I got this product for free from Influenster to try and share my opinion in my J'Adore VoxBox.

I got three packets of the Creme Carmel and one of the Lemon chiffon. I didn’t get to try the Lemon Chiffon because a family member drank it before I could…while I was still in bed so not even a sip!!! They said it was good though.

I did get to try the Creme Caramel and it was delish. I use a little honey in my tea so hat did had a few calories but it was a low cal treat. It was a very subtle flavor and not too strong.

I will be keeping a look out at my local stores to see what other flavors I can find. I’m interested in seeing how it would taste iced too!

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Disclosure: I got this item for free from Influenster to try and share my opinions on. My opinion is 100% honest and mine.

Review: Red Rose Simply Indulgent Tea

Influenster recently sent me a new box of goodies in the J'Adore Voxbox.  Among the various things in the box, was some tea.  I’m a big fan of tea, and am always willing to try something new (on our honeymoon, we bought chocolate tea! It was… a little too interesting!).

Anyways, this time I was sent two types of Red Rose Simply Indulgent Tea.  The flavors I got were desserts: Lemon Chiffon and Creme Caramel.  I tried the Creme Caramel last night.  The instructions recommended adding a bit of milk, so I tried it both ways and thought that with the milk it tasted better.  It was a little weird drinking black tea that tasted vaguely of dessert! The experience reminded me of drinking the various flavored coffee drinks in at Starbucks… except as tea instead.  

Right now, I’m trying out the Lemon Chiffon.  I much prefer this flavor to the Creme Caramel.  It still tastes and smells like dessert, but lemon resonates as more of a “tea” flavor to me.  The lemon flavor isn’t as harsh as many other lemon teas can be, so it’s quite easy to drink without the need to add in any honey (as recommended).  

So, would I buy it again? Maybe the lemon chiffon flavor.  It would be a fun one to share with guests, but not one I would drink on a regular basis.

Time to review my J'adore VoxBox from Influenster!
Hirshey Kisses: everyone loves them. I love them. They were a great treat!
Red Rose Tea: I’m not really a tea person, so this wasn’t my favorite.
Boots Botanics Clay Mask: I love this! I’ve used it so many times! It’s great! I have oily skin and this really keeps the oil down for a good 12 hours.
John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight: to be honest, I haven’t used this for 3 days straight. It’s hairspray that they tell you to use before you blow dry, basically. I’m not a fan of brands that label a simple thing something that it’s not just to make more money or have a larger market. I’m sorry.
Well, that’s my review! Thanks for reading!
Oh! And I didn’t get the Vaseline Men’s Spray. I don’t have any men in my life to try it anyway.

This tea is so phenomenally good! It has all the goodness of plain Red Rose tea, plus a subtle sweet caramel flavour (think Flan)! Thanks to Influenster, I am going to swiftly drink every single free cup they sent me to test (and review), then I’ll use the coupons they sent to stock up on more!

Obligatory disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.