sims 3 dining

Happy Easter Gift - Medieval Tapestry Tables & Chairs

Because all rich Medieval Sims should get to eat in style this Eoster Festival!

3 designs I’ve used from my Painting Overhaul mod images.

Mix ‘n’ match or just use them as separates.

Images are originally taken from Archaic Medieval pictures I found on Google.

Cloned from the World Adventures Egyptian Chair and French Table using TSRW, and Gimp.

Download Via SimFileShare

Tables Sims 3 Pack

Tables Package

Chairs Sims 3 Pack

Chairs Package

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Rosa Dining Room by QoAct (The Sims 3)

Set Content:
- Rosa Dining Chair
- Rosa Dining Table
- Rosa Console Table
- Rosa Circle Mirrors
- Rosa Decor Sphere
- Rosa Plump Vase
- Rosa Geometric Decor
- Rosa Decorative Plant
- Rosa Rug
- Rosa Ceiling Lamp Crystal Cut Aligned
- Rosa Ceiling Lamp Crystal Cut Protrusion
- Rosa Ceiling Lamp Crystal Cut Hemisphere


Mabel Dining Room by ArtVitalex (The Sims 3)

All objects are recolorable
- Mabel Asymmetric Double Mirrors
- Mabel Console Table
- Mabel Showcase
- Mabel Dining Table
- Mabel Dining Chair
- Mabel Stool
- Mabel Wavy Giant Painting
- Mabel Vase Dual Curve
- Mabel Vase Sole Curve
- Mabel Rug
- Mabel Ceiling Lamp Small Drop
- Mabel Ceiling Lamp Middle Drop


Lily Dining by Lulu265 (The Sims 3)

A contemporary dining set in wood . Included are 3 wood options , but the set is fully CAStable . The set consists of table , padded chairs and sideboard, also included are wall art, a plant, and table decor and curtains