Tropical Start

Many people asked me to upload this, so here it is. This is my new house, this will be the one I use in my legacy as well. I made this for 3 young adults. Roommates and such, it’s best to have all expansions + stuff packs installed, but you can always replace the items you don’t have :)
I hope you like it!


I couldn’t include all photos, but it’s got another bathroom and another (kind of) hallway :) 

Galaxy Trousers - 400 & 500 followers gift

My first ever made clothing pack, this time the galaxy trousers, I actually got inspired by people wearing them and I actually wanted them for my Sims, but I couldn’t find the right ones, so here they are! After a day creating, I finally made them. I’d love to see them on your Sims! Tag me in your messages if you’re using them and I’ll truly love you!



The Floral Cottage - 300th Follower’s gift by Simplylovingsims

So, here is my 300th follower’s gift, it’s an unfurnished house (well.. Mosly unfurnished!) And it’s built on a 30x30 lot in Aurora Skies! It’s approx. 30.000 simoleons and it’s waiting for someone to furnish it! Are you that person? Download it here!


Casement Windows part I

Casement Windows part II


Bittersweet retexture by Simplylovingsims

First of all, I want to thank all of my followers for starting doing retextures.
This is my first ever retexture! 

After a bit of messing and doing some stuff I finally worked it out, after asking Eternila what I messed up I finally got it right! 
This is my Bittersweet retexture, and actually, now I’m just filling up some space because I just like long walls of texts. trolololol.
Be sure to reblog this if you want, it would really help me out! Thanks.. <3


Credits to Newsea for the mesh.