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Oasis Abandon

(Available on AO3)
Pairing: Link/Zelda (BOTW post-game)
Words: ~2350
Summary: Link and Zelda attend a Gerudo wedding at the Southern Oasis, complete with the appropriate Gerudo garb. Taking the evening to enjoy each others companionship, they share stories, sneak a little wine, and give in to abandon..
Notes: Requested by the lovely @aliceknowstime. TY to @honestground for beta-ing :)

The note is written in a crisp and prim hand, the ink a rich earthy brown and the parchment smelling of cinnamon and spice.

Champion. Princess, it reads. For your aid in protecting Vah Naboris, Chief Riju invites you to attend the wedding of her advisor, Perda, to be held at the Southern Oasis. You will attend as the Chief’s honoured guests. Please find the appropriate Gerudo attire enclosed. Buliara.

Link takes a moment to process the note. Wedding? Gerudo attire? He eyes the large parcel sitting on the table with some reservation. Their trip to Gerudo Desert was meant to be routine; meet with Lady Riju, check on Vah Naboris, maybe race a sand-seal or two. Link checks the date of the wedding and sees that it won’t interfere with their work, and, his curiosity getting the better of him, unravels the fine twine that secures the parcel.

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breakdawn-avenue  asked:

someone asked botw-headcanons about Zelda giving Link food so that he opens up more to her (I guess it were BOTW-Zelda and Link but I'm not sure). the answer was quite nice but somewhat short for my liking. I've thought about more (or it's actually totally silly); Zelda kind of spoils Link with lots and lots of food. and while he's digging through everything, Zelda keeps asking questions. to which Link answers right away and doesn't notice being questioned so much?

(I really like this! I wrote it pre-Ganon. Sorry if it’s a bit long.)

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anonymous asked:

It occurd to me that if the champions had survived, after helping Link defeat the Calamity they and Link got together and said 'You know what? We should be in charge of Hyrule now.' no one would realy be able to stop them. What would they be like as tyrant userpers do you think?

I imagine that, for this to come about, they’d have had to escaped death with a small hint of Malice infecting them all. Revali is probably the first one to bring it up.

“Why should she get to rule while we’re thrown to the shadows? We’re the reason that the Calamity was defeated, she wouldn’t have been able to do anything to it without us. We deserve to be the ones ruling.” Link gives him a dirty look while Mipha speaks up.

“She’s been trained to rule. Can you say the same? Have you been raised to manage resources and deal with problems in a kingdom?” She’s mostly saying it out of a feeling of solidarity to the other princess at this point. She knows she could probably easily teach them, but Zelda is set to rule. What right have they to overthrow her? Urbosa and Daruk are silent, both torn between loyalty to the princess and want for their people to be greater. As time goes on, they side with Revali. Why should a hylian get the glory for everyone’s work? Mipha sides with them as well a few days later. Five rulers would have a better range of perspectives on a problem than just one. Link caves, deciding to side with the majority of his friends, rather than his duty.

There’s no death, there’s no violence. There’s simply Link drawing Zelda out of the castle while the other four push the guards out of the castle and lock it off. Link returns and is let in. They declare themselves rulers, and the other races accept it fairly quickly. The hylians are outraged, their princess was to rule! The champions make no actions to quell their rebellion. They form an invasion force and get to the doors. A bolt of lightning takes out half of them before arrows rain down on them. Link, Urbosa, Daruk and Mipha open the doors and they flood forward. None of them make it past the four of them. The doors shut again after. The people calm, none of the hylians willing to risk that massacre again, especially if they’ll only attack them when they’re trying to overthrow them.

Years go by, and the kingdom is well taken care of. None of the five are willing to hurt their subjects, as they’ve all made it clear to the others that if their race is hurt, they’ll hurt the others as well. The peace is fueled by threats, and the Malice that lurks in the five of them is satisfied by the animosity.

Sorry if you were hoping for more of an evil thing and maybe they just went ‘fuck it’ without anything to make them do it, this was the only way I could think of it playing out. *Blue

So the Hero’s Shade remains one of my favorite parts about Twilight Princess, especially after the unveil of who he truly was, even with the multiple hints beforehand. Not only was he a cool way to teach the sword techniques, but he was a connection to the past games, and it actually added some depth and personality to my favorite Link. The spirit of the Hero of Time, unable to rest, all because he lamented being forgotten, having all his heroic deeds unremembered or wiped away.

And you know what? While I’ve seen people say that that reasoning is dumb or selfish of Link, it is really interesting, and honestly really understandable. His first journey ended with nearly everyone he’d come to know and befriend forgetting him completely. Only he remembered struggling to save Hyrule, and only he remembered those friendships he formed.

Then in Majora’s Mask he spent countless three day cycles getting to know people, aiding them in their struggles, and befriending them, only to have them forget him each time he had to go back to that first day, with much of that journey being in the guise of the Deku Butler’s Son, Darmani, and Mikau, or even the Fierce Deity. We don’t even know if the people of Termina are aware it was him that defeated Majora and repelled the moon.

It feels completely understandable that he’d have issues with being forgotten after all that. Through the Hero’s Shade a side of Link’s personality is directly explored that almost no other Link to my knowledge has had explored. And you know what? That’s actually pretty cool. And despite this great lamentation, he seemed to actually have a fairly fulfilling life based on the knightly armor, and he seems to have found someone and started a family based on TP Link being his descendant.

Oh and you know what makes it better? After he helped so many spirits find rest in Majora’s Mask, the favor was finally returned in the end.

Break Me Down Then Build Me Up- Sidlink

Tags/Triggers- slow burn (maybe?), alpha/Omega/beta, hurt/comfort, heat cycles, poor Link what am I gonna do to this kid, mute Link, mentions of child abuse/rape for later chapters (memory stuff, I haven’t written any form of smut before idk how in detail I’ll go but I will mark where these scenes will be for those that want to skip it), yiga clan, happy ending

So yeah those those triggers appear in this chapter…I’m not sure how I’m gonna mark where they are so they can be skipped…I may just not go into detail with them. This is gonna be a royal mess. Anyway…Here ya go.


Chapter 5

Sidon was disturbed by the increased amount of guards patrolling the Domain as they left the infirmary, the healer quickly making her way to his chambers to keep an eye on Link. He hadn’t ordered for the increase, nor did he recall anything happening to cause such action. Glancing at the princess walking with him to the dining hall he noticed her entire being was tense, eyes hard and still showing signs of anger mixing with raw emotion. This caused more worry to bloom in Sidon’s chest.

As they entered the hall, Zelda took a seat at the far corner and requested the strongest drink the Zora’s had. Sidon blinked before taking a seat next to her, requesting something light to drink, as well as a simple dish for them both. The drinks arrived first. Zelda knocked her drink back in one gulp and requested another. The Zora serving them quickly fetched another, this one Zelda simply sipped, her body slowly relaxing.

“I must apologise for my behavior Prince Sidon…It wasn’t my intention to come across as cold.” She ran a hand over face, sighing deeply.

“You must have your reasons to act that way Princess. I’m only alarmed as to why everyone seems to on edge. What happened while Link and I were at the Reservoir?” Sidon took a slow drink, eyes on Zelda.

She sighed again, staring into her glass and swirling the liquid. “Have you heard of the Yiga Clan, prince?”

“Link told me that he helped the Gerudo retrieve an item from them, and that he’s encountered them across Hyrule. They seem intent on killing him actually…” Sidon frowned.

“They want more from him than his death. Those bastards want to use him to breed…”

Sidon stilled, holding back a snarl that was forming in his chest. “I won’t let them touch my pearl.”

Zelda smiled at him. “I’m glad to hear that…. Hopefully we can stop the attack before you two get married.” She giggled softly at the surprised look on the Prince’s face.

“You mean you approve?”

“Of course I do. I’m giving him away myself.” She took another drink. Sidon tilted his head.

“I don’t mean to be rude Princess but, why are you so willing to let him go? I was certain a battle of dominance was to happen.” Which Sidon was already prepared to win, but he wasn’t going to tell her that.

Zelda’s expression fell, a deep sadness replacing the exhaustion and anger. “Because…I was the reason he lost his voice…”


^“You little bastard! Get back here!” Link tried to hide, but a rough hand grabbed him by the hair and tossed him into the wall. He felt his ribs cracking, a wheezing sob escaping his lips. The blows on him continued to rain, he blocked his face with his arms.

“Worthless! You tainted my bloodline! To think an omega was born out of a strong line of alphas!” Link felt spit hit his face. “I should kill you like I did your whore of a mother!”

Tears fell. Link has dealt with this since his mother died. He couldn’t escape. He prayed for death…^

A broken whine left his chapped lips. He could hear a soft voice next to him and something cool places on his forehead. Link felt too hot, he wanted Sidon. He didn’t have the energy to open his eyes, he couldn’t speak, couldn’t sign. What was happening to him? He fell back into the spiral of hell he was trying to free himself of as the voice next to him tried their best to sooth his panic.


“What do you mean by that Princess?” Sidon was very confused. How was it her fault that Link couldn’t speak?

Zelda took a long draught of her drink, leaning back in her chair. “When…When my father was alive, he was set on creating the strongest army possible. Only the strongest alphas were allowed to breed, and only the strongest omegas were allowed to bear those children…“ She gave a half-hearted laugh. “To think that’s how he thought was the only solution to making a strong race. Hylians can be so selfish…All of us use to be that way. The weak ones were used as slaves, either for work or…Pleasure.” Zelda bit out that last part. Sidon’s eyes going wide as he listened.

“After I came of age for my first heat, my father sent his soldiers out to find only the best omega they could find. I’m not sure how they found him, but they brought Link to my chamber. H-he was so skinny, Sidon. Covered in bruises and cuts. I actually laughed at him…” She downed the rest of her drink, when she asked for another she gave a lopsided smile to the server when the Zora asked if she was sure. “I’m sure dear, my mate used to be the Champion of the Gerudo. I had to learn to hold my liquor with that one.” The Zora nodded and refilled the glass.

“I couldn’t smell fear on him. In fact, looking back on it I don’t know how I didn’t sense the goddess power flowing in his veins. But his smell is so…Sweet. Intoxicating. It spurred my heat on, and I…” She took a shuddering breath. “I had him pinned, I managed to take his trousers off even with his struggling. I almost…I almost took him. Until he started -screaming-, and his fear was so strong it snapped me out of my heat. I saw the bruises on his thighs….That -look- on his face…That sheer terror…” Tears were forming in her eyes as she downed half her drink again. “It caught me off guard, and even in his weakened state he had a powerful right hook.” A weak chuckle left her lips. “He pulled his clothes back on and ran off. I’m not sure where he went, or if my father caught him…But…”

Zelda choked on a sob as she continued. “It was about a week after that, the other champions and I were going to the Spring of Courage. When we got there, Farosh was curled around the goddess statue. It scared us. Mipha had smelled the blood….and-and I could hear a voice, begging me to help him.” Her tears were falling faster now. “Link was at the base of the statue, naked, bloodied, so -broken-….That..That gurgling noise he was making. Someone slit his throat. I’m not sure how he was still alive. None of us were sure. When Mipha began healing him, I heard Farosh speaking. Telling me to right my wrong. To take him to the Great Deku Tree, never fail the Hero Of Time again…”

She turned her teary eyes to the prince, only crying more at the look of horror and anger etched in his features. “I promised Farosh. I know I had been harsh on Link, to keep him safe from my father I had to treat him how I did when I knighted him. I know I failed him again when the Calamity came. I won’t fail him again Sidon. I can’t let him look like that again. I won’t allow that terror taint him. I won’t let it taint you.”


Link sobbed weakly as memories assaulted him, beatings, being violated, over and over again. It made his fever climb, until it suddenly broke, and Link screamed.


……This is a train wreak. But hey, at least I gave it the old college try. It only gets worse from here. But I promise the ending is happy. Kiba out.

Hateno Housemates Pt 3 (Post-BOTW Zelink)

Some domestic Zelink fluff as requested by @liv-andletdie. Part Three of Four!
| Part One | Part Two | Part Four | AO3 Link |

(Hateno Housemates is now also on AO3!)

Pairing: Zelda x Link
Setting: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild (postgame)
Words: 1300


Link knelt by the vegetable plot in the garden of his Hateno house, inspecting a fully-grown hearty radish. He turned over the sturdy leaves between a thumb and a forefinger, face twisted in thought, before snatching up the little gardening book that sat at his side. Radishes typically take around six weeks to grow to maturity. He’d underlined the sentence twice, for the precise reason that he’d only planted the radishes a fortnight prior. Perhaps the Hateno soil was unusually rich, or perhaps the book was outdated. Zelda had salvaged it from the Hyrule Castle Library for him after he’d mentioned wanting to try his hand at gardening. They’d built four vegetable plots together in the yard next to their Hateno house, and Zelda had returned from her next trip to Hyrule Castle with a large bundle of books on everything from composting to cultivation.

Link lowered his book, and eyed the radishes skeptically. On the last day that he and Zelda had shared in Hateno, Link’s radish plot contained little more than sprouts – but Zelda had assured him that radishes were hardy, and would grow no matter the skill of their gardener. In fact, she had seemed a tad too sure of the matter. Link reached into his shirt, and pulled out the faintly glowing message medallion.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Revali showed the same arrogance to Zelda as he did to Link or was he more reserved?

I doubt he was as harsh to Zelda simply because while he might have disagreed with her on points, he was still one of the established Champions designated to the defeat of Ganon.

Link, however, was a direct encroachment on his duty, and therefore also presented an immediate conflict/threat to his position and level of importance. That warranted a much rougher response in turn.

Sidon’s Epic Pining Adventure

Chapter 5: Doomed Thoughts

Author’s Notes: …So. First of all. Sharks don’t have vocal chords. Which utterly betrayed my headcanon that Sidon can be super expressive with fin and gill flares and also makes a variety of involuntary snorts, grunts, roars, growls, purrs, etc based on the situation. 

So. Congrats. Sidon now acts like a fucking cat because purring affectionate zora dad that just puffs out all aggressively when he’s angry is the cutest fucking thing and you fucking know it.

Also this chapter ends on an angst note because it was getting too long and I had to split this one just before important life chats with Dad Dorephan. I’m sorry. 

Second of all, I can guarantee that the rating of this fic will go up.


You can also read here at Ao3!

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Well, 2016 was a bit draining for me. I’ve been way too occupied, and I went over budget for the year (which was a supreme disappointment for me). But anyway, I’m going to try and have more of an online presence from here on! I miss my writing and drawing, and I have too many stories that need to be updated. So in apology for my absenteeism, here’s a writing warm-up to start off the new year! 

Post Twilight Princess, Zelink!

She almost pitied him then, before she recalled he was the reason she was out here past decent hours, fetching him like a wayward husband she had to drag home.

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randombutloved  asked:

Can I give you a few; just so you can pick one? I'd say either a 500 word description of your favourite Zelda location, snippet between BotW Link and hos father, or something funny between BotW Link and (Zelda or Rhoamet?)? Just if you want to do descriptions or interactions more :3

I’ll do the first one! For #2 and #3, keep an eye out for FTGU Ch 22 ;)

Where The World Ends

Words: 600 (i tried lol)
Pairing: Link/Zelda

They don’t need a map; they follow the sun. Their only destination is north.

It doesn’t matter what they find there – if they find anything. North is where the maps stop, where the world simply ends. Zelda can’t remember if it was her idea or Link’s. Perhaps a case of shared curiosity. Or a shared ethos. I go where you go.

Despite the romanticism of the mission, Link decides they should at least follow the roads. Akkala is the most northern settlement in Hyrule, and while the trade routes there are overgrown from misuse, riding on grassy roads would be preferable to scaling mountains.

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Starry-Eyed: Chapter 1 (A Zelink Fanfic)

Friends dating friends who aren’t really dating but want to date

Summary: Link bets that he can ask Zelda out so that Groose will stop bullying him. Zelda’s father has been hinting to her about a possible boyfriend. Zelda likes Link. Their solution? Fake dating. 

Word Count: 1,889 

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by bayonettaton

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