Rich suddenly crawled off the bed, clutching his chest, barely able to stand. His eyes opened wide when he realized what happened and he looked to his wife pleadingly.


“You know what your problem is, darling” she scoffed. “You underestimate people. You’re the big boss man out there in the world, but here, in this house, in MY house, you are not the boss. I am! I am the boss! How dare you be so presumptuous. How dare you try and tell me when I can or can’t see my son. My son!”

“What…you…to me?”

“I gave you a very powerful love potion. It’s just a glorified marital aid, really, but a strong one. Really gets the blood pumping, doesn’t it? It’s illegal, because the dosing is tricky and it can be lethal, but you aren’t the only one with connections. I gave you enough that your rotten, shriveled up heart should pump out of your ugly, malicious chest any moment now. In other words, darling, you’re having a woohoo induced heart attack.”


“I don’t need you anymore you worm! You provided me what I wanted. The money, the respect, the lifestyle such things bring. My son. My baby. I was more than happy to go along with whatever you wanted as long as I got mine. However, now, I have all those things, so why do I need you anymore?”

Rich fell with a thud on the floor. Lana walked right past him.

“Good bye, Rich.”


The Traveling Cart - Interior

At both entrances a glowing plumbob etched in chalk wards off impish spirits causing mischief. Although Calista does not possess magical powers she does use… unusual… methods to enhance her psychic abilities. Using her knowledge of divination Calista can see into the futures of her customers. Most sims only want to find their special somesim, but others are looking for answers to deeper questions…

The Sleuths Deliberate, part I

“What have you found out?” John asked of Sharon.

“Forensics are finished with the living room and about half of the rest downstairs. They have taken the body to the coroner’s office, and I pushed for a quick autopsy, we should have the findings in a few hours.”

“Any preliminary suspicions?”

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I haven’t done any of the front landscaping yet, but I’ve gotten the architectural part of it done, at least. On the other hand, I’ve pretty much got the backyard done. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going for at first, but then I remembered the yard jodeliejodelie did in this one Downtown makeover that I absolutely adored, and I used it as inspiration.

I put in some fake garden plants just for the pictures right now, but that’s Coral’s little garden there.

Something else I ended up doing was I turned this into a corner lot. There was a huge chunk of space that I wasn’t using at all on the right side of the lot, and it felt silly to just have it largely empty there or to just randomly fill it up with extra landscaping (especially when I can use that space on another lot later on, if needed). There are other lots I’ll probably do that with, too, if only because a lot of the basegame lots have a ton of excess, unnecessary open land to go with relatively modestly sized homes.