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Yet Another Star Wars AU

Leis discovers her strength in the force by accidentally-on-purpose force-choking Tarkin when he orders Alderaan destroyed. Vader takes her on as his apprentice on the spot, her own preferences be damned.

(‘My master will excuse the lose of one military politician for the sake of acquiring a powerful new ally. For the sake of the rebellion, less so. I suggest you choose carefully, princess. Your home has been spared for the moment, but the emperor is rarely merciful.’

'I despise you.’

'Then you are already well on your way to being a proper sith. All apprentices despise their masters.’)

Another Drarry Soulmate AU because there are never enough

So imagine a soulmate AU where you, of course, have your soulmate’s thoughts, writing, and speech scrawled in various places around your body–but only when you are the subject of the speech/writing/thoughts. I imagine this not as the writing showing up in a specific spot, but each day you start out a blank slate and find your skin becoming littered with random little words and phrases, all about you.

Can you imagine Drarry?

Assuming the soul marks show up once both soulmates are 18, imagine Draco’s 18th birthday during eighth year. Imagine him and Harry walking into the great hall for breakfast that morning to find their skin is c o m p l e t e l y covered in writing. From head to foot, every inch consumed with obtrusive thoughts. 

Would they be surprised? Appalled? Excited?

I would like to think this is what brought them together, but sometimes I also enjoy imagining that they were already together at this point having made amends after the war, simply waiting for the soul marks to show up so they could gain closure. Or maybe even with the writing Harry Oblivious James Potter would still not catch on and went on an epic quest to find out who his soulmate was. Maybe Ron got mad, but only because he had homework to do and Harry could you just go make out with Draco and stop living in denial because I am going to fail this Potions Exam??

I could write a thousand Drarry fics about this. There is no wrong way.

Do you ever just like

Sit down

Bc like

Shiro is my age

He is literally my age

And Keith Lance and Hunk are my sister’s age

And Pidge is my other sister’s age


They should be doing all the same stuff we do

They should be going to school
Pulling all nighters before exams
Procrastinating by baking cookies
Drawing dicks on each other’s notes

They should be hanging out with friends
Having sleepovers together
Playing cards against humanity late into the night
Going on pokemon go adventures

They may be paladins of Voltron tasked with liberating the whole dang universe but they’re human too and it breaks my heart that they’re thrust into this war simply by being at the right place at the right time none of them asked for this and yet they all chose to stay because it’s the right thing to do

But like they’re kids

They’re just kids

Don’t touch me

Rey is a Kenobi. Just look at them.

Here’s Young Obi-Wan.

Here’s Obi Wan, a bit older.

Here’s Rey.

Here’s them together.  See the resemblance between them in terms of the grandfather coming down to his granddaughter?? (traits wise)

I don’t know what you other people are talking about, but I do see some resemblance going on here. 

Even thinks they are:

Lastly, I would like to end with this:

Rey: Grandpa!

Obi-wan: Come here, grandchild!


Made myself a pattern for my blog and thought I could share it cuz I’m happy with how it turned out and how much fun I had making it >v<
(I’m surprised it works, I usually suck at making these XD).

You’re free to use it for your blog if you want to.
Credit’s not needed but would be highly appreciated ´w`~ <3
(and yes, Kylo’s helmet turned out too small - maybe that’s why he’s so pissed *snort*)

Ezra: You actually believe that!?

Kanan: It makes me feel better when I say it!

I haven’t actually heard it expressed in those terms before but I find that very relatable.

I’ll make a meme out of you

Let’s create a business

To defeat the puns

Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson is #1!

One does not simply got time for that!

But you can bet before we’re through

Text post, I’ll make a meme out of you

The Skeleton War is upon us

Meet me in the pit!

Once you find the center

Hoe don’t do it!

You’re a small precious cinnamon roll (oh my god)

Still you haven’t got a clue

Somehow I’ll make a meme out of you

Person 1: Quit telling everyone I’m dead!

Person 2: Hello and welcome to Chili’s!

Person 3: Okay…that sounds fake but okay.

Person 4: Do it for the bread!

Person 5: Shut up and take my money!

Person 1: You don’t say?

(Be a meme)

You must be swift as a good Rick Rolling

(Be a meme)

Take all the breadsticks with you

(Be a meme)

Harry! Did ya put your name in goblet of fiyah?!

Mysterious as gun

Why you always lyin’? (You gotta)

Take my every order and push it somewhere else!

You’re unsuited for the Skeleton War

Sorry but I have to go right now, immediately

How could I make a meme out of you?

(Be a meme)

You must be swift as a good Rick Rolling

(Be a meme)

Take all the breadsticks with you

(Be a meme)

Harry! Did ya put your name in the goblet of fiyah?!

Mysterious as gun

(Be a meme)

You must be swift as a good Rick Rolling

(Be a meme)

Take all the breadsticks with you

(Be a meme)

Harry! Did ya put your name in the goblet of fiyah?!

Mysterious as gun

Space: the scariest frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise that can crash anytime and nobody will be able to help. Its horrific, almost suicidal five-year mission: to explore strange, dangerous and unsafe worlds, to seek out new life that will possibly kill you and new civilizations that can declare a war or simply destroy us all, to boldly but cautiously go where no man has gone before
—  Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, probably
Predictions Going into 7b (Not Many TBH)

Good morning and Happy TWD Day! It’s finally arrived. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I promised I would write a predictions post, but please don’t expect too much. This will be short. As soon as I sat down to write it, I realized I don’t have a whole lot to say. I might not have written it at all if not for so many requests. So here goes:

Of course there’s the obvious: I do think we’ll see Beth in 7b.

As for the overall arc with TF, I’ve read spoilers and I no longer know exactly where my original predictions end and the spoilers begin, so I don’t want to go into details. All I’ll say is that, if we aren’t actually getting into the All Out War arc this season, then 7b will obviously be them simply gearing up for war, making alliances, etc.

Keep in mind that often the end of an arc (or season) mirrors the beginning. So, it’s safe to say that things won’t go smoothly or as planned (which is typical for TWD). I think they’ll hit all kinds of obstacles, have lots of disappointments, and lose more people. So, it will be very frustrating for TF because even after they decide to fight back, it’s still going to feel very futile for a while.

I do also think we’ll return to places we went to in 7a (like Oceanside). They set up a lot of arcs that weren’t fulfilled. I mean even ones that so far have nothing to do with TD. Like Spencer finding a map to all kinds of supplies, and now he’s gone. Or the houseboat Rick and Aaron found, etc. They’ve promised more action, so no matter what happens, I think it’ll be super exciting.

And what episode will we see Beth in? Yeah, I got no freaking clue. I still lean toward the finale overall. But I think it’s possible we could see her in episode 9. Or 12 or 13 (Norman completely disappeared during most of the filming of those episodes). So it could be any time, and I don’t want to speculate in too much detail at this point.

As you can see, I don’t have anything very specific for anyone. Sorry. If you’ve read most of my theories, you probably know how all-over-the-place my predictions are anyway. Anything worth saying, I’ve already posted about. I don’t really want to repeat myself.

Let’s just all sit back and enjoy the mid-season premiere. And let’s hope it’s as awesome as the S6 MSP. Because let’s face it: that was one of the best episodes EVER. ;D