I’Lumar Abyssi bought some new art to put near his grumpy brother’s room and various other places in the Abyssi Mansion.

“Stygnar needs to think happy, peaceful thoughts. “

Thanks to @scarlet-simblr  for reblogging a post by @kaylynn-langerak  and thanks to  @nornities for alerting me to it.  

Yes, perfect for the Abyssi Mansion.

Lets see what Stygnar thinks of the new art in the household later. Will it improve his perpetually dour mood?

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I have that kid that have a gorgeous androgynous face. My point is, I realize that I lack androgynous/trangender teen “male” clothes. So this is a “help me” post : do you know some Maxis Match (or not, I can retexture/recolor them) androgynous and/or transgender clothes for a teen male bodyshape (no sexyfeet/smoothhands please) ? Thank you !

As we’re about to begin another round in Rotham, I thought I’d do a big picture with all of my generation 3 elders! This bunch has been amazing, with awesome careers, perfect kids and lots of fun. I love them all and I’m going to miss them as they complete their lives in the next few rounds.

Back Row L-R: Cole Oxbury, Allison Oxbury (Hedgeway), Loren Stern, Troy Stern, Noelle Stern (Norman)

Middle Row L-R: Daphne Norman (Oxbury), Oscar Norman, Celine Indio (Oxbury), Zelda Pope, Sinead Norman

Bottom Row L-R: Nuria Carr (Oxbury), Ross Carr, Wallace Indio, Keegan Carr

and Mrs. Roxy Carr (Lanza) in the front!