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I honestly can't remember when or why I followed you in the first place - probably some mix of Yuri on Ice and Klance - but that genuinely doesn't matter to me for the sole reason that everything you make is absolutely gorgeous. You're a fabulous artist my dear, please never give up on this talent because I, for one, would kill to possess half the skill you have.


second: thank you <3

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all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*


Wooohh I finally finished it

I feel like my English turned against me in this one (ssshhh I’m tired ok) but yeah, this is the comic I thought about during P.E when we had to dance….. I hate dancing ;-;



SPIKEY BELMONT HAS LANDED ON EARTH AFTER DESCENDING FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE TO BLESS THIS WORLD WITH THAT UNCANNY VOICE-ACTING TALENT! Any additional words would simply fall beside the awesome portent of that staggering phrase!

That man, I swear to Galactus is one super guy. Thanks for surprising me with such a fun audio file! My pearly whites haven’t seen this much light since the 90′s!

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Day 21: Storybrooke! Part 3/4

Entry #22 c: These ladies were done for the day.

So! The set changed to Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop, which is btw, not a real building. Just painted walls and an entry that leads to the back.

And tadaa! Look who I found:

The actors were just as beautiful as in the show. No photoshop required for these people.

Belle and Rumpelstilskin (Emily de Ravin and Robert Carlyle)

And I can’t tell you how awesome these guys are in real life… simply, really, reaaaally awesome.

The Impala

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Dean’s car, it’s a thing of beauty. He loves this car, it’s the most important object in his life. It’s sleek black lines, it’s timeless elegance, it’s all part of the appeal. The rumble of that V8 engine as it rolls down the road is a sound that you feel deep in your soul.

His ‘67 Chevy Impala is eighteen feet of awesomeness. Quite simply, it’s badass. It’s got a 502-cubic-inch big-blog on Hotchkiss performance suspension.

Not that I know what any of that means. I just know that Dean uses those words to describe his baby in a tone usually reserved for one’s lover. I could listen to him wax poetic about his car any day. It’s downright sexy, the way he worships that car.

More than that, the car is a symbol to Dean. It’s part of the family, part of his childhood. From the plastic green army men jammed into the ashtray to the Lego shoved down the front vents, it’s a chronicle, a timeline of Dean and Sam’s journey. From childhood to present day.

It’s been destroyed before, it’s been rebuilt before. It can be rebuilt again.

I just have to figure out how I’m going to tell him I wrecked it.


Atlantic White-sided Dolphin by Benjamin Griffith

Giving a big CONGRATULATIONS to one of the world’s most beautiful dolphins, simply for being awesome. 


Summary: Seth is always flirting with you because he likes you but you know about his reputation, and you think he just wants to play with you. You say no whenever he asks you out until one night he wears you down and you agree to one date, that makes you realize maybe Seth Rollins isn’t that bad.

Note: Sorry if there are any errors, I didn’t proof read it but I wanted to get it posted because it’s been a while sense the request was made.

Requested by: @m-a-t-91

You stood with Enzo and Cass talking while half watching the match that was on the monitor. “How you doin?” You tried with slightly raised brows. Enzo shook his head and repeated his signature fraise, his thick accent putting emphasis on it. “How you doin?” You tried once more making Cass laugh and shake his head at you while Enzo groaned and rolled his eyes but smiled nonetheless. “Okay, one more time.” Enzo started making you nod eagerly, your ponytail bouncing as you did. You listened carefully to the way the blonde said the words and nodded carefully after a few seconds. “How you doin?” You nodded your head as you said, making Enzo and Cass clap. “I’m impressed.” Enzo nodded his head at you making you jokingly curtsy. “Thought you’d never get it.” Cass clapped a large hand on your shoulder before looking back at the match. A couple minutes passed before you felt an arm creep around your shoulders, making you quickly turn your head to see who it belonged to. Groaning and rolling your eyes you turned back to the monitor “What do you want Rollins?” You asked already annoyed by the superstars presence. “You.” He answered with a cocky smirk making you scoff and move away from him. “Not interested.” You deadpanned trying to get him to go away but the smirk never left his face. “Cmon Y/N, you know you want me.” You cleched your jaw and turned to face Seth. “Listen, I don’t want to be another girl you fuck and then dump.” You poked your finger into his chest as you spoke. “Oh baby you could be so much more than that.” Seth grinned and grabbed your finger, trying to intertwine your fingers. “I have to get ready for my match.” You groaned and turned on your heel, your ponytail smacking Seth in the face. As you walked away Seth watched your hips swing before turning to Enzo and Cass who watched on amused. “She totally wants me.” Seth grinned making the boys smile and nod at him. “Does Y/N even have a match tonight?” Cass muttered as Seth walked away. “Nope.” Enzo answered before the two of them smirked at each other.

You had backed Becky into the corner and were ready to deliver your finisher when a familiar theme hit. You paused and looked towards the stage where you saw Seth walking towards the ring casually. Becky took the opening and quickly shoved you off of her and towards the ropes. You bounced off of them and stumbled into a clothesline. The redhead tried to pin you for the three count but you managed to kick out. You quickly rolled out of the ring once she had pulled herself off of you, landing on your feet by the announce tables. You made your way over to Seth and stalked closer as you yelled at him. “What do you think you’re doing?” Your jaw was clenched and you were yelling over the crowd. “Just supporting my girl.” He shrugged casually and ran a hand through his damp hair. “I’m not your-” Your words were cut off when you felt Becky crash into you after she jumped at you from the ring. You were sent crashing head first into the barrier and the Irish lass kicker landed on top of you. You were barely aware of Seth flinching at the impact and moving to help you, but before he could reach you Becky made it to her feet. She pulled you into the ring by your hair, tossing you in front of her. You shook your head and tried to get to your feet but Becky managed to lock you into the dis-arm-her. You cried out as she pulled tighter on your arm when you tried to pull your way to the ropes. You put your face into the canvas and let out a scream before looking back up again, locking eyes with Seth. “You can do it Y/N!” He cried out to you and you shook your head while tears gathered in your eyes. You had to tap out and once your hand hit the canvas a couple times Becky released you and stood up to be announced the winner. You rolled over and grabbed your hurt arm as you waited for the redhead to leave the ring. You slowly sat up and looked around at the crowd in despair before your eyes locked on Seth. You sneered at him and glared as you shakily stood up. “This is your fault!” You growled and hobbled forwards a few steps. “I didn’t mean to Y/N.” Seth tried to save himself but you suddenly launched yourself out of the ring towards him. He somehow managed to catch you and throw you over his shoulder quickly, careful of your injured arm. “Put me down you piece of crap!” You struggled against his strong grip while he chuckled at you. “Now why would I do that sweetie? The view is pretty good from here.” You gasped when he brought one of his rough hands onto your bottom. “I swear to god Rollins.” You flailed around more as the crowd cheered at his actions. Seth started up the ramp with a proud smirk while you struggled in his hold, desperate to get of the players grip. Once you were backstage you managed to wiggle your way out of his grip, stumbling slightly when you dropped to the ground. “This is why I would never go out with you.” You spat out making him freeze for a second before he chuckled at your words. “Yeah okay.” He chortled sarcastically making you huff as you shoved him before walking away from him.

You laughed at the joke that Xavier had just told as Charlotte rushed around the corner and headed straight towards you. “He’s coming.” She let out as she paused beside you. You were shocked that Charlotte of all people had warned you that Seth was headed towards you but you let the blonde drag you around another corner quickly. You heard the boys of the New Day let out confused noises before they shushed. “Rollins.” You heard Kofi greet the bane of your existence. “Hey guys…you seen Y/N around?” His rough voice made you bite your lip and glance at Charlotte nervously. “Nope, can’t say we have.” Big E lied for you making you shut your eyes in relief. “Oh okay. I just wanted to congratulate her on her win.” You raised your brows in shock while Charlotte shot you a confused look. “Yeah, it was a great win.” Kofi agreed. “Did you see the way she jumped off the top rope and sent her and Bayley through the announce table?” Seth gushed, his tone excited. You heard one of the guys hum in agreement as you and Charlotte shared a look. “Yeah that was awesome.” Xavier agreed. “Y/N’s always awesome. Anyways, if you see her around let me know.” Seth said goodbye before leaving the way he came. “That was weird…” Charlotte muttered as you walked out from your hiding place. “You can say that again.” You agreed making the blonde smile at you. As you approached the 3 guys they all turned to you with knowing looks on their faces. “What?” You asked making Big E smirk at you and wiggle his brows. You glanced at Charlotte and she shrugged, mouthing that she didn’t know what they were talking about. “Y/N, that is a man that is completely and utterly in love with you.” Xavier said matter of factly. You scoffed and shook your head, opening your mouth to argue but Kofi quickly shushed you. “Exhibit A; He was looking for you. Seth Rollins doesn’t look for anyone, he lets people come to him.” You cocked out your hip and raised a judging brow. “Exhibit B; He called you awesome and gushed about you. A guy that refers to himself as The Champ does not simply call some girl awesome and blabber about her like that.” Xavier raised his brows and sent a goofy look making you roll your eyes while Charlotte thought about it. “Exhibit C; The way his face lit up when he talked about you. Girl have you not noticed how happy that man gets around you?” Big E sassed making you raise your brows in shock and smile slightly. “Ya know Y/N, they’ve got a point.” Charlotte agreed making you tilt your head up and roll your eyes with a groan. “Seth does not like me. He just wants to play me.” You finished the conversation and stalked off, angry at your friends for saying that and angry at yourself for wishing that it was true.

“Uh oh.” Eva sang out with a smirk on her red lips. “Rollins at 12 o’clock.” Maryse answered your silent question with a smirk of her own. Turning in your seat you saw Seth talking to some of the guys. “Ugh.” Was your response as you turned back to your friends. Maryse rolled her eyes while Eva sent you a knowing look over the brim of her drink. “Just admit that you like him.” Maryse pushed your arm making you pout and take a sip of your drink. “I don’t like Seth. I don’t like the way his hair looks so soft, I don’t like the way his chocolate brown eyes light up whenever he’s near me, and I certainly don’t like that stupid smirk.” You huffed out in your tipsy state, chugging down the last of your drink. Eva and Maryse shared a look before they both giggled at you making you raise a confused eyebrow. “What?” “Nothing.” Maryse quickly answered your question making Eva shoot her an incredulous look before the redhead looked back at you. “What else do you hate about him?” You widened your eyes goofily and muttered about how it could take it a while to list everything. “I hate how nice his back is, like have you seen it? It’s amazing. But the front is just as good as the back, his stupid abs are always in view cause he walks around shirtless half the time. Oh, not to mention how tempting it is to pull his hair, trying to get him to make that stupid growl that he always does in the ring. You know the one…” You faded off and tried your best to growl. Your friends laughter stopped and their eyes widened at something behind you making you ask what they were looking at before you turned around. You gasped when you realized that Seth Rollins was standing behind you, smiling widely at your growling. “That’s what what you think I sound like? Should I be offended sweetheart?” He teased you with a chuckle. You stuttered for a response, looking to Eva and Maryse for help but they were useless. “Don’t be so worried sweetheart.” His brown eyes were playful and devious. “Did you hear…” You faded off too embarrassed to continue your sentence. “Everything that you just said? Yes, but I’m willing to forget if you go on a date with me.” You groaned as his request and rolled your eyes slightly. “One date Y/L/N, I promise I’ll be on my best behaviour.” You bit your lip and looked into his eyes. “You get one chance Rollins. Impress me.” You wren’t sure if it was the alcohol or your strong urge to be wrapped in his arms that made you give him a chance even though you were almost positive that he would only hurt you. “Really?!” He asked in shock, his jaw dropping slightly making Eva and Maryse giggle. “I mean,” He cleared his throat “Prepare to be impressed sweetheart.” His reaction made you roll your eyes but an affectionate smile made its way onto your face. “Now let me enjoy my girl time.” You pushed him away from you gently and he smiled widely at you once more before he disappeared into the crowd. “Get it!” Eva laughed once you turned to face the redhead and platinum blonde. “Shut up.” You giggled and waved over the bartender.

You shivered as the crisp night air got through the thin material of your nylons causing goosebumps to appear on your legs, your heels clicking against the pavement. 

Seth noticed you shivering and he quickly shrugged out of his leather jacket and draped it around your shoulders as you walked towards his car. “You’re gonna be cold.” You argued and went to give him the jacket back. “I’ll be fine, besides it looks better on you than it does on me.” He smiled sweetly at you making you look down with a small blush. “Thanks for tonight.” You grinned at him when you reached the car making him raise his brows in surprise. “Thank you Y/N, I still can’t believe you said yes.” You smiled at his happiness and got into the car once he unlocked it. The beginning of the ride was silent, quiet music playing of of the radio as you inhaled Seths smell that was floating off the jacket. “Why did you say yes? I thought you hated me.” You turned to face Seth, admiring the way the streetlights made his eyes shine. “I never hated you. I just wanted a big fan of your history with women, and then when you started hitting on me I got worried.” You explained softly watching his reaction closely. “Why did you get worried?” He took a quick glance at you before focusing back on the road. “Because I knew that if you tried hard enough I wouldn’t have been able to resist.” You admitted with a bashful smile, your words making him smile widely. “I’m glad I tried hard enough.” “Me too.”

You felt Seth squeeze your hand in his when he glanced down at your intertwined hands. He had walked you to your apartment door and the two of you were just standing in the hall, silently admiring each other. You brought your free hand up to trace a finger down the bridge the of his nose and across his lips, finishing the invisible line at his chin. He smiled and tried to watch your finger but ended up going cross eyed making you giggle lightly. “So did I impress you?” His words were soft compared to his usual loud tone. “I don’t know, did you?” You teased him quietly, glancing down to his mouth before looking back at his brown eyes. “I’m about too.” His cocky attitude was back, making you smile and close your eyes as he leaned down to press a slow kiss to your lips. He leaned in more as you kissed back and cupped his jaw lightly, feeling his fingertips dancing across your waist. “Consider me impressed.” You pulled away a bit to mumble your words into his mouth before you drew his mouth back to yours, the kiss more passionate than the last. A minute later he gently pulled away from you and tugged you into a hug, his arms around your shoulders while you hugged his waist. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He mumbled a goodbye into your hair before pressing a long kiss to the crown of your head. “Okay.” Your words were muffled by his broad chest and you pressed a sweet kiss to his chest. You pulled away and unlocked your door, taking a step in before remembering that you were wearing his jacket. You turned back to Seth and tried to give him back the coat but he simply shook his head “Keep it. Give it back to me another time.” His simple words sent butterflies through your stomach and you nodded gently. “Bye.” You waved slowly and he just smiled at you as you shut your door. “Not bad Rollins.” You whispered to yourself as you leaned against the door with a goofy smile on your face. “Yes!” You heard his voice ring out in the hallway making you giggle and sniff the jacket before heading to bed.

Mom’s Blind Date

Requester: Anonthank you so much for your request and I’m so sorry it took me so long to post it.

Characters: single(?)!Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard (mentioned), Reader

Pairings: Jared Padalecki x Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 2412

Forever tag: @deathtonormalcy56, @mamaredd123,  @my-sharpie-sketches,  @professionalfangirl03, @fangirl1802, @cozyjaws, @attackdogcas

A/N: I hope you like it! This is obviously based on an alternative universe where Jared is not married to his respective and lovely wife, I love Genevieve.

“Who is that sweetie pie I see standing over there?” you heard Jared’s voice from a distance, smiling to yourself you raised your eyes from your script and gave a little nod, almost unnoticeable for anyone on a distance but for your little toddler did saw it and before you knew it she ran across the run to his arms.

You were a new actress for the Supernatural show, it was the 13th season and the second episode was being filmed, so the guys have only known you for two weeks, meaning that they have known your daughter for the same amount of time.

Everyone in your life have always told you that she looked like you, she had your same skin color, nose, lips, hair, basically she was a copy of you but her eyes were gray, like father’s; so when you came to the set with her, you thought your cast mates were going to notice but to your surprise it was nothing like that.

The crew absolutely knew about her since you basically arrived there with them, you were terrified of getting late to work so you always were there at least a half an hour before the rest of the cast, at first you thought it would annoy the crew but your daughter had them wrapped around her little finger and everybody loved hearing her crazy stories.

As any child, your daughter, Katie loved exploring and was very independent, so as long as you gave her permission she would go on little adventures and on the set it was no different. You always tried to keep an eye on her and so did the crew and security.

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Tom : Ohhhhh. Alright then, why didn’t you say so?

Tom : Edd is a pretty swell guy! He’s really good at both drawing and baking. Heck, he deserves more than he already has now. He’s definitely better than that mustache guy… What’s his name… oh yeah. Eduardo. Edd is brave, nice and just simply awesome. Only if he don’t do something stupid. I’m glad to be his friend and I’m not going leave him like SOMEBODY.

Edd : Aww, that’s so sweet Tom! I’m glad to be your friend too :3 Wait, what do you mean somebody ㅡ

Tom : Nothing. *sets the doll on fire*

The One With The Black Lingerie

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: After Jace leaves, you’re a total mess and while Alec does want to ask you out, he feels it’s too soon. He and Izzy come up with the genius plan of setting you up with a mediocre guy just to give you a little push until Alec’s ready to swoop in but you know Alec - all jealous and brooding - there’s no way he can watch you with another guy from the sidelines.

A/N: hey followers! i would love to know what other tv show/character imagines you’d like to see on here since both shadowhunters and teen wolf are on hiatus! so, drop me an ask with ‘tv show/character’ (not a request/prompt!) and i’ll write one for the most requested or liked! 

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“Oh god, when was the last time you brushed your teeth?!” Alec groans as he climbs into your bed.

“Go away,” you grumble, pulling the sheets over your head. Alec pulls them back down, “You’re going to have to get out of bed sooner or later. It’s been almost 3 months.”

“It’s not like I haven’t left my bed in that time,” you mumble.

Alec rolls his eyes, “Leaving your bed to take a shower and stock up on snacks doesn’t count.”

You huff, turning over to face Alec, “Your point being?”

“Jace is gone y/n…”

“I know that.”

Alec’s fingers delicately play with your hair, his eyes filled with sympathy, “You need to move on.”

“Yeah,” you sigh, sitting up and pulling you hair into a ponytail. Since that night that Jace had disappeared with Valentine, you felt like you had been losing your mind. It had been exactly 11 weeks and 4 days. Whilst you had spent the first month searching frantically for him, each day felt like he was getting further and further away. It got harder and harder to leave the institute knowing you would come back empty handed – knowing you wouldn’t be able to find him. You and Jace had grown up together and even back when you were crawling around on all fours, you had always stuck together. You went from best friends to what you thought was soulmates but he had still chosen to leave you.

“I’ll get dressed, let’s go kill some demons on something,” you laugh lightly, climbing out of bed and Alec catches you by your wrist, “No, like move on – move on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since Valentine got the cup, a bunch of Shadowhunters have come here from Idris. Izzy kind of picked one out for you…”

“Alec, I’m not-“

“-Ready. I know, but how long are you going to stay hung up over Jace? First you drunk yourself into oblivion, then you turned into like a sloth-“


“Well, it’s true!”

You suck in a deep breath, staring down at your pyjamas that you didn’t care to admit how long you’d been wearing, “Fine.”


“One date and then you get off my back. Same goes for everyone else.”

“I’ll let Izzy know,” Alec smiles. Alec was the only thing that had kept you from going insane over the months. He spent days and nights by your side, making sure you were okay and despite wanting you to be up and about, he made sure all your favourite chocolates were always stocked. On nights he wasn’t at the institute, by your side, you couldn’t help but feel like something was missing – the same way you had felt after Jace had left you.

“You have yourself a deal,” Alec grins, holding a hand out. You reluctantly shake it and Alec looks you up and down, “Make sure you hop in the shower before you come downstairs and meet him.”

“No shit,” you grumble, shoving past him and into the bathroom. As you shed you clothes and climb in, you hear a knock on the door, “I restocked all the soaps and shampoo’s and stuff.”

“Thanks,” you mumble under your breath, looking around the bathroom to find everything had been restocked and there were even fresh flowers at the sink, “What a sly piece of shit,” you laugh to yourself knowing you would now owe Alec for taking so much care of you.

You take time to do your makeup and look good before you go downstairs and you had to admit, looking so attractive after spending months in sweats and barely washing your hair, it really boosted your self-esteem.

“You must be y/n,” a voice says behind you and you turn to find a gorgeous blonde haired boy grinning at you, “I’m Isaac,” he grins, holding a hand out. You shake it, your eyes studying him and very obviously so, since he towered over you.

“So I guess Izzy told you that I wanted to take you out, huh?”

“How did you even know about me I mean I’ve barely left my room,” you laugh nervously.

“I saw you sneaking out to get the fried chicken you ordered at like 3am. I was walking to your room to ask you for some and I saw you watching Star Wars-“ he pauses, not wanting to comment on the fact that you had also been crying, “Girl after my own heart.

You blush in embarrassment. You remembered that night clearly. You had been craving fried chicken so much that you had asked Simon to come drop some off for you. When you were sneaking back through the institute you looked terrible and in the hopes of avoiding bumping into anyone, you had taken to the staircase. Unable to see through your tears or regain balance with all the food in your hands, you tumbled down the stairs halfway up to your room and as ridiculous as it was, your only thought was ‘thank god the bag was tied up and my food Is safe.’

“You’re wondering if I saw you fall down the stairs…”

“Did you?”

“Yeah,” he chuckles, “I was going to see if you were okay but you just bounced right back up.”

“That’s me,” you swing an arm, trying to look enthusiastic.

“Well, I’m about to spar with Alec but what do you say we go out tonight around eight?”

You nod. You weren’t entirely sure about dating someone you barely knew but you were sure about one thing: you had to get over Jace. He wasn’t coming back.

“Oh, and Isaac,” you call out and he jogs back over to you, “Go for Alec’s ankle. He twisted it this morning,” you whisper, winking at Alec as Isaac steps onto the mat. The fight lasted about 40 seconds with Isaac kicking at Alec’s shin and then his ankle, sending him straight to the floor. Alec growls at you as he hobbles off that mat, “You totally sold me out!”

You shrug innocently and Alec scowls, nudging your shoulder as he storms past you.

“Oh come on, don’t be so petty,” you giggle catching up to him.

“Two minutes with the new guy and you’re already changing sides?” he pouts, ruffling your hair, “So what? Did you like him?”

“I mean, he’s pretty and he’s nice,” you shrug and Alec stares at you, “He’s not a doll, y/n.”

“Well, he is tonight,” you smirk, elbowing Alec playfully and his eyes widen, “You can’t be serious.”


“You aren’t going to sleep with him on the first date!”

“You’re the one who said the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!”

“I DID NOT SAY THAT!” he almost shrieks and your eyes widen.

“Okay,” you laugh, “Calm down,” you suck in a sharp breath, “Well, someone said it. And they’re right.”

“Well, I think that’s stupid,” he grumbles.

You furrow your brows together, “You’re the one who told me to go on this date!”

“Yeah, to move on a little – you know, realize there are more fish in the sea. Have a nice date, maybe have a drink.”

“And I’m going to do all of that… just a tad more,” you wink, unsure of why Alec was mad at all. The entire thing had been his suggestion.

Alec stays silent, “You know what? Do whatever you want.”

You throw your hands up as he walks off, his long legs carrying him much faster than you could catch up with.

“Which one?” you ask Isabelle, holding up lingerie and she frowns, “That’s a tough choice,” her lips curl into a thoughtful frown, “Red says ‘slow and romantic’ and black say mhmmhmmhm,” she mumbles, wiggling her brows and you nod, “I think I need black.”

“Black what?” Alec’s voice interrupts you in the doorway and you stare at him wide-eyed as he spots the lingerie in your hands before his eyes travel to your dress.

“Whoa, you look so beautiful,” he whispers and you look down at your dress, “Beautiful? I was going for more hot-“

Well that too,” he mumbles, stepping closer to you. His eyes travel between your dress and the lingerie, “But you know what’s really hot? Ankle length, turtle neck dresses.”

“Shut up,” you laugh, “Well since you’re already here and have already seen, black or red?” you jiggle the hangers around and Alec sighs, “Black.”

“Good to see you’re over your hissy fit,” you smile and Isabelle raises a brow. You sit down beside her to explain, “So Alec tells me to go on a date and then gets pissed when he finds out that on this date I’m going to sleep with the guy after.”

Isabelle’s eyes widen and Alec shakes his head. Isabelle knew about Alec’s feelings for you whether he cared to admit them or not. As many a times that Isabelle had tried to convince him of them, he had just continued to deny it.

“What?” you ask, looking between the two of them.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? Isn’t it a little too soon after Jace? You don’t want to jump into things,” Isabelle blurts out.

Before you can answer, Isaac appears in the doorway, clearing his throat to make his presence known.

“You look so pretty,” he pecks you on the cheek, slipping his hands into his pocket nervously, “Are we ready to go?”

“Where are you taking her?” Alec interjects, stepping between the two of you. You look to Isabelle in disbelief but she simply shrugs.


“Sounds awesome. I was in the mood for shots,” you grin.

“Me too, how about you Izzy?” Alec asks, pulling his jacket on.

“Me too!”

You stare at the two of them, Isaac looking even more uncomfortable than you.

“Okay, then I guess we’d better leave… all three of us,” he mutters under his breath.

By the time it hits 1am, you’re storming out of the club, Alec chasing after you, “I’m so glad you finally decided to leave, that Isaac guy is such a bore!”

You glare at him, gritting your teeth, “Well you would know!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that any time me and him get close to talking you’re right in the middle! I mean, do you not like him or something?! You and Izzy are the ones who picked him!”

“Well, maybe I changed my mind!”

“About what?!”

“I don’t know!” he sighs, running his fingers through his hair, “I don’t like the way he runs his hands all over you and whispers in your ear! I don’t like that you’re ready to climb into bed with him even though you don’t know him!”

You inhale deeply, “I know you’re just looking out for me, but I’m okay Alec. You don’t have to get all big brotherly on me,” you laugh, Punching his arm playfully and he stiffens.

“That’s not what I-“

“Say no more! I promise, I won’t sleep with him. We’ll just talk tonight,” you smile and Alec shakes his head, “I don’t mean-“

“Come in when you’re ready!” you call out over your shoulder, disappearing into the crowd.

Your eyes search for Isaac and just when you’re about to give up, your pulled backwards by your arm into one of the VIP rooms.

“Not bad,” you laugh, looking around as your eyes land on Isaac, “How did you clear out the whole room?”

He shrugs, placing his hands on your waist, “I feel like we haven’t spoken a word to each other all night…”

“Well, maybe we should catch up,” you whisper.

“Okay – well, so far, how have you-“

You cut him off by pressing your lips to his. He pressed you up against the wall, his hands moving from your waist into your hair.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” he yells and you feel the heat of his body tear away from you.

It takes moment for your eyes to focus on what they’re seeing but surely enough, it was Alec beating the crap out of him.

“ALEC! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you yell, pulling him off. Alec tries to lunge at him again and you shove him back by the chest, “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“YOU!” he yells.

Before you can answer you hear Isaac groaning behind you and you turn to find him grimacing, still on the floor.

“Izzy,” you sigh in relief as she walks in, clearly confused by the situation, “Can you take Isaac back to the infirmary at the institute?”

Isabelle nods, hauling Isaac up and pulling his arm over her shoulder, “What about you?”

“I’ll be there soon,” you state, stilling glaring at Alec.

Once they both disappear you rub you temples, “What is wrong with you today?”

Alec stays silence, his breathing still heavy. His eyes wouldn’t leave yours.

“Alec!” you snap your fingers in front of him face and he catches you by the wrist, “Don’t,” he hisses through gritted teeth.

“You’re pissed at me?” you laugh sarcastically, “What did I do wrong? You’re the one that dragged me out of bed to make me go on a date with some guy I didn’t know or care about and then you ruin that date – and not only do you ruin it, you actually beat up the super nice guy who was taking me out!”

“I wanted you to move on a little – I was just trying to give you a little push in the right direction!”

“And I took it!”

“THE RIGHT DIRECTION TOWARDS ME!” he yells before slumping, “I wanted you to come to me…”

For a moment you stay silent and between then and the moment you speak, a million thoughts occur to you. You think of Alec, your friend, the one who had got things going between you and Jace. The one who you complained about everything to. The one who always had and will always have your back. The guy who had seen you naked at least 10 times and whose only comment was ‘do you even own clothes?’
But then you think of Alec, the guy you always cried to. The guy who would literally kill someone for you. Die for you. And you would do the same. You think of how he had taken care of you, not only after what happened with Jace but with everything. Always. And then you think, ‘Why didn’t I pick Alec?’

“Then why did you set me up with Isaac?”

“Because you’re Jace’s girlfriend! Or at least you were!” he sighs in defeat, “And you’re my best friend…”

You stay silent and he steps closer to you, pulling your hands into his, “I was scared if I asked you, you would say no or that you wouldn’t be ready. I thought that if you went out with this guy, you’d get over Jace and then I could tell you – But it’s too hard watching you be with someone else when I’ve already been doing that all these years!”

“Tell me what?”

“That I love you…”

“Alec,” you stare at him, but he avoids eye contact, his gaze fixated on the floor.

“I always have. But the feelings subsided when I saw how great you were with Jace. I wanted you to be happy but then he left and at first I was just doing what I had always done – taking care of you and being your friend, but after a while I realized that if I saw Jace I’d probably kill him after seeing what he did to you. Because I love you and seeing you hurt, it hurts me. And seeing you happy, it makes me-“

“Happy,” you mumble, finishing for him, “Alec…”

“Tell me you don’t feel the same. Tell me there isn’t one beat in your heart that’s for me,” he asks sincerely, tilting your chin with his index finger so your eyes meet his.

You weren’t the most articulate person in the world. And in this situation, you really had no idea what to say. All you knew was that our heart was beating so fast, you weren’t sure of anything other than the fact that you wanted to kiss him. And so you did. Your hands tangled in his hair and your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Wait,” he whispers against your lips, slowly pulling away from you, “Say it.”

“Say what?”

“That you love me.”

You smirk, “You know, if you keep teasing me, you might be the one seeing my black lingerie tonight.”

Alec steps away from you, half amused and half serious, “As tempting as that is, we’re not doing anything until you tell me how you feel.”

“Alec, seriously? It’s not prom night. And you’re not my date. We don’t have to do the whole ‘Say you love me and then I’ll put out’ thing’!”

“Well, I’m gonna,” he scoffs playfully.

You knew you did. From the minute you felt his lips against yours. Maybe it was wrong. Maybe it was too soon and maybe it was going to ruin your friendship. But you did.

“Fine,” you smirk, poking a finger into his chest, “I…” you trail your finger down his chest to the waistband of his jeans, “Love…” you fingers dance across it and you stand on your tiptoes, your lips grazing his ear, “You.”

“I love you,” you repeat, pulling away from him, “Of course I love you.”

“And you’re not just saying that to get me into bed?” he teases.

“No, of course not,” you grin, “Don’t expect a call in the morning though.”

“We should get going,” Alec looks at the time, pulling you alongside him.

“But we didn’t finish what we were doing…” you pout and he laughs before his expression softens, “Maybe we should take things slow.”


“You know – you let me take you on a date and we start off right so this all goes well.”

“Well, what happens if we go fast?”

“I don’t want to. If I had asked you out all those years ago, I would’ve taken you on millions of dates and kissed you millions of times and I want to do all that. And considering Jace will kill me when he finds out, I want to do it properly.”

“Well Jace isn’t here anymore,” you sigh, the sinking feeling in your stomach returning.

“Yeah, but I am,” Alec smiles softly, “And I love you. And I want to be with you.”

“It should’ve always been you,” you whisper, pressing your lips to his, “And if that’s what you really want, we can do that,” you pause, “But… I’m not going to have to wait for our millionth date for us to-“

“Oh, nooo,” Alec chuckles, “I’m a patient, controlled guy but not that patient.”

A wish from a fan of Fairy Tail

My only wish in this manga is for Gray and Juvia to be happy. I want them to be together. They both make such a beautiful great couple, and deserve all the happiness in the world. Also for them to shine individually without needing to be connected to another when it comes to fights against enemies, and simply have awesome kick ass fights that show off their powers, and complete strength. Gray and Juvia, for the win! 

Family Shenanigans

I didn’t want to write about the Anon thing anymore, but because of the outpouring of love and support from so many, I changed my mind.

To those who joined in the fun and declared themselves part of the family, thanks. There
are now two aunts (a crazy and a cool one), a sweet cousin, another sister, a grandmother, the drunken relative… 😊 A sense of HUMOR and maturity is key to all this good fun. You guys are simply awesome.

Thanks to those who sent me private messages, asking if I was okay after that Anon hate, giving me tips based on their past experiences, and just overall being SO SWEET for checking in. You know who you are.💕

Thanks to those who got the joke, and answered Anon in their own ways. Your support means a LOT. 👍🏻

I still got a couple of “family-related” hate from Anonymous asks up to a few hours ago. I decided not to answer them anymore. They bother me, don’t get me wrong. I was so bugged by them, even considering removing the option of anonymous asks altogether.

But why do that when there was so much fun and love in the fandom? The joyful anons outnumber the drama anons anyway. My high and crazy family’s got my back, right? 😉

Finally, thanks to my other half @justapapercut for keeping me sane through all this. Seriously, he saw me yoyo from happy to horrified, 😊 to 😭 and all that. He’s really a sweetheart and I’m grateful he was there for me in the wee hours of the morning.

Now, please excuse me. Grandmother’s lost her teeth again, the cool aunt is downstairs teaching my daughters how to hotwire the car, the crazy aunt’s talking to sweet cousin about the Kama Sutra, and there’s a whole other bunch of family visiting in a bit. I’m waiting for my husband to come home, and hopefully he has a bottle of Merlot for me. It’s a high and crazy family, a growing one at that. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉