simpsons reference

Hera: Are you seriously expecting me to put up with one of your bastards living up here, Zeus? Because what the actual fuck. 

Zeus: Oh honey, please, please, there will be a solution for Heracles living up here, babe, just let me think of one… I’ve got it! Give birth to him!

Hera: …

Hera: …

Hera: …

Hera: [pulls Heracles out from between her legs]

Heracles: Wah, wah, wah. Ain’t I cute? [pointing at Zeus] You owe me a dirt bike wife

Hera: I can’t believe I agreed to this.

All the adventure time references and cameos i know

Inside Cartoon Network:


On the episode ‘’Where the wild Chads are?’’ It seems like Chad is watching something interesting

On ‘’Benson’s sleepover’’, a small Jake plush appears on the shelf

Black hat Finn poster on a wall on the Clarence episode ‘’Attack the block party’’ (thank you @mewberty for telling me :D)

-We bare bears:

On ‘’My clique’’,guess what is Chloe Park watching on TV

-Uncle grandpa:

On the Steven universe and UG crossover episode appears a Finn mention just above Steven’s name on UG’s list.

Out of Cartoon Network:

‘’Adventure time’’ mention on a pannel of the Bravest warriors comic issue 22

A small Jake plush(i want to think so) is falling on the Bravest warriors Holo John special (2015)

A kid is cosplaying Finn on the South park episode ‘’A nightmare of facetime’’

Finn and Jake appear fettered on the Futurama episode ‘’Leela and the genestalk’’

The simpsons parodied Adventure time on the new episode couch gag ‘’Monty Burns’’ 

But actually they had parodied it before on the Halloween special ‘’the treehouse of horrors 2014′’

And finally, the most controversial.This is my interpretation so it is very possible that i am wrong.

On the Cleveland Show episode ‘’hot cocoa bang bang’’ the family visits the San Diego comic con.On one scene we can see a character that reminds me a lot of Adam Muto wearing a Jake the dog T-shirt. 

That was all,friends. If someone has more references, please add them to the pile.Thank you! <3

The first draft of The Matchmaker letter

Hater: Peepers! Come here and help me write a love letter to Dominator.

Peepers: Fine. … “Darling one, read my words and hear my heart speak of a love soft and undying. A love that will be with you always.” Sincerely yada yada yada.

Hater: That’s amazing. How did you think of that so fast?

Peepers: I sent it to you on your birthday!

who wants some unsolicited crying headcanons? here they are! it is pretty much canon that yuuri is an ugly crier. he gets all blotchy and snotty and viktor is torn between the fact that there is literally no way yuuri could ever be ugly in his eyes (there’s something very cute about the way his nose scrunches up when he cries) and “oh no, yuuri is crying, how can i fix this?” viktor, on the other hand, is the prettiest crier since lana del rey. he has tears made of murano glass beads that fall down cheeks so smooth they’ve never so much as heard of acne, and he looks like a vermeer painting. yuuri loves it when viktor cries. he has no shame.

(also, when yuuri cries, it’s usually because he’s having a panic attack; when viktor cries, it’s over things like his favourite fictional character having a bad day, makkachin wearing a cute bow, or seeing yuuri on the morning of their wedding day. much more pleasant.)