for their being no pregnancy update this weekend but we were way too busy and our main concern was getting the house furnished and sorted out as well as doing some baby things. But for the most part, nothing has changed and I am 22 weeks, 3 days now! Instead of a bump picture I decided to share some pictures of the babies bedrooms. My favourite rooms in the house are probably the kids’ rooms and I figured you will see the rest of house through other posts but these I wanted to share. 

Baby girls nursery is very pink and white and just sweet. Sid’s is very blue and his crib turns into a bed but I do want to get him a legit toddler bed but this will do until I can find one that I like or that fits his bedroom theme. 


Have a lovely sunday and thank you for reading!!


Riley ♡


Home Sweet Home

Lot size: 20x15

Status: Furnished

I realized too late that I’ve been here already for one year! And I thought on doing something special ^_^ I really had fun doing this lot, but it was also weird because is not my style at all. Anyway, I hope you guys like it and to be cruel enough to put your sim to live in a nasty place like this.


EPs required*: Late Night, Pets, Supernatural and Seasons.

*I used just 1 object of each, so it doesn’t really matter If you don’t have the ep.

CC included in package files.

NOT included:

Smoking Clutter
CD and cassette clutter
The cement garden

As always thanks to:


You can do whatever you want with it.

DOWNLOAD (.package* + CC)

*Place in Library folder


Sensible Starters | Part One

These lots are all starters—as in, less than $16,500 furnished. I prefer my starters to be big on space and short on furnishings, so I don’t have to move my Sims as soon as their household starts growing. So these are all very sparsely furnished, with everything you need to keep your Sims motives up and nothing more.

May use items from any/all EPs. All lots use the following custom content; the roof specific to each lot is listed separately under the details (no CC included in the download):

The Everill

The Sherman

The Mayes

  • 20x20 lot
  • 2 bd/1 ba
  • $16,316 | $15,026

  • Blue roof 4 by tammy_trauma

The Fairchild



Sunset Beach House

  • 35x25 lot
  • $79,132
  • 3 bd/2 ba

This lot was built on Shimmering Sands in Isla Paradiso. May use items from World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life and Island Paradise.

Custom content used/pictured:



The Hollins

  • 30x50 lot
  • $88,396 | $58,482
  • 2 bd/2 ba

Built at 401 Vista Court in Brightpoint, this home will look best on a similar lot with a downward slope towards the water. May use items from any/all EPs. 

Custom content used:



Elmsgate cottage

Unfurnished three bedroom house, with two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room and a conservatory. 


  • Ambitions, pets and supernatural
  • Generations for stairs only
  • 1.63 patch or up
  • Pink flowers are from some store world, but I’m not sure which one.. But the house looks fine without them ;)

CC used (.sims3package - should be included in sims3pack file) 

CC used (.package - need to download if you want them to show up)

  • Baufive - Grant park set pt1 | half screen window | screen door too 1x1 | exterior door 3 1x1 | Grant part set pt2 | interior door (solid knob) | pocket door archway | Column with shelf | Faux 3x arch
  • Lunasims - column
  • HOW TO GET LUNA’S STUFF: Go here. Click download link at compilations. Download luna5. Extract victoriano de luna-pets. The file you’ll need is luna_columna victorian2. You can delete the rest

25x25 lot, sims3pack or .package

If there’s anything causing problems or if something seems to be missing, let me know :) Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD - sims3pack | package

If you download the .package file version make sure to get all the cc

!Do not re-upload or claim as your own! also, if you download it and post pictures of it here on simblr, please do tag the posts with ‘simsplification’ or the house name, I’d love to see c:


Well, when I reinstalled my game I kind of lost all of my houses because smart Mateja forgot to back up her stuff… And since Island Paradise somehow started to piss me off and won’t work, I have to play without Isla Paradiso </3. Until I figure out how to fix the damn thing, my sims are going to live in Sunset Valley (Oh lawd it’s been forever since I played there). I built a house there. It’s not fully furnished, but since I liked the furniture in my old house, I decided to re-use it. Yay for new houses! Boo for TS3 Not working correctly. 


Pink Houseboat

  • 15x10 barge
  • $33,682
  • 2 bd/2 ba

This lot may use items from World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life and Island Paradise. See interior pictures here.

Custom content used:


SBS Roommate House on the Sims 3

Hey guys! I have created the house on Roommate! It was a huge project but I finished it in a week! A new record! :D

This house is a decent replica of the home used by the cast of the 11 members. I added my own little twist with decorating, wall adjustments, and color schemes.

This house is available on the Sims 3 Exchange!

>EDIT< The link has been fixed (10/27/ 14)

If the link doesn’t work, send me a message and i will personally give you the link. Or you can navigate to it from my studio :) 

Download it for free!

The pictures are:

1.) Front of the house

2.) Front of the house (corner)

3.) Back of the house (corner)

4.) Back of the house

5.) First Floor.

6.) Second Floor

I used kdramasaremazicmazicmazic floor plans that they drew to give me a place to start. Thank you so much!

Their floor plans:

Thanks again! <3