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Ronan is my favorite and Adam follows close (let’s not forget “I’m dating a Welsh King Legend” Gansey, Noah the Smudged Cupcake, and Blue who’s simply my favorite female YA character ever).

Actually it’s really hard not to be a little in love with all five of them.

The Raven Cycle @ maggie-stiefvater and if you haven’t read it, buy the epubs or the books or borrow them at your local library! SERIOUSLY.

Chub mccree backs you against the wall, banging his fists on either side, those thick arms fencing you in with the rest of him jiggling

“Now where d'ya think yer goin partner?” The big cowboy sneers. One arm reaches down and he gives his huge belly a squeeze. His belt creaks and his button up shirt reveals stretching diamonds of adipose pillowing out between the buttons. With no effort he presses it against you, that bouncing belly rolling over your sides. “I simply gotta repay ya for such a big meal”

The big cowboy leans over his stomach and kisses you, his mouth tasting of cigars and the meal you just made him. Mccree practically growls, his hands quickly sliding down and stopping at the waist of your pants . You feel his fingers tuck around your waistband and pull

“It’s high noon sweetheart”

I’ll make a meme out of you

Let’s create a business

To defeat the puns

Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson is #1!

One does not simply got time for that!

But you can bet before we’re through

Text post, I’ll make a meme out of you

The Skeleton War is upon us

Meet me in the pit!

Once you find the center

Hoe don’t do it!

You’re a small precious cinnamon roll (oh my god)

Still you haven’t got a clue

Somehow I’ll make a meme out of you

Person 1: Quit telling everyone I’m dead!

Person 2: Hello and welcome to Chili’s!

Person 3: Okay…that sounds fake but okay.

Person 4: Do it for the bread!

Person 5: Shut up and take my money!

Person 1: You don’t say?

(Be a meme)

You must be swift as a good Rick Rolling

(Be a meme)

Take all the breadsticks with you

(Be a meme)

Harry! Did ya put your name in goblet of fiyah?!

Mysterious as gun

Why you always lyin’? (You gotta)

Take my every order and push it somewhere else!

You’re unsuited for the Skeleton War

Sorry but I have to go right now, immediately

How could I make a meme out of you?

(Be a meme)

You must be swift as a good Rick Rolling

(Be a meme)

Take all the breadsticks with you

(Be a meme)

Harry! Did ya put your name in the goblet of fiyah?!

Mysterious as gun

(Be a meme)

You must be swift as a good Rick Rolling

(Be a meme)

Take all the breadsticks with you

(Be a meme)

Harry! Did ya put your name in the goblet of fiyah?!

Mysterious as gun


Okay ya’ll, time for some theory

So this picture: We see it in the opening credits, obviously it’s the Kwami Box

Now I found a cleared up version, with Master Fu in it/one without him in it

Here we see two of the Miraculous in the Kwami Box, here’s one with them all except the Fox one

Okay, so if we look at this one, my theory is that, Volpina said she comes from a family of superheroes, so obviously the Fox Kwami/Miraculous has been passed down, now her mother, or what-so-ever might have the Miraculous in this scene, so that’s why it’s not here.

Next one, the yellow Kwami, or the Bee. So theory has it that Chloé was the original holder for it, and theory also says that she lost it to Hawkmoth. Now maybe Hawkmoth only took the Kwami and is keeping it prisoner, and for safe keeping, Chloé gave it back to Master Fu.

The green Kwami, is Master Fu’s, Wayzz, so he has the bracelet and the Kwami, that’s simple.Purple, Hawkmoth has the pin, and Nooroo, the purple Kwami, that’s simple as well.

In the middle, Ladybug’s and Chat Noirs, again; Simple. That’s why the green bracelet, purple pin, red earrings and black ring is gone in the first picture.

Now the blue one, the peacock. So I was talking to my friend about this, well, I was doing all the talking, but we, I’ll say we, came up with the idea of the peacock being Adrien’s mother, because you all like to imagine it. So we can see it’s missing in the first photo, so, maybe Adrien’s mother still has the Miraculous and Kwami with her

Now as we can see by this picture

There’s a peacock thingy next to the mother’s photo, so maybe she just still has the Kwami, or, maybe Hawkmoth has it, who knows?

That’s it for now, tell me whatcha think… Tomorrow, I’m going to bed

Ya'll know March 6th marks 6 decades of independence in Ghana?

Was it simply a coincidence you choose that day, or was this planned for some reason unknown to the likes of me?

Where ya’ll black feminists at???  All the hate ya’ll had for Tyga and Kylie, ya’ll better have that same hate towards Nicki Minaj and her brother. Her brother was charged with raping, yes RAPING A 12 YEAR OLD. If he is found guilty, I would expect ya’ll to come out against Nicki Minaj, as she is defending him. This is what I expect ya’ll to do, but I know ya’ll won’t. The majority of ya’ll will brush this under the rug and will never mention it. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Black feminists are always ready to point out how fucked up the Kardashian/Jenner clan is but when Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and any other black female celebrity does something that is problematic, ya’ll simply ignore it, make excuses for it, or defend it. Case in point, Nicki Minaj pointing a wand at a person in a wheelchair and telling them to walk. 

Side Note: I don’t like the Kardashian/Jenner clan either, but I hate the double standards these black feminists on tumblr have. Stop making excuse for Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Amber Rose and several other black female celebrities when they do shit wrong. 

Also don’t say that she has to defend him because it’s her brother, uhh, that is an excuse. She does NOT have to defend her brother.