#NOTD a simple mani of 3 coats #simplysmooth by @simplenailarttips and #diamondpro topcoat by @iamcustomcolor As always I am oiled up with my beloved #blisskiss #purenailoil #nailsofinstagram #naturalnails #shortnails #gorgeousnails #nails2inspire #nailstagram #NOTD #50shadesofcolournails #blissetteforlife #nailartnewbie #lovemynails #instanails #tinycanvas #rockdemnails

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Ha-ha!! Its midnight so here are my #31dc2014 for Day 25 - Fashion… So my rules about fashion are dress for MY BODY not trend, and wear what I like!! So here is my favorite! Nude Base with a little Sally Hansen Disco Ball in top!! Classic & Always in Style! Base is 2 coats of #simplysmooth by @simplenailarttips ! Of course I’m tipped with #diamondprotopcoat by @iamcustomcolor.

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Sooooooo long story turned short I am back to uber nubs! :-( this is my violet post for #31DC2014! This is #peplum by #SallyHansen. I normally don’t do filters but the exact shade refused to be captured so I helped it along. This formula is super smooth and easy to apply. Although it doesn’t appear that way (thanks filter) it’s actually opaque in only two coats! As ever and always I used #simplysmooth by @simplenailarttips As my ridge filling basecoat and topped with super shiny #diamondpro by @iamcustomcolor!

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Simply Smooth keratin reparative magic potion intense blowout

Simply Smooth keratin reparative magic potion intense blowout is a sodium chloride, sulfate, and gluten free, color safe, botanically blended, high quality keratin, collagen and argan oil infused reparative blowout extender. Created for professional use only to repair hair at the chair, Simply Smooth keratin reparative magic potion intense blowout delivers a bouncy, voluminous, flawless, long lasting blow out that will transform the appearance and extend the life of the style for up to three shampoos. Powerful strengthening complex increases strength of virgin hair and triples strength of damaged hair to increase moisture retention and reinforce the delicate cuticle; delivering optimal anti-breakage benefits that dramatically improve damaged hair. Infusing nourishing botanicals and restoring keratin into hair fibers, extraordinary formula seals cuticle and reconditions hair, resulting in reduced frizz, ease of combing and reduced styling time up to one half. An accumulative effect allows penetration into the hair cortex, building strength from within, while providing film forming protection against humidity and pollutants, calming frizz and reducing static even in extreme humidity conditions, keeping hair smooth and manageable. Excellent for dry, damaged hair as well as all hair types, magic potion intense blowout imparts intense hydration, prevents color washout, photo-oxidation and adds thermal protection, leaving hair smooth, silky and lustrous.

Seems like the root is dying, what do you recommend I do to save this plant? I was thinking possibly cut the base and let it callous before repotting in a smaller pot? Thanks

@simplysmooth yes, cut it well above the rotting spot, maybe an inch above where the toothpick is touching the stem. I think I see some pink roots already forming closer to the leaves! Pluck off maybe 4 or 5 leaves from the bottom so the plant can use more energy and nutrients to make roots rather than keep up with too many leaves. Let it callous, stuck in in new soil, lightly moist and it’ll spit out roots in no time.