sims 3 edit pictures

Augustus did a cursory scan of their surroundings and then, upon seeing everyone around them otherwise engaged, pulled Patrick forward and greeted him with a kiss….


Did a little bit of editing to Tyresias’ house. Since I pretty much decided that neither Tyler nor Regan are big fans of horror movies, those Nightmare on Elm Street and The Thing posters had to go from their room. I also replaced the old EA paintings with custom artworks to go with the “Regan paints stuff” theme, added a helluvalot of plants (aka, Tyler’s main ingredients for his potions, did I ever mention that he’s got a green thumb? :D) and a bunch of random clutter here and there, because I felt like their house wasn’t witchy enough U____U 

…Oh, and yep, I guess you can tell that the twins have a sliiiight obsession with the moon and its phases ‘_’ 


Editing my last picture! ^^