simpsons screenshots

How I would look in those different universes, I’m so disappointed on the Eldarya one, probably will redo it correctly someday

I hate when people use that simpsons screenshot that’s like “DO IT FOR HER” with photos all over it and put photos of a male character and change it to be “DO IT FOR HIM” because the whole reason there’s photos all over it is to change the sign from “DON’T FORGET YOU’RE HERE FOREVER” so when you change it for a male character all I can think is how the sign under the photo says “DON’T FORGET YOU’RE HIME FOREVER”


“Another Companion to Books from The Simpsons in Alphabetical Order” (2013) by Olivier Lebrun

Over the last couple of years, French graphic designer Olivier Lebrun has been collecting screenshots of Simpsons episodes that (in one way or other) display books. This compilation assembles his 174 favorites. Not included are Simpsons magazines, newspapers and other printed matter, which possibly could serve as material for a follow-up to this project.

Rollo N°34
352 Pages
Offset Print
11.5 × 16.5 cm
ISBN 978-3-906213-00-2