Rose grunted with effort as she repeatedly tossed her daggers at the trees in the clearing. As soon as the dagger would hit its mark, it would fade and reappear in her hand. She was in her own private clearing in the woods to train, and was not expecting to be discovered. As she continued practicing the throwing of her daggers she didn’t even notice a figure arriving at the clearing.

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The youkai that never was || Closed RP || Dao, Larxene
Dao did not remember such a place. all white, and inhabitated by strange creatures slim and wicked, that didn’t even think twice before attacking her. However, being a chi fighter helped her defeating these.

Roaming in the numerous rooms, she found some black coats. Eager, she tried one that fitted her, found in the room called XIV. Well, maybe that was what people wore here.

Until she went to meet a person wearing one of these. A tall blonde, roaming around. If she was to be discovered, that would be the end. She quickly put on the hood not to be recognized.


The being finds it strange that, once more, he’s in this ridiculous castle. White everywhere– but darkness lurks. Contradicting everything he’d been taught. Making a rather dark, guttial sound, he continues to stalk the halls, until he notices a rather feminine figure. Bright, thunder-stuck blonde hair. With…are those antenna? Weird.

Not enough D
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 simplyelectric Visits Roxas~

“Huh?” Roxas felt the air getting heavier when he found two antennas popping out of a girl’s head. That was it, he was dreaming, this was a nightmare!   “W-What are you doing here, L-Larxene?” The Nobody suspected that she might have been sent to Destiny Islands to do a mission… He hoped that him being here was just a coincidence. 

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