I am very happily occupied with creative projects for Sims 2 and Sims 3 at the moment but a bit frustrated at how much more slowly I have to work due to need for frequent breaks to let back recover. Plus, it is end of pool season so making the most of that..have friends coming over to swim, drink, feast, laze about and collect goodies I bought back for them from Hong Kong. Barely time to sleep..and i don’t WANNA sleep…having too much fun. :)

So,  since new stuff may be slower coming in next few days..have some old pix of

1 and 2: Candyfornia before I got KPST and when I was trying out various lighting mods in that world..I’ve since gone back to the custom lighting the world already has.

3: an old shot of the Sedona house Xerpin and Jared lived in for exactly ONE day before it hatched a bug that for some  reason, compelled me to abandon this house and build them their final one, on the high plateau.

Also an excuse to use the “harry” filter in Pixlr and a ripped paper pic frame.

Progress reports: For Sims 3 and Sims 3 projects ongoing…

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