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me, hunched over My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2™ Ultimate Collection/Downloads for three straight hours, renaming and organizing files while the sun disappears over the horizon and my eyes turn bloodshot: i love playing the sims


Festival Apartments - 2, 2 Bedroom, and 2, 1 Bedroom Apartments with Arts and Crafts Festival in back! Unfurnished except for kitchen and bathroom.

I use Sims 2 Ultimate Collection (includes all Expansions and Stuff Packs)

Zoned as house so you can change to your liking before zoning as apartment.  It’s been tested as an apartment building and everything seems to be working fine.

DOWNLOAD - LOT ONLY file/DOWNLOADS file (install Downloads file first)

*NOTE* - I put the wrong link (Edit post) up instead of the Download one…FIXED NOW and thank you to those who let me know!!


Singles Only Apts. - 4, 1 bedroom apartments (all unfurnished except for kitchen and bathroom.

Bar, Exercise Room, Pool Table/Refreshments, Hot Tub, and a little Park; designed especially for young singles to socialize and maybe find romance!!

I use Sims 2 Ultimate Collection (includes all Expansions and Stuff Packs)

Zoned as house so you can change to your liking before zoning as apartment.   It’s been tested as an apartment building and everything seems to be working fine.

DOWNLOAD - LOT ONLY file/Downloads file (install Downloads file first)

simsterlyrock  asked:

So to get rid of Securom, did you literally just update in Origin? I'm getting tired of the build and buy lag and didn't realize that Securom was what caused that!

Hello friend! Okay the short answer is, yes just update the game in origin. The long answer is, I backed up my entire Sims 2 Ultimate Collection (because I wanted to keep my graphics settings, lighting mods and empty neighbourhood templates). Then I updated the game. After that, I went to the SP9 folder to get the new executable file (it should be dated 2017) and use CFF explorer to increase the ram (I’m on mobile so I can’t link to tutorials but I’m pretty sure googling will help). Then I basically just deleted the new folders except the new executable file. Finally I copied my back up over and replaced the old executable file with the new one. Hahaha sorry for the long winded answer ^^ I hope that helps!

Running the Sims 2 on Windows 7 & 8

Okay, so it’s come to my attention that a number of my followers are interested in downloading the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. And that’s great! I’m a big fan of the Sims and had nearly every expansion pack for the Sims 2 back in the day.

But, here’s the catch:

The Sims 2 never officially supported Windows 7 or 8!

And that’s caused a number of technical issues for people new to the Sims 2 (and The Sims: Life Stories).

But, having provided Sims related tech support for my younger sister and at least one follower, I have some advice to help you get your game running smoothly.

The most common problem I have heard of so far is that the game hangs up on the loading screen and you can’t get past it. The best way to fix this is to run the Sims in Compatibility Mode.

Here’s a quick guide on how to do this (with pictures):

  • First, right click the desktop shortcut that you use to launch the Sims (just pretend I’m using the Sims icon) and click “Properties” at the bottom of the menu

  • That should open the following window, from which you should choose the “Compatibility” tab (highlighted by the big red arrow)

  • Once you click the “Compatibility” tab, you should see the following

  • Check the box highlighted by the red arrow where it says, “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”, and select Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Then click “OK” down at the bottom and try playing the Sims
  • If it still doesn’t work, then repeat these steps, but also put a check in the box where it says, “Run this program as an administrator”, then restart your computer. These should solve most problems with getting the Sims 2 to run on Windows 7 or 8.
  • If you use a Linux based OS, you’ll need the Wine compatibility layer also set to run as Windows XP and make sure your drivers are updated.
  • If you use Mac OS X, I can’t help you there, sorry.


Brick and Concrete Apartments - 3 apartments (1 furnished, other 2 need to be finished if you want to use them)

This was just a quick build to test (I wanted to see what could be done with the Slat Wall Deco I meshed), but it turned into a whole apartment building…I liked it so I’m sharing!! It’s been tested as an apartment building and everything seems to be working fine.

NOTE: the Slat Wall Deco was cloned from a painting so sims will walk through it to use the bed!

Everything is EA except for the Slat Wall Deco!

I use Sims 2 Ultimate Collection (includes all Expansions and Stuff Packs)

Zoned as house so you can change to your liking before zoning as apartment.


anonymous asked:

you're probably the friendliest yandere sim blog that i've come accross yet, but i hope you don't mind me asking something somewhat stupid. what sims traits do you think the characters would have? rivals, yan-chan, senpai, leaders, whoever you like most, really. i plan on creating a lot of the characters in sims 3 for fun and i need a little bit of a helping hand, if you don't mind, of course.

I love the Sims. I love it. It was my very first fandom. I have the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, and Sims 3 (plus the Late Night, Generations, and Seasons expansion packs). Gonna try to keep to traits that are included in the base game alone!

Here’s what I got for the traits:


Hopeless Romantic




Insane (I guess.. never liked that this trait was designated ‘insane’. ‘Eccentric’ is more like it.)



Family Orientated

Loner or Shy




Hot-Headed or Grumpy

Hopeless Romantic

Hates the Outdoors or Coward (she strikes me as someone that doesn’t take risks)




Natural Cook

Friendly or Good


Easily Impressed

Family Orientated





Charismatic (or Diva or Natural Born Performer if you have Showtime, Dramatic if you have Ambitions)





Insane or Neurotic (or shy if you have Late Night, eccentric if you have Ambitions)


Loser? If you have Supernatural installed, then you can give her the ‘Supernatural Fan’ trait




Loves the Outdoors




Grumpy or Hot-headed

Hopeless Romantic


Kleptomaniac (she is a delinquent)







Good Sense of Humor



No Sense of Humor

Neat or Perfectionist




After I accidentally updated the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection while trying to update Sims 4, my Sims 2 game was unplayable! I got most of it fixed but I was still having crashing problems. Actually I was having some problems before the “accidental” update but not as bad. Anyway, I’ve decided to re-do my whole Challenge City hood. It’s going to take some time but I think it’s worth it!

This time I’m only putting in stuff that I actually used in this hood. I’m packaging the lots and and doing a clean install on each, one at a time, in a clean test game…therefore eliminating a lot of recolors and other stuff I don’t need.

REASON: I promised myself I was going to get to at least a 3rd generation with Israel and Lydia (something I’ve never done). Plus, I really enjoy playing out their story line!

Anyway, since I’m packaging lots, I thought I would share them here also. Besides, if I lose them I can download them again myself!! :)

This is the first one: Challenge Center Park (also the first lot I put in this hood). There’s a little something for everyone to do here!

Hope some of you find it useful. I’ll try to get 1 or 2 up each day…as time allows.

DOWNLOAD - Sim File Share

so, i’ve passed my 1000 follower mark!!!! i honestly can’t believe it - i started this simblr a couple of years ago and was absolutely thrilled when i got my first 100. now there’s a thousand of you! apologies for my rubbish content and congratulations for staying around this long.

as a thank you, i’m uploading my absolutely ginormous beach house for you to enjoy! there’s a couple of disclaimers i want you to read before we get to the good stuff:

  1. this lot was made for my custom neighbourhood, and therefore not originally intended for sharing. it’s a beach lot and therefore might be difficult to place in other neighbourhoods. sorry about that!
  2. it’s a big file, with cc included - including harvestable trees! therefore, please use clean installer, for the love of the lord.
  3. as for compatibility, i have sims 2 ultimate collection. 

if all the above is cool with you.. then please, go nuts!! and once again, thank you. you are all the best. ❤


my thanks to all creators whose cc i’ve used.


N99 August 2016 Giveaway (Monday)  - 3 Recolors of  my Coffee Time mesh (mesh included)  NOTE - if you by chance have this mesh in your game already (can’t remember if I shared it or not), please replace it with this one because I remapped it for better recoloring and it has the same GUID as the original.

Coffee Time Coffee Shop (lot) - a 1x2 lot that includes most of the wall deco and some Sims4 - Sims2 Dine Out conversions I have done.

Sims 4 - Sims 2 conversions - 2 Coffee Pots Shelves

8 Recolors of Veranka’s (S3tS2) Bakery Build Window Poster2  (wall stickers)


*NOTE* Files are not compressed…I don’t usually compress my files because there are a few who still have aversions to them! I use Sims 2 Ultimate Collection so consider that when downloading lots (those who don’t have all expansions and M&G may have a problem with the lot). Please use Clean Installer to check the files

The info that just came out about Babies made me angry.

That info Combined with:

-Teens the same height as adults (Avatars in Social MMOs are sometimes all the same height)

External image

-Their bland, limited World Map

External image

-Preset Clothing

External image

-No Color Wheel

-NO Cast

-No Cars


External image

-Emphasis On “Partying”

External image


-Down-sized Sims and Movable Rooms (everything makes the game appear as if its about dolls and dollhouses)

External image

-the fact that a HUGE PARK is the main hub (In a lot Social MMO’s there’s always a MAIN place to go)

 ENSURES The fact that “The Sims 4” should’ve Been marketed as “The Sims Online”. It seems like its just meant to appeal to the teen/young adult audience. Every feature we’ve seen taken out or put in from above is consistent with a Browser/ Social online MMO. CALLING IT WHAT IT IS would pardon every MISTAKE EA/Maxis has made because This would look like a Spin-off MMO instead of an actual installment in the series. IT HAS NO PLACE IN THE SIMS STORYLINE OR HISTORY, So WHY SELL IT AS “THE SIMS 4”? Hell, they could’ve JUST called it  "THE SIMS (2014)“

An actual sims installment should include what we have now and what we don’t. So, they’re basically selling us some Unity-3D-Internet-Browser-based-Looking Social/Chat MMO game without the Online Elements. They could’ve sold it as such and nobody would’ve been mad because they would’ve thought it was cute. miniature filler game

External image

And not the REAL thing

External image

while a team would be working on an actual NEXT-GEN SIMS actually buy more time to create it.

It makes no sense Why EA or Maxis is so AFRAID of messing up online servers. they’re a million dollar company and they deserve (and the game deserves) programmers that can do the job right. You have the money, SO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR AND PAY SOMEBODY TO DO A GOOD JOB. So what if SimCity did badly. you’re supposed to handle problems differently, at different angles rather than avoid them. altogether. 

if they thought about this and thought about how CAST is only laggy because its at the base of the game and NOT IN AN EXTERNAL PROGRAM OUTSIDE OF THE GAME, then maybe we’d have it, among other things.

So, basically, all the hate would be resolved if they just kept the game named as what it was originally and intended for it to be that way. Because if it would flop then they would have to put forth the effort to make an ACTUAL COMPLETE/FINISHED GAME. In its success, if it doesnt turn out to be a strong enough foundation we’ll have 5 OR MORE years to sit through waiting for them to actually get a Sims game right.

I’m complaining, and I’ve actually bought the game myself (for $30; a physical copy from Amazon). But reading the THING ABOUT BABIES PISSED ME OFF AND REMINDED ME OF EVERYTHING ELSE THATS WRONG.

So, The Sims 2 Ultimate collection is free right now, so if you want it, download it while you can.

Anyways, I made up one of my favorite couples (based on designs by videntefernandez) and…well, here’s some of what’s happened so far.

Lauren, apparently down on her luck, plots how to reclaim Strexcorp while Daniel washes his dishes in the bathroom sink.

Lauren debates whether to paint the mainbox yellow or orange, while Daniel is chased by a swarm of bugs.

Daniel demonstrates he has no concept of human personal boundaries.

After making himself a sandwich, it occurs to Daniel that he doesn’t eat food.  He reflects on his existence.


Here’s the lot for download if anyone’s interested!

2x3 lot with 2 - 3bedroom apartments (the download is not zoned as apartment so you can make changes if you want) and a little park across the street for outdoor activities! Only 1 apartment is furnished and there’s a minimum amount of cc included.

Hope you like it!! DOWNLOAD - SFS (3.3mb)

Forgot to add - I use Sims 2 Ultimate Collection