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What exactly happens at a meet-and-greet? Are you not allowed to get pictures or autographs at that event (have to purchase tickets to the separate signings and photo ops)?

I have never done a Meet & Greet but I have read plenty of accounts about them. Basically, it is a small group of 10 people that get to sit down with the actor for about 30 minutes. I don’t believe pictures or autographs are allowed. I have seen some group pictures posted tho so I think it might be at the discretion of the actor. 

I have the impression that everyone is allowed to ask one question and possibly more if there is time. Maybe someone else that has gone to one of these can elaborate. @alexandralyman I know went to one at the 2016 Vancouver con …

KisaIta Week Day 3
:: Trust, Secret ::

Itachi didn’t know about Kisame’s past. He has no clue what he’s thinking, why did he get lost in his own mist; he also didn’t know about Kisame’s relationship with Madara.

All he knew is that his partner - though lost in his own concept of world and currently losing faith in humanity - has surprisingly gentle heart. He hides it well with his sarcasm and maniacal laughter, but Itachi could sense it.

(Perhaps, they are similar in this aspect - they couldn’t express much emotion naturally because they have been living a lie)

That’s why Itachi rely on Kisame to a certain extent. He trusts Kisame enough to leave messages for his last opponent. He let Kisame know that was their last time together. It’s his way saying goodbye.

Same goes to Kisame.

Kisame didn’t know the truth about Itachi either. He has no idea why Itachi wiped out his clan, why did he join Akatsuki; he didn’t even know that Itachi left his little brother behind.

He did knew about Itachi’s disease, though. Even for a man as secretive as Itachi, he can’t hide his frequent cough of blood. He can’t fool Kisame everytime he disappeared to buy medicine alone. They live with eachother as long as they know, afterall.

But Itachi won’t talk and Kisame won’t ask. That’s fine. Kisame didn’t trust Itachi, he never did - just like his partner - but he still let the younger man lead their team. He still listen to every order Itachi said, no matter how ridiculous or sounds like they are run away from their enemy just because his fighting style is too standout.

(Maybe they are running away - for whatever reason)

That’s just how they work; with secrets and silent understanding.

For them, that’s just fine.

ー信頼、shortfic for KisaIta Week August 26th

it’s not accessible if you don’t have smaller class sizes available for your autistic students.

it’s not accessible if you don’t have places where your autistic and disabled students can go to cool down, calm down and pull themselves back together. 

it’s not accessible if your professors or teachers have strict rules against leaving the classroom “unless you have a documented disability”.

it’s not accessible if your professor tells you to stop stimming. 

it’s not accessible if you don’t let the student body know that you have to talk to the access office 6 weeks in advance to a semester.

it’s not accessible to be told to look your professors in the eye.

it’s not accessible if you’re forced into talking.

“higher education” is not “higher education” when you have to stop being disabled in order to receive “higher education”.

I couldn’t resist

/it means ‘baka’ in Russian/