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keep me waiting

pairing: jimin x reader
genre: fluff

word count: 1.6k
        → ill steal you back in 8 years, don’t worry. you like me, right?

(quick drabble because i’ve been feeling jimin these days)

”I just want to be able to give you more.” he sighed, sad smiles exchanged in the empty subway.

“You give me everything I want, Jimin.”

“No, no…” he shushed you. “I’m not trying to break up with you. I’ll come back. I’ll finish my business with Bangtan, I’ll ride the high out and then I’ll come back to you. Pinky promise.”

He stretched his pinky out towards you, your brows furrowing with dissatisfaction. It felt surreal hearing those words, considering you weren’t even his girlfriend. You remembered the 8 years that were left of his contract, a small gasp escaping your lips.

“You want me to wait for 8 years?”

His mouth pursed and he tried to hold back a chuckle, perhaps a little surprised at the realization himself. Eight years was a long time and no amount of hopefulness could deny it.

“No, don’t wait…” he smirked. “You can go on, date other people. I’ll come around and steal you back, that’s no issue.”

A shy pout erupted at your bottom lip; a juvenile, whiny gaze sent his way. You didn’t want to date other people, you didn’t want to wait eight years. You just wanted him and his stupid kisses. He pushed into your shoulders with a teasing glance, flicking his tongue at the roof of his mouth.

“You like me, right?”

You forced your hands into your sweater, blooming bouquets of various shades of red blossoming like a blanket on your cheeks. How could he ask you this, you liked him so much you could burst what the fuck Jimin hngnghngh

“Yeah.” you muttered, shy glances briefly stolen.

“You’re cute.”

If this was any other guy, perhaps it would’ve ended there. Perhaps he would’ve let you go, let you breathe a little. If he wasn’t entirely merciless, perhaps he would’ve let you date other people, perhaps he would’ve let you go home.

However, this was Park Jimin, your best friend and secret love of your life. He kept asking you out after that, kissing your forehead, carrying you around in his apartment.

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anonymous asked:

can you talk more about bitty being religious? thats a headcanon i share and am curious how people interpret that, especially how he practices at samwell

I’m not a Christian/religious person, so there’s only so much I’m able to get into without turning into the shrugging emoji, but I have lived in the South for over 10 years now and I can tell you that church culture extends sooo far beyond belief in God. 

Bitty grew up in rural Georgia, and in center Madison alone (just Googled) there are TWENTY churches. Five of them are on the same road within 100 ft of each other (this is not unusual for the South). He likely grew up going to church every Sunday, participating in church bake sales, going to Sunday School, and all te other endless church-affiliated activities that happen every damn day down here. Most of his friends? From church. Most of his mom’s friends? From church. Where do you get the hot goss of the day? From church. It’s 70% social club, 30% praying. I can’t really imagine a Bitty who didn’t grow up in this environment, and moving away from it left him feeling pretty isolated (for the tattoo au cue lardo bringing in the circle tats; he found a new community to be a part of). 

(ok back to canon) With hockey and school and checking practice and everything, he almost definitely stopped going to church every Sunday - there simply wasn’t time, and the closest church was like 45 mins away. I think his vlog helped a lot in that respect - he was able to continue his baking talk and gossip and everything even outside of a church environment.

I can’t say how coming to terms with his sexuality affected his beliefs, because most churches don’t even talk about that (its generally either very generic scripture reading or hey this person is having back surgery pls pray for them this week unless the pastor is an asshole), and I don’t hold to the headcanon that his parents preach about sin and stuff. It’s more than likely that, after coming out, he recieved confusion and worry from his Fellow Gays (on the internet??) that he was gay and religious and that’s what caused most of his turmoil. He felt like he was somehow not being true to who he was or betraying his community because he enjoyed church/believed in God.

But idk. That’s about as far as I went with that. I encourage any religious queer people out there to add on, as I’m pretty unqualified to answer this.

Tired of Vanilla*

“Someone’s in an odd mood.”

Harry’s raspy voice piped from the sofa where he lounged with his bare legs outstretched in front of him, phone in hand, simply relaxing on this Sunday evening in boxers and an old Rolling Stones t-shirt that you had pleaded to wear but he never allowed. You were on the opposite couch of his living room, staring blankly at T.V. that was playing some old rerun of Jeopardy. Your head rest sideways on the headrest, back to him, eyebrows furrowed as if you were angry but after a long session of searching through his brain, Harry came to the conclusion that he hadn’t done anything to anger you.

You merely hummed a low noise back in acknowledgment at this statement, eyes trained on the vibrant screen. “Is it me?”

“Yes,” Harry mused, placing his phone down, now toying with his fingers. “Something on yer mind babe?”

You shook your head absentmindedly, a weak attempt to reassure him that you were alright and to leave you alone. Only he didn’t. Harry knew from the hard line your mouth was in and slightly narrowed eyes that you were thinking. From the looks of the lack of attention you were providing him, he decided you were very much occupied in your thoughts.

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So Many Stars (Ch. 15)

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Chaptered, English teachers in Japan AU
Word Count: 6,931 words
Warnings: Lots of swearing and angst
Description: The dawn is filled with dreams…

Read Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 | Ch. 13 | Ch. 14

A/N: i just want to shout out my friend heather, who helped me talk out my ideas for this chapter and give it some semblance of order. thanks, pal! ch. 16 on wednesday (march 4)!


“We ought to get you home,” Phil said, sitting up suddenly.

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Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, who served from 1945-1971 as the House representative for Harlem, was notable for a few reasons. He was one of the first African Americans elected to Congress, he made great strides in the early quest for civil rights, and he ultimately proved as cocky and difficult to get rid of as the Caddyshack gopher.

Powell was notoriously tardy with his taxes – by which we mean that the federal government went after him for unpaid taxes starting in the early ‘50s. They upped their game in 1963, when Powell lost a slander lawsuit against an old lady he’d bafflingly accused of running bribes, and refused to pay that settlement as well. In 1965, a judge finally ordered Powell to be held in contempt, and issued an arrest warrant. But due to a rule in New York that warrants couldn’t be served on Sundays, Powell simply went into hiding six days a week, only appearing in public on Sundays. A fed up House of Representatives eventually decided to kick his ass out, and a special election was held to replace him in Congress. After the votes were counted, the winner, by a whopping 86 percent, was … Adam Clayton Powell.

Democracy having spoken loud and clear, Powell was readmitted to Congress. But instead of showing up to work, he threw up both middle fingers and moved to the Bahamas for the duration of his term, keeping his full salary while doing nothing but smoking cigars, gambling, and chilling with exotic dancers.

New York went back to the polls in 1968, and again elected Powell to another term. Exasperated, the House stripped Powell of his seniority and fined him for misusing travel expenses. Powell responded by suing Congress, and winning. According to Powell, “My people would elect me … even if I had to be propped up in my casket.”

The 5 Most Insane Elections In US History (Before This One)

LANA DEL REY - New Interview for German Magazine

World on Sunday: Is June 29 a special day for you?

Lana Del Rey: No, not really, why?

World on Sunday: On this day, exactly three years ago, the video for “Video Games” was uploaded to YouTube. It almost made ​​you an overnight-superstar.

Lana Del Rey: That was June 29th? I had no idea. But that’s great, I could celebrate.

World on Sunday: How would you describe the time since then, in three words?

Lana Del Rey: Heavy. Complex. Surprising. Especially the last one. I used to have the feeling that my life belongs to me - I was driving. The more famous I became, the more I became the co-driver who does not know what will happen next. And that’s still the case today. Everyday there are things that make me ask ‘why are things happening now?’ It’s become normal for me to expect the unexpected.

World on Sunday: Previously - albeit much smaller - you sung on stages and recorded albums for years on end. Was there little preparation for that?

Lana Del Rey: I was at a small independent label and then I did an album with a new producer, which was shelved for two and a half years. That was something else entirely. It really started when I signed with my current label and my song was on the radio. That was the big moment.

World on Sunday: When was the moment your turned into popstar Lana del Rey?

Lana Del Rey: I, myself, have always felt that I am Lana Del Rey. A person who is different, free, does what she wants to do. So I decided to change my name.

World on Sunday: You soon had a lot of speculation about whether this person was really “free” and, above all, who she was. The carefully staged singer - and the woman behind it, called Elizabeth Grant. And how one had become the other; the authenticity of it all.

Lana Del Rey: Firstly, there is no difference to Lizzy Grant. I have always been unconventional, even when I was much younger. I always wanted to direct my own life, build my own world. I took off early. And I was very grown up as I child, I think. I think this discussion of authenticity as a theme isn’t interesting. Why is it relevant? I don’t get dressed and present myself as somehow pretending to be someone else. I have always written my music myself. Finally, it’s also true that I did everyday things in my life that interested no one.

World on Sunday: What about when it comes to the time when you were a semi-social worker?

Lana Del Rey: If you’re really interested in an artist, you should probably search for the true story behind it. I was very shy at the beginning and I didn’t want to give any interviews. Before I even gave the first interview, so many things had already been written and said about me that were simply not true. I had not said anything yet! That’s why I wanted to write my new album. Then I truly show what has influenced me in my life and writing. Those who are interested in it can simply listen.

World on Sunday: We hear, for example, about a “Cult Leader”, a guru, which you follow.

Lana Del Rey: I think searching for guidance is a constant theme in my life. I knew relatively early on who I was. But I did not know exactly what I wanted to do. And I was always looking for people who are like me. So, I went at the age of 18 to New York. I was looking for this cool artist group, but I didn’t find it. But I found someone who was like me. It was very interesting for me, we had a special relationship. He had built up a group that followed him.

World on Sunday: That sounds more threatening.

Lana Del Rey: In the end, it wasn’t right for me. However, I am a seeker. I love to have questions. I do not believe that 'Oh, if you let go of the question, the answers come naturally.’ I think you only find something if you go off and search. 

World on Sunday: Does this include going to a fortune teller? 

Lana Del Rey: I went to a fortune teller before the tour last year because my friend was very ill at that time. We’ve been to several doctors, but to no avail. And then we went to a very famous fortune teller. She had an answer for him. She said to me that I should write four questions on a piece of paper and place the paper, before our conversation, under my pillow. She answered the questions, without seeing the paper.

World on Sunday: What kind of questions were they?

Lana Del Rey: They were very personal. One was about whether I should really get on with what I’m doing, or should I look for another job. She said she couldn’t see. She said that bad things woukd happen to me, but in time, it would go back again to the right place for me.

World on Sunday: There’s a video from a moment of the peak of your success; a concert in Dublin, where you sing “Video Games” and he crowd goes wild. You cried during it - why?

Lana Del Rey: I wasn’t particularly comfortable on the tour at the time. I felt sick and I felt disconnected to my own music because everyonr came between me and my work. When everyone began to sing the words of “Video Games” - it was so loud I couldn’t hear anything else - I was sad because I could not appreciate it. I felt connected with the audience, but not with my own music. It once meant a lot that I write songs for myself and at that moment, I had the feeling that I hadn’t done that for ages.

World on Sunday: Do you think you’ve found this feeling again?

Lana Del Rey: Yes, when I met the musician Dan Auerbach, who I made ​​my new album with. He was interested in me and my music, and that meant that I found myself to be an interesting musician again. He gave me confidence.

World on Sunday: What song on your new album means most to you? 

Lana Del Rey: “Cruel World”. The song is like my life, the verse is very direct, the refrain is very dynamic, almost chaotic, but beautiful; it rises…and then it goes back to the second verse. It’s exactly what it is. It’s nice because it’s easy.

World on Sunday: On your new album you sing lines like: “He hit me and it felt like a kiss” and “I fucked my way up to the top”. Do you sing them because of your past, or are you just purposefully provactive, like in previous songs and videos?

Lana Del Rey: I understand now that lines such as these are provocative. But I did not really understand it earlier. I just wrote for me. Things written, without the idea that they’ll become public. It wasn’t a pop [song?] for me, but a document of my life. I had no influence and no voice, so I did not feel that I had to be a role model in any way.

World on Sunday: But now you are a world-famous star. Does that not bring responsibility with it?

Lana Del Rey: A little bit. I’m not going to change. But I understand the point.

World on Sunday: People almost always talk about the image of women that you present. What attracts you to the role of a submissive femme fatale?

Lana Del Rey: I never understood why it is not okay to be ambivalent. I mean, maybe I just don’t know some things yet. In some cases, maybe I’m still not sure. I can only sing about my own experiences. Privately, I’m certainly not - if I want to get married, if I can find true love around; I do not know. [I’m not sure what this means -> Maybe she’s not a femme fatale privately]

World on Sunday: Having a family?

Lana Del Rey: Yes, I’d love to have a family. That would be great.

World on Sunday: The men who show up in your videos again and again, the tattoed bikers, do not seem like the typical, reliable family men….

Lana Del Rey: Yes, I’m just a little…I have a slightly different taste. I feel attracted to people who are very confident and very creative in what they do, and these are then often ones that are special.

World on Sunday : Possibly those who are particularly difficult?

Lana Del Rey: Yes, that’s right. Definitely. And that’s where the trouble begins for me, I think. What I want and what is easy is never the same. What I want is someone who is dynamic and different - special. But, of course, it is easier to choose those who follow the straight path.

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DAY 2498

Jalsa, Mumbai             Feb 15/16,  2015             Sun/Mon  2:07 am

Fatima : Fats : the sprightly one from South of Africa .. its her birthday today 16th .. wishing her all love and joy and happiness and all the best that she deserves .. love

Commentating for the India v Pakistan World Cup 2015 at the Star Studios .. an honour one can only imagine and hope for .. the cricketing legends of the likes of Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid, Shoaib Akhtar by your side .. their keen interest in making sure I get it all proper and right .. seasoned Arun Lal and other commentators lending a helping hand .. and then sitting back after a while to see India victorious in a most decisive win … what a Sunday ..

Simply loved the way we all stood up in the studio when the national anthems of both the country’s played in Adelaide .. anthems emotionally drive you into that .. and what a precision activated operation .. ear phones buzzing in the ear with directions form the monitor room .. co ordinating the play and the teams in Australia .. going in for strategic breaks .. learning the finer points of the game .. just an amazing experience ..

And after the victory, wondering whether I should continue to commentate .. just so India can continue to win .. !! Hehheheheahahaha .. Star are you listening .. !!!

Such a great joy when you drape the National Flag over your shoulders, wrapped around in patriotic fervour, delighted that one can share that moment with the Sunday well wishers, it is the ultimate emotion …

Something stirs you on when its a matter of country and our team .. that effect and feel of being a part of your great country is beyond comprehension.. it works for all nations, and each nation feels a sense of pride and value every time the anthem is played .. sometimes that moment before a game, any game, is the most poignant and inspiring moment .. the game comes after … way after ..

One of the drawbacks of getting involved in Tv serial watchings, is that the content draws you into its realm and makes you one of them .. I feel that way each time I watch an interesting show .. 

Most of the day today was spent with ‘The Newsroom’, and what a magnificent performance oriented serial it is, with some marvellous performances .. and the twists and turns that keep one glued to the set in front … in fact for a few days we become those characters, behaving and conducting our surroundings in a manner which resembles the text and story of the Tv show before you ..

I have been feeling for most of the time today as if I was the director and conductor of that imaginary news room channel, conducting its affairs and workings .. something that does narrate itself to what most would not consider at all …

Shweta and Nikhil wedding anniversary today 16th .. and our blessings with them and Agastya and Navya Naveli .. who have settled up now into fine 'grown ups’, all set to look after not just their homes and the family’s work, but also as responsible citizens …

And as for the other 'little one’ .. have given her a lesson in walkie-talkie usage today and the fascination of being able to converse with her Dadaji even when she cannot see him, creates screams of joy and laughter … the most sweetest visuals in little ones …

“He that sings, meets the Lord twice” … just happened to glance across it through the show and was fascinated by it .. tone, song, rhythm, notes … can only be second to none, yes …  the individuals involved touch the chords of the Heavens on that right note .. almost in prayer when we sing or play music in instrument ..

Some really fascinating stuff coming out on the social media with regard to my efforts at commentary … hahaha … 

when I do commentary India wins, as it did in Lagaan ..”

unstoppable, frank and honest at most times, it is getting even more interesting by the day ..

I must rest … all night work tomorrow .. love you ..

Amitabh Bachchan

And a drawing for Fatima by Ankur … loves and joys always ..

Taylor Swift Crashes Super Fan's Bridal Shower, Making It The Best Bridal Shower Ever

Taylor Swift has always made it known that she loves her fans, but this latest move from the pop star is simply above and beyond.

On Sunday, Swift flew from NYC to Ohio to surprise super fan Gena Gabrielle at her bridal shower, because that’s the kind of awesome person she is. Not only did Swift pose for pics with the bride, she also brought presents – a KitchenAid mixer, Barefoot Contessa cookbook and an adorable watercolor by Swift herself.

According to Gabrielle’s Twitter, Swift was invited to the shower, but her appearance was  a complete surprise. She also thanked the singer, writing, “Thank you so much for everything . You went above & bring my wildest dreams.”

Alright, we’re going to say it: We <3 Taylor.


It’s on days such as this when I inevitably realize my love for learning and succeeding in my academics is not something I feel pressured or forced to do, but rather a deep yearning I feel to fulfill my pursuit of knowledge. WHY some people feel the need to constantly ridicule me for my different aspects of how I value and use my time to study, I will never understand. Is it so hard for people to grasp the concept that there are still young adults who would rather spend their time in the pursuit of knowledge and success, instead of displaying immaturity? Yes, I am my own and individual, and I’m thankful for my interests that distinguish me from my other peers. I choose to accept myself for who I am: a girl who simply loves learning.

Happy Sunday :)