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N99 August 2016 Giveaway (Monday)  - 3 Recolors of  my Coffee Time mesh (mesh included)  NOTE - if you by chance have this mesh in your game already (can’t remember if I shared it or not), please replace it with this one because I remapped it for better recoloring and it has the same GUID as the original.

Coffee Time Coffee Shop (lot) - a 1x2 lot that includes most of the wall deco and some Sims4 - Sims2 Dine Out conversions I have done.

Sims 4 - Sims 2 conversions - 2 Coffee Pots Shelves

8 Recolors of Veranka’s (S3tS2) Bakery Build Window Poster2  (wall stickers)


*NOTE* Files are not compressed…I don’t usually compress my files because there are a few who still have aversions to them! I use Sims 2 Ultimate Collection so consider that when downloading lots (those who don’t have all expansions and M&G may have a problem with the lot). Please use Clean Installer to check the files

so, i’ve passed my 1000 follower mark!!!! i honestly can’t believe it - i started this simblr a couple of years ago and was absolutely thrilled when i got my first 100. now there’s a thousand of you! apologies for my rubbish content and congratulations for staying around this long.

as a thank you, i’m uploading my absolutely ginormous beach house for you to enjoy! there’s a couple of disclaimers i want you to read before we get to the good stuff:

  1. this lot was made for my custom neighbourhood, and therefore not originally intended for sharing. it’s a beach lot and therefore might be difficult to place in other neighbourhoods. sorry about that!
  2. it’s a big file, with cc included - including harvestable trees! therefore, please use clean installer, for the love of the lord.
  3. as for compatibility, i have sims 2 ultimate collection. 

if all the above is cool with you.. then please, go nuts!! and once again, thank you. you are all the best. ❤


my thanks to all creators whose cc i’ve used.

hey so nice tip / thing to know is that 

if you happened to miss the sims 2 ultimate collection giveaway that origin did a few summers ago, and you own physical copies of the sims 2 games, if you can prove that you own them (take a webcam picture) and contact origin and ask for the sims 2 ultimate collection, they will give you a copy on origin 

i had sims 2: holiday edition, nightlife, seasons, pets, open for business, university, and some stuff-packs, but not all of them, but they gave me those + the games i didnt have on origin 

though it says the promotion is over if you already have some of the games then you can just ask for it


Year In Review - Summer 2014

  • July: July marked the making of more sims, the beginning of my first ever berry sweet home (and my favorite lot that I have ever built) and a short dabbling in making sims in sims 4 create-a-sim demo.
  • August: August brought about the creation of a couple that I hold dear to my heart with their story, but that has yet to make an appearance on tumblr; Erika and Thomas.  The month brought about the completion of the house I started in July and a month of sims 2 with the introduction of sims 2 ultimate edition.  I have yet to touch it as of yet, but I plan to return the game to complete one more house soon to begin my round robin challenge.
  • September: With September, school began and posts fell to a low again with my four AP Classes.  Oakwood found its way to my game and the creation of community lots began in preparation for my story for the Barbs.