simpsonizer things

drinks from the simpsons rated

bart’s hot cocoa marshmallow

is it still technically a drink? who cares! grampa wanted a slice and i do too 10/10


i’m still waiting for some artisanal craft beer company to crowdfund the actualisation of skittlebrau 9/10


brittle bones are a small price to pay for all that vitamin r 7/10

the all-syrup super squishee

this drink comes with consequences. are you prepared for what that might mean? 5/10

shelbyville turnip juice

turnip juice is a real thing apparently? who looked at a turnip and wanted to drink it? 3/10

homer’s morning glass of syrup

my teeth are crying 0/10

marge’s homemade pepsi

an undefinable and unknowable entity ?/10

lays liquid potato chips

i’ve got questions and they’re all about how i can forget i ever had to think about this 0/10

worcestershire flavoured soft drink

carbonated worcestershire is truly a cursed concept 0/10

a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat

the bartender requires you to sign a waiver before he serves you. this drink takes you to a strange new place where the man whose hat you are drinking from tells you the meaning of life in a way you are never able to articulate after you regain consciousness number eight/10

Harry Potter Preference – What muggle TV show you watch together

- T R I O  E R A -

Harry: Stranger things

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Ron: The Simpsons

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Draco: Game of thrones

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Fred: The big bang theory

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George: Friends

- M A U R A D E R S  E R A -

James: Breaking bad

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Sirius: The walking dead

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Remus: The X-files

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