simpson sweatshirt

Stussy Sweatshirt *Brad Simpson Imagine*

*A/N: Inspired by Brad’s Stussy Sweathirt. I don’t know what this is sorry. But hey its my first imagine so yeah.*

“Has anyone seen my sweatshirt!” You heard Brad yell around backstage as you sat in the Tide’s dressing room talking to Austin, which you always seemed to do when Brad was warming up or doing something boring.
You and Brad had been dating for about 7 months and it was general knowledge that once you were comfortable with each other all of Brad’s clothes were free game, especially the sweatshirts.
You looked down at the sweatshirt you were wearing, it was Brad’s favorite Stussy sweatshirt and well it was your favorite as well. “You better get out of here before Brad sees you took that.” Austin advised and you groaned, but knew he was right.
“See you later I’m going to hide on the bus.” you told Austin before getting up and walking over to the door, checking around the hallway to make sure Brad wasn’t coming before sneaking out of the dressing room and making your way out of the venue.
You were stopped right before you could leave and you looked up to see Connor giving you the look. “Brad has been looking for that.” he said simply and your smiled at Connor.
“And he’s going to keep looking for it because you aren’t going tell him.” you said matter-of-factly.
Connor rolled his eyes and shook his head “No promises.” he said and you rolled your eyes and walked out of the venue, sneaking past the fans and into the bus and crawling into your bunk so you can play on your phone and lay low.
About 10 minutes later you thought you were off the hook but right as you thought that the curtain flung open and there was Brad. “Well look who has my sweatshirt.” he said and raised an eyebrow.
You quickly put your arms over your chest and pouted “What’s yours is mine!” You said and smiled and Brad shook his head “That is so not how this works!”
“Sharing is caring Bradley!” You exclaimed as he grabbed the ends of the sweatshirt as you tried to squirm away.
“Stop!” you shrieked when he started managing to get the sweatshirt off of you. After about 2 minutes of struggling Brad managed to get the sweatshirt off of you and you frowned sitting up.
“I hate you.” you said simply and frowned.
“Oh come on! Gimme a kiss!” he said and you shook your head.
“Get away from me Brad!”
Brad laughed and rolled his eyes, kissing your cheek and shaking his head. “Thanks for giving me back my sweatshirt!” he called as he walked out of the bus.