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The Tide

Drew Dirksen imagine 

Levi Jones Imagine

Austin Corini #1

Teen Wolf

Cody Saintgnue imagine

Dylan Sprayberry imagine

Liam Dunbar imagine

Liam Dunbar #2

Isaac Lahey imagine

Stiles Stilinski imagine

Tyler Posey imagine

Theo Reaken imagine 

Prefersnces #1

Scott McCall/Liam Dunbar imagine

Liam Dunbar imagine #2

The Vamps

Conor Ball imagine

The Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore

Jeremy Gilbert imagine

Shawn Mendes 

Shawn Mendes imagine

Shawn Mendes imagine #2

Shawn Mendes imagine #1


Conor/Jack Maynard imagine

Jack Maynard imagine

Joe Sugg imagine

Joe Sugg imagine #2

Joe Sugg imagine #3

Dating Joe Sugg Would Include

Skate Maloley imagine

Skate Maloley imagine #2

Derek Luh imagine

Jack And Jack

Jack Johnson imagine


Cameron Dallas imagine

Nash Grier imagine

Kian & Jc

Kian Lawley #1

Kian Lawley #2 (ft JC) 

JC Caylen #1 

5 Seconds Of Summer

Ashton Irwin Imagine

Michael Clifford imagine

Luke Hemmings Text Message Edit

Luke Hemmings imagine

Calum Hood imagine


Cole Sprouse imagine (part one)

Cole Sprouse imagine #2 

Dating Cole Sprouse Would Include 

Thomas Brodie Sangster imagine

Martin Garrix Imagine

Once Upon A Time

Peter Pan imagine

Henry Mills imagine

The Maze Runner

Newt #1

Newt #2


Dean/Sam x Sister!Reader 

Dean/Sam xSister!Reader #2

Dean/Sam xSister!Reader #3


A Letter from your fave

I admire you

Perks of dating Levi

  • cuddles
  • long hugs
  • sneaky photos of him
  • wearing his flannels
  • him teaching you how to play the bass
  • singing you to sleep
  • singing ed sheeran songs
  • forehead kisses
  • his hand around your waist when you go out
  • serious PDA

Imagine: Brad is on tour missing you like crazy, so whenever they’re driving he often sits by himself, looking out the window, thinking about you


thetidenate@bradleywillsimpson playing The Rugrats theme song