Anthropologie Rug Collection 1

These are 3x4 rugs, inspired by the store Anthropologie.

No mesh needed, just a recolor of a base game rug.

This is my first ever attempt at creating custom content, so please let me know if something does not look right or if you have trouble downloading.

Please do not claim as your own. If you decide to use these in your game, tag me in some screenshots. I would love to see them in your homes.

Download from Dropbox: Here.

I find every stuff pack is one I don’t really want.. but I end up getting it because one ONE major item.

Luxury Party - Chocolate/Fondue Fountian

Perfect Patio- Hot Tubs

Cool Kitchen -  Ice Cream Maker

Spooky Stuff - Was all around dope, and I love Halloween so everything was a yes.

Movie Hangout- The Movie Screen

Romantic Garden - The Wishing Well

I’m so weak.


“Penny, who the fuck was that?”
“His name Miley… he’s my friend.”
“Friend? I’m not stupid! You was about to kiss him!”
“So what? I can kiss whoever I want… or you have a problem with that?”
“No, I don’t care…but I thought you’re straight… I was surprised to see you with a guy.”
“I like try new things.. haha…”
“But… but… you can’t kiss guys.”
“What? Hahaha… Why?”
“Because you’re jealous.”
“NO! I’m not jealous… don’t fucking touch me!!”
“If you want a kiss too, you should just ask it…”


Model- Tracy Williams

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DOWNLOADS(msg me if you have any questions!)

hair- here by @missparaply

lipstick- here by @alainavesna

nails- here by LeahLilith

sweater- here by @sims4-marigold

jeans- here by @cleotopia

shoes- here by @madlensims