I finished the first 4 weeks of my 12 week workout program this week! I found the program from simply shredded: 

Happy to say I lost roughly 1.5kg (3.3lbs) I think I would have lost more if I was more consistent with my diet, so the next 8 weeks I plan to eat much better now that I know I can get results. 

Daily Home Workout- Push-Ups with Deck of Cards

Get a deck of cards. The goal is to do each card one after the other with 10 seconds of rest.

The number card that you randomly pick is the number of reps you do. For example: Card 5=  5 push-ups. 

The suit determines how you position your hands. Here is how we ranked them:

Heart = Wide Grip 

Diamond = Close Grip (Diamond Push-Up)

Clubs or Spades = Regular Grip 

Kings, Queens, or Jacks = 20 Reps

Ace = Feet Up on Chair (Regular Grip)

Joker = Go to absolute failure (rest for 2 minutes)

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