You asked me recently to make a post about me! So I decided to make one!

Simple things I love (in no particular order)

1. I love blue!!! It’s my favorite color :)

2. I love to read and to learn new things all the time!

3. My favorite author is Jane Austen! I love all her books and all the films based on her books <3 

4. I love creativity! I like to make jewellery from polymer clay, wire and glass!!! If you want to show you some of my creations you can send me an ask message :)

5. I love glitter! I strongly believe everything becomes prettier with a little glitter <3

6. I want to travel everywhere in the world, especially in Europe, America and Australia!

7. I love EVERYTHING Disney!!! Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Frozen, Simba and Ariel are some of my favorite films!!

8. I like modest yet pretty and modern clothes. 


On "Simply Orthodox" name

I recently received a message thanking me for an advice I posted in another platform. I was surprised as I don’t use any other platforms apart from tumblr and twitter with the name “Simply Orthodox”. Just tumblr, and I have an account on twitter for my blog.

An account that exists on Instagram called “Simply Orthodox☦” and an account on askfm with the same are not mine. I am sure that the person that runs these two accounts is really nice, however I state that he/she is not me! Simply Orthodox is a name that is used very frequently on the internet, but not every site belongs on me! When I make a new account on Facebook for example or on another platform, I’ll let you know with a blog post :)

Godd bless you all, and please keep praying for my grandpa.

anonymous asked:

Father I recommend the tumblr blog called "Simplyorthodox" because the posts of this sweet holy Greek Orthodox girl will brighten your tumblr dashboard with holy quotes and "heavenly windows" a.k.a. icons. She has never tried to convert anyone and respects all. Your blog and her blog are the only few pre-denominational Christian blogs that exist. Roman Catholic and Eastern/Oriental Orthodox Christians are pre-denominational!

Hello anon:

Yes, that is a lovely blog. But what I prefer to do is have my followers message me and ask me to follow them back, if they wish that. Some of my followers get very happy when I follow and then some of them are, how shall we say? ……slightly embarrassed because they’re not sure how they feel about seeing their blog on a priest’s dash hahahaha. 

Btw, dear followers, your blogs are your blogs. Whatever you put up is what you decide to put up. I am not on Tumblr to be the “blog police.” God bless and take care! Fr. Angel

Simply Orthodox is now on instagram!! For now, there aren’t many pictures, but in time I’ll post more and more things! God bless you :)

P.S. There is another “simply orthodox” instagram profile and looks great but it’s now related with me or with my blog. Also, don’t forget to follow the blog on twitter and askfm :)

Photo made by @dailydreamerdigest for my blog’s first birthday :)

Hello!! <3

Hello my dearest friends <3

I have missed you all so much <3 I just wanted to apologize, not only for the lack of posts but also for the fact that I don’t reply to all the messages I receive. I receive from you all at least 10 new messages a day, so due to lack of time I often don’t reply even to the most important of the messages. In case I haven’t talk to you, don’t think I’m rejecting you on purpose, but due to lack of time. So if I haven’t reply to your question re-send it or try to contact another Orthodox Christian on tumblr. Don’t let your question be unanswered! :)

Please keep praying for the salvation of my soul and for my spiritual life.  May we all feel the Nativity of the Lord deep in our hearts! God bless you all!

A new prayer request corner!

As I receive 5-10 asks a day, I decided to make a special place for prayer requests. I would like to post all of them on tumblr, however this is impossible, I am sorry! So, in this new way, everyone will be able to see your prayer request and pray for you. I hope you like my idea! :)

So, you can send me your prayer requests here. You can also follow me on Twitter. God bless you all! <3

“When a person is standing on the brink of an abyss, it is easy to push him over and make him fall. But when he is far away, he must be dragged to the abyss and in the meantime he can call for help. For this reason it is always best to keep away from places where one can easily fall into sin.”
- Abbot Nikon

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