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i simply have no idea of what you speak…. I was simply enjoying my breakfast.

nothing more.

nothing less.

Just enjoying some good old… toast.

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a fic where mordelia comes spend a day with baz (and simon since they're together) and simon loves her and is so good at taking care of her and is literally marriage material and baz cries internally

Okay, I got this ask literally ages ago, but could never find a way to finish it, until I decided I’d pair it with a cheesey proposal fic. Honestly it’s kind of terrible, but here it is.

Word count: 1.8K

Pairings:  Simon Snow/ Baz Pitch

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“Yes, Captain.” - Steve Rogers x Reader

Anonymous said: Steve is shy but he secretly gets turned on when you call him “cap” or “captain.” you find out (although he doesn’t tell you directly, you find out through other measures) and you use it to your advantage. Idk if you write smut or not, but just suggestive language and Steve possibly getting an awkward boner (lol) is totally fine :)))

You were in the kitchen pretty early that day, simply making breakfast, completely unaware of what the day had planned for you. Steve was as much of an early riser so you weren’t surprised when he appeared in the kitchen a few minutes after you arrived.

“Hey,” you mumbled drowsily, finishing up on your early morning coffee. You raised it up a little, “want some?”

He nodded his head and settled against the counter whilst you scuttled around the room and prepared his drink, “you got anything good planned today?” He asked, starting the small talk you were used to having with him. When you first started sharing the Avenger’s Tower with him, you thought he hated you because of how he only ever seemed to engage small talk; eventually you learnt that that’s just how he talks to you and stopped over thinking it.

“I don’t know, there’s nothing on my calendar. You?” As soon as the coffee was placed down in front of him he grabbed a hold of it and began to drink from it, a moan escaping from him. You ignored the burning at the pit of your stomach that appeared when you heard that sound.

Once he was done accidentally arousing you, he returned to the conversation at hand. “Pretty much the same, might go for a run. It’s always funny overtaking Sam.”

“Oh, I’ve heard the stories.” You laughed, being reminded of the last time you were at a party with Sam Wilson, he’d managed to get you dancing which was quite a feat and he also told you about all the times Steve had gone running at the same time as him and teased him to no end. That was also the same day that you realised Steve didn’t hate you, Sam had comforted you over the whole ordeal. “I might join you for that run, it’s been a while since I had a proper work out.”

“You’re welcome to join us if you want.” He replied, though his tone seemed indecisive, like he didn’t care whether you went or not. You ignored this, deciding to go along with your new theory that he did actually like you.

Just as you stepped away from the wall you’d been leaning on, your hand for some reason twitched and the (thankfully) empty coffee cup was thrown from your hand, in a matter of seconds it ended up in Steve’s hand. You let out a sigh of relief, knowing Tony would have kicked up a huge fuss over one coffee mug (you swear one day he’d probably start a war over something as silly as a mug). “Thanks cap,” you winked his way and grabbed the cup back from his hand, your hand gently caressing his.

Abruptly, he stood up from his seat with wide eyes and mumbled a tarnished excuse that came out as a string of incoherent sounds before running off and out of the kitchen. And you knew why. It had only been a short amount of time, but you’d seen it, his boner.

After that you decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Believing that it couldn’t possibly have been you which caused such a reaction, this didn’t mean you weren’t going to see if it actually was.

You still went running with him, setting off an hour later dressed in your shortest running shorts and a sports bra. Perhaps this looked rather desperate, you even felt a little desperate, but after feeling like he wasn’t fond of you for quite a while, this new possible revelation overcame you.

After thirty minutes of running there was no reaction though and so you decided to step it up a level, as you stopped to stretch he thankfully stayed with you. When you asked him why he decided to stay with you, he spouted some excuse about how it’d be ungentlemanly of him to leave you alone so early in the morning wearing such little. To which you replied ‘you don’t like my outfit’, receiving a very promising blush. “So,” you’d asked as you bent over, “what other things do you like to do, Captain?” Your voice had turned sultry, and it got you the exact effect you’d been wanting. He at first blanched and then turned away from you and began mumbling to himself, obviously trying desperately to hide his little problem.

You left it there, wanting to continue this later in a less public place. So you finished the run, the fact that Steve was running further ahead of you didn’t go unnoticed. “Are you going to go for a shower?” You asked him once you returned.

“No, I’m going to remain covered in sweat all day.” He joked sarcastically, a playful smile on his face. You rolled your eyes at him, and he rolled his back at you. Leaving you to go to his room, not knowing that you were going to follow him.

Of course you waited a couple of minutes before venturing down to his room, the door was left unlocked and the door to his bathroom was left open, allowing steam to vacate the room. Your movements were slow, the nerves that came with this entire situation finally hitting you. It helped though, as your steady steps meant less noise. You began to strip outside of the shower, taking a moment to appreciate the view in front of you. His eyes were closed and his head was dipped back, allowing the shower water to fall over his face.

You felt mad. Mad that you’d waited until now to witness this Adonis topless, you planned to make up for that plenty in the future.

As you slid into the shower you purposely made noise, gaining his attention. “Y/N,” he gasped as soon as he saw you. He gave himself a second to take in your naked figure before he fixed an intense gaze on your face, and only your face. “What are yo-“

“Tell me you don’t want this?” You dared, your nerves now taking control of what you said. “I saw your boner this morning, and I know why. Captain.”

“Don’t,” he groaned, his tone soft rather than demanding.

“Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll leave, but if you do, Captain, then-“

You didn’t get time to finish, his looming figure suddenly pushed you against the wall. The tiles felt cold on your back but they barely affected you as warmth overcame your body, just the lustful fire in his eyes was enough to make your knees turn to jelly. “I said, don’t.” And then his lips were on yours, dominating you and suddenly making you feel like the weak one. His boner pressed against your belly, making you feel even more desperate which you had thought was impossible after first seeing him naked in the shower. “Now will you please do what you’re told?”

You swallowed, “yes, Captain.”


“Oh you finally woke up!” Ashton says noticing that you’re finally awake. Your eyes are still sleppy and you’re a bit confused all you see right now in front of your eyes is a blonde haired guy shirtless and god his biceps are everything and he’s all foused on his phone. You don’t say anything you’re too sleepy to talk and just yawn a bit that Ashton notices that little cute yawn and look at you smiling a bit bc let’s be honest he’s still sleepy too but then he turns back to his phone and says “i made you breakfast” clenching his jaw still not looking at you so you just nod and say “oh, thank you” and try to stand up to go but then Ashton leaves his phone throwing it on the bed beside him and he’s now near to you looking at you wearing his Misfits shirt smiling so you’re like “what?????” and Ashton just smiles kissing your lips softly without touching you just his lips connected to yours and you’re like oh my god even if you two are dating for like two months it’s still a new thing waking up to him so he just breaks the kiss touching your hair “you’re so beautiful with my t-shirt on” and goood he said that with a HORNY voice biting his fUCKING LIPs bc daaamn he’s so hot and you two just spent the night together and you’re not even wearing anything except for his t-shirt bc you two finally made love that night for the first time ever and that was so beautiful and Ashton was so caring and loving and cute and adorable and now he’s still kissing you but now deeper and his hands reached your small boobs under your skin and he’s gently massaging them making your nipples so hard and your hands play with his curls all over his face and he just picks you up and you’re on his thighs now your crotches are touching and Ashton is already hard for you maybe bc he knows you’re naked under that shirt and god his hands start to roam your body basically eVERYWHERE from your jawline to your ass squeezing it a bit and then he just goes down on the bed with you still on him and he keeps making out with you while his hand slides under your shirt to touch your sensitive part oH MY GOD yOu close your eyes while his long warm fingers work on you and he’s touching you so gently your clit is between his two fingers and damn that feel so good you just hold him close and none of you two talk there are just your breathes and whimpers in the air and Ashton is breathing heavily too gOd he’s soOOooO horny right now that starts to rub himself on your ass and you can feel him so bad even if he’s still wearing his boxers but damn so you touch his boxers ready to pleasure him too but he stops you with his raspy voice “don’t touch me, i am pleasuring you” and you’re soOoo close his fingers are a gift from god holy sHit “but i want to pleasure you too” you reply whimpering a bit loud now and he just replies “no need, seeing you like this is the most exciting thing i have ever seen in my life” and god you can see your walls clenching you’re almost reaching your edge and Ashton is whimpering with you too and your hands go to his shoulders holding him close that much you can feel his hot breathes on your neck and hoLy fuck Ashton reaches his orgasm with you whimpering things like “oh god, oh god i love you so much” and hugs you close trying to catch air and you just snuggle to him curling up like a little ball on his chest kissing his collarbones while he caresses your hair slowly and just reminded you that you breakfast is still there waiting for you i AM GONNA KILL MYSELF RIGHT NOW BYE

Mmmm have a sweet tooth today 😍 choc protein pancakes for breakfast! Simply 1 banana, 1 serving choc protein powder, 2 small eggs, 2tbsp water, ¼ tsp baking powder and 10g whole meal spelt flour!! YUMMMYYY! Layered and surrounded with strawberries, drowned in pb2! Delishhhh after doing body attack to test if I know the release now 😏😏 almost got it all!


imagine jim in his late 70s, retired and happily living with his hubby. spock, who is still capable for many years to come, awakens early to go to teach at the academy every morning. imagine the morning routine of spock waking up, jim rousing as soon as he does with a snort. he gets up even though he doesn’t have to, hair sticking up in the air as he drags himself to make fresh coffee and boil the water for spock. jim dresses in jeans and a clean shirt, while spock adorns the teacher’s uniform. they clean up one after the other in their little bathroom before sitting at their kitchen table. while jim has taken to cooking as a new healthy passtime, breakfast is simply from the replicator. They eat peacefully, jim playing tootsie under the table while spock reads over some reports. spock knows a part of jim still wishes to teach, but his memory was deteriorating and so the academy has him as a guest lecturer on occasion instead. thus, spock would always tell him about the students and his teachings when he came home. jim would always have a warm dinner ready for him, let him know of his day of shopping in the neighbourhood and discussing some new hobby he would drop in a weeks time. spock never complained, especially not for their intimacies that kept getting better and better.

so when it came time for another enterprise to take off, jim was called to ‘cut the ribbon’, leaving spock at home alone. he was aware of their routines and rituals, jim’s mannerisms and enthusiasms, but it always hit hard to have him gone. he knew jim would return in short time, but it irked him to be apart. his bond ached, like he knew something was wrong. he knew jim would tell him to follow his gut instinct. he called the station. he barely got a word in before great pain hit him. his bond was still there, but it was so strained. it was then that he learned… about the nexus.