Adventure Time games for Famicom! Or fake labels based on the cartoon and slapped on Famicom cartridges, Famicase style. This is a thing people do all the time now!

In fact, the site behind these mock-ups, SimplyAwful, is dedicated to making all sorts of custom labels for both real and fake games. There’s lots of hot stuff here.

Maybe someone will actually build a homebrew NES project based on these mock-ups at this weekend’s Adventure Time Game Jam (as detailed by the recently launched and Venus Patrol)? How math would that be?

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[Via SimplyAwful's Tumblr]

Here have a pic of my newest OC!! Its D.O.E.2.0v-1 !!! or Dee for short built as a newer model body guard her concept was scrapped due to budget cuts, which is also why she has a modified television for a head and not a cat-eared version of the original D.O.E. head.

Oh and too clear up somethings. Yes she is a robot the only parts of her that are covered in synthetic skin are her hands, neck, and a little of her shoulders. I’ll draw you the example tomorrow.


Look I’m finally doing the thing I’ve been talking about for ages!!

It’s really sudden and in all honesty I doubt I’m going to make more than fifty bucks, but to be totally honest- I’m aiming for fifty bucks. I just need enough money to take an online drivers-ed course. I’ve in Texas and didn’t jump on getting a drivers license when I was younger so now the state mandates I take a course. There is this online course I found that runs about $45 and I’m just aiming to pay for that because I don’t wanna be more of a burden than what I already am to my awesome parents.

Okay here’s the lay down for these commissions—–

I’m going to charge an additional $5-10 for any additional characters based on how detailed they are and stuff.

My style is really cartoony and colorful, so if you want something tough, I’ll try my best but it might just come out adorable.

I need actual reference for any OC’s or other requests.

My anatomy isn’t at a level I feel comfortable with yet, so I won’t be drawing anything naked naughty. Maybe next time I do this I’ll draw some anime bootie or whatever you want. (In reason)

No take backs, as I’m a little bit of an idiot and don’t know how to give out refunds and stuff just yet.

I would preferably like if you pay me at least a portion of the total amount before I get started so I know you aren’t going to fly away with my art and what not.

Transactions will be done via paypal

if you are interested or have any questions please e-mail me at